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Story is under my post. Michael Jackson & Whitney Houston Fanfic ⚠️Warning: Story have strong explicit content. ⚠️Adult Romance SEXUAL‼️ [23+Up only]

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Next Scene (King HOMECOMING!) Drill Sergeant: Jackson!
King: Yes sir?

Drill Sergeant: Change of plans. You're approved.

King: Really?! Drill Sergeant: Yes.

King: Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, sir! (No one knows his home! He surprises Tierra first, she became a professional cheerleader NFL, she’s at practice doing her practice routine)

Tierra: (practicing) 5...6...7...8.

Friend: Up...then down...clap...up.

Friend 2: Tierra?? (Tierra had thought her eyes was playing tricks on her before her she looked around with wide eyes. Time seemed to stop for her as she covered her mouth and ran up to King screaming.
He caught Tierra when she jumped and wrapped her arms and legs around him tightly. She cried into King's neck before he moved his head to see Tierra's face. She lifted her head, grabbed King's face, and kissed her ex boyfriend with passion)

Tierra: Oh my god I'm so glad your home. I missed you!!!! King: I missed you too!

Tierra: (happy tears!)


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Next Scene (*Flashback* when Whitney went off on Wendy)

Michael: Are you really gonna call her babe?

Whitney: Yes.
Michael: Whitney please don’t do it. That’s what she want. I don’t think this is a good idea.

Whitney: SHUT UP! Hello?

Wendy: Whitney. Whitney. Whitney.

Whitney: Wendy. Wendy! Wendy!

Wendy: Oh my gosh.

Whitney: Oh! My lord! Have I waited for this day.
Wendy: Have you?

Whitney: Well Yes I have. Haven’t you?

Wendy: Whitney?

Whitney: Yes dear?

Wendy: Absolutely.

Whitney: I know it.

Wendy: I don’t believe I have ever met you in my entire career.

Whitney: Ain’t that something you talk about me all the time.

Wendy: And you are top billing?

Whitney: Is that why you talk about me all the time?

Wendy: And you are top billing?! Whitney: Is that why you talk about me all the time?! And You haven’t even met me?! You don’t even know me!

Wendy: Absolutely. I-i-i-i- but here’s the thing...I talk about you in 2 ways in the way the media talks about Whitney.

Whitney: Yes.

Wendy: But I always talk about you as being one of the greatest voices of our time Mariah Carey is another one. You two do 2 separate works but you have a voice that is just unbelievable Whitney.

Whitney: I love you and I thank you for that Wendy. Cause I know despite of everything you play my records.

Wendy: I do.

Whitney: I know that.

Wendy: And I also feel like you and I have something in common.

Whitney: We do?! Wendy: Um...Well Yeah besides-besides-the-the motherhood thing and-

Whitney: Yeah.

Wendy: And so on and so forth.’re new cd is out now.

Whitney: Yes.

Wendy: The first week it did really well, It’s not doing quite as well right now, compare to perhaps what the record label thought it would be doing.

Whitney: It’s never what you thought what I should.

Wendy: Ok.

Whitney: It’s not what you think I should be doing. It’s not what you think you say I’m doing. It’s what is going to happen you see what I’m sayin? I don’t want my album to peek too quickly I don’t want it to peek too quickly because I want it to go through the summer and the fall.

Wendy: Oh okay I understand.

Whitney: So There is a plan.

Wendy: Ok.

Michael: Hang up on her!!


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(Everyone see the confrontation between the two and everyone tries to break it up)

Tina: No let’s go stop!

Steven: Hey! Hey!! (He said jumping between the combatants, or as 'between' as one could get when Whitney was trying to strangle the life out of Paula)

Steven: Lets take a walk. (One of the other security guards holds Whitney she looks at Michael)

Whitney: Tell him to get off me! Tell him to get off of me!

Michael: Let her go I got her. I got her. (More commotion and yelling and glass breaking)

Paula: I’m not scared of her. Nobody scared of her.

Pebbles: Whitney Stop.

Janet: Calm down Paula.

Paula: You know that ain’t cool. You better get her!

Janet: Please Just Go.

Pebbles: Whitney Stop I’m not gonna let you do that.

Mariah: What’s going on? Paula are you okay?

Paula: I ain’t scared of her everybody else might be but I’m not.

Whitney: I’m gon get her one way or another watch I will get her!

Steven: Just Get Paula out of here! (Steven got tight grip on Whitney holding her black)

Whitney: I said what I said bitch you sing off key!

Paula: Youre Just mad! You’re sad mad miserable BITCH you and yo mama how bout that?! Janet: Shut Up Paula!

Paula: Don’t Touch me!

Whitney: Keep my mom name out your mouth trifling off key singing bitch!!! Tina: Stop Nippy! Stop!

Whitney: I wanna get her! She confront me like she bold! (Whitney leapt in the air and she slapped Paula and left a nice welt on the side of her face. Paula stood there for a moment speechless. Then she tried to swing with a slap of her own but it was blocked, they grab Whitney and hold her even tighter)


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Next Scene (Paula Abdul confronts Whitney)

Whitney: My success happened so quickly that when I first came out, black people felt 'she belongs to us. Picture this, You wake up every day with a magnifying glass over you. Someone always is looking for something & somebody, somewhere is speaking your name every five seconds of the day, whether it's positive or negative. Like my husband says, 'You want our blood but you don't want our pain. And I think since it’s a new era things have changed. Where are those people at today to boo the real sellouts in music today. The entire BET Awards would be a big ole booing fest. And that myth about Clive Davis shaping and molding some young naive "ghetto" girl needs to die. My background, upbringing and experiences made his work very easy. Like everybody I let my hair down with those I was closest to and most comfortable with, who doesn't? Is Reese Witherspoon, daughter of a physician and nurse "trailer park trash" because of her many drunken antics? How about the Bush girls? Paris Hilton? But because I was Black my drugged out behavior led to me being labeled as "ghetto". I was already polished before I got into this business. I had already studied French, travelled to Japan with Mom, learned to walk upright and use knives and forks. I just had a boiling point, like everybody else, and Wendy continually turned up the heat on me until i blew.

Paula: Um Excuse miss Whitney can speak with you?

Whitney: Sure What’s Up?

Paula: Um I think you owe me an apology.

Whitney: Excuse me?

Paula: You out of all people should be talking about people and their career and success. You got booed at the MTV awards! And you gonna shade me! I think I deserve an apology.

Whitney: And you still sing off key tho!

Paula: Whitney I thought you was more classy. Guess you ghetto hood rat! Church girl my ass! Then the following year at soul train awards you got booed again!

Whitney: Some people in the audience had just gotten sick of me and just didn't want me to win another award! How many have you won?! Paula: White-ey! White-ey!!! Whitney: Girl how ignorant can you be?! Paula: Ain’t nobody scared of you honey! I’m not scared of you BITCH!!!!


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Next Scene (*Flashback* When Whitney got into fights with Stacy Francis for talking to Michael)

Stacy: There’s Nothing between me and him.

Whitney: Why are you here? Who’s the bitch?

Stacy: You’re my idol. Please.

Whitney: Look bitch back off before I make you.

Michael: It’s Nothing Baby.
Steven: Nippy come on let’s go. (Whitney pushes Stacy forehead)

Stacy: (shoves Whitney back) don’t touch me!

Steven: Aye don’t touch her! Whitney come on!

Whitney: Bitch! (Whitney gets her blade out and slash Stacy face)

Stacy: (Screams) aAhhhh!

Michael: Whitney!! (Whitney fighting with Stacy)

Stacy: She got my hair!

Steven: Whitney! (During the altercation, Houston fell against the stage and scratched her leg)

Michael: You’re drunk Nippy. Come on babe. (KeKe Wyatt walks up)

KeKe: You pushed me.

Whitney: Little girl, get out of my face!! (Hours Later!! At home! Whitney starts punching Michael after he poured juice on her for calling him a gay pussy bitch then Whitney throwing hard punches Michael letting her hit him until Steven rushes in)

Steven: AYE! Whitney Stop!! Stop! STOP! Nippy Stop! (Steven picks Whitney up She starts kicking Michael)

Steven: Calm down! (Michael is furious and get use his strength and all his force to stop Whitney punches)

Michael: Get her! I’m trying not to hit her.

Steven: Whitney!

Whitney: Get the fuck off me!

Steven: Stop!!! Come on let’s go take a breather.

Michael: Shes testing my patience and limits!

Steven: Michael...just go that way! Go that way! (Michael calls Rebbie and LaToya)

LaToya: You fighting my brother?! Steven: Where the hell you come from? (Whitney runs to LaToya, Whitney punched her in the stomach making her fall forward face forward into the ground, LaToya was getting beat DOWN! They all heard a crack when Whitney kicked the poor girl in the leg)

Whitney: Touch me again and ill break more than that you bitch! (She said putting her hair in a pony tail)

Rebbie: What the HELL is going on in here!? (She said pushing Steven out of her way)

Whitney: Nothing to do with you, you dumb BITCH!

Rebbie: Excuse me!

Whitney: You want some too?

Rebbie: No!

Whitney: No come here.

Steven: No! Stop! No!!


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Next Scene (Kitai Watch his birth video with Michael and Whitney)

Michael: Are you excited?

Kitai: Yeah I guess so.

Whitney: You excited?

Kitai: Yeah.

Whitney: You ready?

Kitai: Yep. (They play the video, all sit down watching it together)

Michael: We look younger.

Whitney: Oh wow. You think so?

Michael: Yeah. (Kitai starts laughing)

Whitney: What’s so funny?

Kitai: That’s me in your tummy.

Whitney: Yep.

Kitai: Aww wow.

Michael: That’s you.

Whitney: (kissing on Kitai) my baby.

Kitai: (whines) mo-o-o-o-ommmm!!! Michael: What you think it’s gonna happen?

Kitai: (say low) I’m gonna come out.

Whitney & Michael: Huh? What?

Kitai: I’m not telling you.

Whitney: Huh? You’re not telling us why?

Kitai: Cause.

Whitney: Cause What?

Kitai: Just be quiet. (They all laugh and watching the tv)

Kitai: This is a long time.

Michael: Well now you know. (Kitai gives Whitney a long kiss)

Kitai: Thank you mommy I love you.

Whitney: I love you too babesss!

Michael: You like it?

Kitai: Yeah it was good.

Michael: There you are! Look at you Bubs!! Look at you!

Whitney: You out of mommy’s tummy I was so happy!

Kitai: I was a tiny baby.

Whitney: Right And you Cause so much pain. You didn’t wanna come out.

Kitai: I didn’t?

Whitney: No. You didn’t wanna come out. I waited and I waited and I waited. And you was like nope I’m not coming out today. And I waited and I waited and I waited. You was like no still not coming out. And I was like right. I said nope he’s coming out today.

Kitai: (Laughing) aww mommy.

Michael: Does it feel strange watching yourself being born?

Kitai: (nods yes)
Whitney: Look there you are.
Kitai: Everyone Crying.

Whitney: We were happy you were here. We was very happy.

Kitai: I could just start to cry.

Michael: Why you crying?

Kitai: Im happy crying. I don’t know why.

Whitney: Awww. My baby. It’s ok.

Kitai: I loved that! I’m glad I’m not gonna have the baby in my tummy when I’m older. (They all laugh And hug Kitai)


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Next Scene (Michael in the studio)

Michael: What kind of music you like?

Selena: I like R&B and Donna Summer I like soulful music.

Michael: Have you ever thought of doing a song with my wife?

Selena: I haven’t thought about it. But- (Whitney walks in, Selena stares at her)

Whitney: What you grabbing on?! (Hits Michael) What you grabbing on?! Watch your hands?! What you grabbing on?! Michael: Relax Babe.

Whitney: WHAT YOU GRABBING ON?!! What is you grabbing on?!! Michael: I was looking at her tattoos.

Whitney: watch your hands! Watch your hands! Watch your hands!

Michael: Hold on...hold on.

Whitney: Ok! Act like you know!

Michael: Relax Baby.

Whitney: Ok...why am I here?? Michael: Cause I want you here. And I thought I brought you here to let you know that I was Umm that I was working on her joint and maybe talk with her. And introduce you to this.

Whitney: You don’t have to introduce me to every artist you work with that’s none of my business. I really don’t care so.

Michael: It’s none of your business? I just thought I’d let you in on what’s going on.

Whitney: Nope you don’t have to tell me. I don’t care.

Michael: Ok well Selena is making some music and we was thinking-

Whitney: Absolutely not. Don’t even think about it. You already know the answer to that one Michael.
Michael: Okay But you would—

Whitney: Absolutely not. Negative, not gon happen!


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Next Scene (Whitney and Jakarta helps the firefighters)

Lavender: Hey, do you smell that? It smells like, SMOKE!

Jin: It's coing from there, the woods! WILD FIRE!

Lavender: I gotta call my mom dad check on them. They probably have to evacuate. (Moments Later)

Michael: How long is this going to last?

Marlon: I think it has about come to a head.

Michael: I’m making burritos. Whitney and Jakarta going to pass them out for the firefighters.

Marlon: Aww that’s good Mike. (The fire martial tells Whitney and Michael they have to relocate)

Firefighter: I'm sorry sir, but the forest fires are out of control. We need to relocate your family. (They move to their beach house)

Whitney: Are you done with the food babe?

Michael: Yeah y’all can take it up there. (Whitney takes Jakarta to help the firefighters)

Whitney: Ok give it to him.

Jakarta: (hands the firefighter the homemade burrito)

Man: Aw thank you.

Jakarta: (hands another burrito to another firefighter)

Whitney: Look he’s hungry. He’s hungry.

Jakarta: (passing out more burritos)

Man: Thank you very much.

Jakarta: (passing out more)

Man: Hii there! Aww thank you.

Jakarta: (passing out more)

Man: Thank you very much.


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Next Scene (Whitney couldn’t get any sleep cause of the babies)

Michael: You Okay?

Whitney: Yeah they just been kicking like crazy. Kept me up all night. I’ve been leaking like crazy. (They were getting stronger and stronger as time passed, progressing into small nudges and more pronounced kicks as weeks went by. Michael often caught it happen, seeing Whitney react – subconsciously putting her hand on her growing belly, caressing the bump, sometimes even gasping softly, or just smiling in a dreamy way)

Whitney: I can’t wait. My ankles are swollen and my feet and back hurt. I can’t see my feet. Pregnancy is making me crazy. From inside my womb, I feel a kick. My babies didn't like me being I downer, I guess. Hey you, in there. (She said crooned through a mouthful of ice cream-y goodness)

Whitney: Mama just misses her feet. It's not a big deal. No need to kick me. (She felt more kicks)

Whitney: Now that was uncalled for. (She said in the same sing-songy voice)

Whitney: It's no fair when yall gang up on Mommy.

Michael: Babe, are you talking to the babies again?

Whitney: Of course. (She replied, scooting around to face him)

Whitney: You weren't around, so I had to talk to someone. (He leaned down and kissed her on the lips, then with some tongue. When they broke apart, Michael grinned)

Michael: Mmm. You taste like chocolate…and marshmallows.

Whitney: Aren't I sweet?

Michael: (chuckled) Always. (Whitney was going through the normal symptoms. Swollen feet, lack of sleep, anxiousness about the house being clean enough while 'nesting.' Michael did his best to help her when he could. Not letting her lift anything heavy, helping with dishes or house chores where needed, giving foot rubs every night. It seemed as though everything was going by the book)

Michael: I can’t wait to meet my babies.


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Next Scene (Whitney bonding with the babies)

Whitney: Michael? Baby?

Michael: Yes?

Kitai: You need anything mom?

Whitney: We're out of pickles and strawberry yogurt.

Kitai: (faced scrunched up) Ewww gross!

Michael: Alright I’ll be right back.

Kitai: Really Mom?

Whitney: What? Its good to me. (Jakarta rubbing Whitney tummy)

Jakarta: Baby?

Whitney: Yeah babies in mommy’s tummy. (She pull up her shirt, revealing her swollen stomach)

Whitney: Here feel right here. Put your hand here.


Whitney: They’re kicking. They been kicking like crazy for couple days. They know their brother and sister are here.

Kitai: Hii baby.

Jakarta: (baby talk) Hii baby.

Whitney: Awww. (Kitai and Jakarta are rubbing and talk to Whitney belly)

Kitai: Does it hurt?

Whitney: No.
Kitai: They’re moving again. Look mootie. See. See the babies?

Jakarta: (gasp) babies moving!

Whitney: Yeah theyre moving. (Jakarta kisses Whitney belly)

Kitai: Awww.

Whitney: Too cute.


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Next Scene (Lavee gives birth to 2 child week after thanksgiving)

Jin: (dancing silly holding his daughter)

Lavender: (laughing) you are off beat stop it. You are so silly!

Jin: (dancing moving to the beat making his wife laugh)

Lavender: (giggles) I can’t stand you. (All the family and friends visit Lavee and see the baby girl)


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Next Scene (Whitney best friend Kim Burrell visits for thanksgiving they all go to church as family and Kim sings for Syne)

Syne: It’s hard auntie Kim.

Kim: I know. When someone dies, family and friends often suffer with regrets and feelings of guilt about things they had said or done, or things they neglected to say or do. But God doesn't want us to beat ourselves up about the past. He wants us to repent of our sins and look forward to our reunion in the next life, when we will have plenty of opportunities to talk to our loved ones.

Syne: I know he says weep together. But I don’t like to see other crying.

Kim: John 11 tells the story of Lazarus's death and resurrection. Notice that not only did Jesus not criticize the family and friends of Lazarus for weeping, He also wept (John 11:35). The Bible teaches us to sympathize and empathize with others who are grieving. After someone's death, it is important for loved ones and friends to spend time together and to reminisce and talk about their precious memories—memories that bring forth warm reflection, tears and laughter. When someone wants to talk about a deceased loved one, be an attentive listener. Don't change the subject. Words of comfort have a powerful healing effect, but more than words is needed. Remember that the family of someone who has just died is faced with innumerable decisions and arrangements in addition to daily chores. It is frustrating and depressing to lose a loved one and hardly have time to think because you are frantically rushing from one responsibility to the next. So it can be helpful to offer specific help to families in mourning. And if you are in mourning, be willing to gratefully accept offers of help.

Syne: I know it’s just hard.

Kim: I wanna sing something for you can I do that?

Syne: Yes.

Whitney: Yes sing! (After the song, Whitney jumps up and hug Kim tightly)

Kim: How you been?

Whitney: Im hanging in there. You wanna come over for thanksgiving dinner? Stop by for just a little?

Kim: Yeah for a little sure.