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ON TONIGHT'S EPISODE OF #FRIDAYNIGHTFEAST @channel4 8PM... I'm showing Martin Freeman how to cook up Eggs Royale.
Smoked salmon with beautiful homemade English muffins, a perfect coddled egg and creamy hollandaise sauce. Really simple, really classic. A winning breakfast for the weekend!! Make sure you tune in tonight to get the recipe guys.
#EggRecipe #BreakfastRecipe


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I made this I’m quite proud of myself 20 minutes or pure fun with @augustus_bloom


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SOUND ON for this one a VERY excited for Christmas in the Oliver household as you can see!!! 😂❤️🎄


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An old shoot for a comic relief book I did many years ago..... funny shoot.... @davidloftus was this your pic ? Can’t remember


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This is the easiest method for cooking squash, this is my #vegan butternut squashed! Crispy sage, chestnuts, chilli, balsamic.....all the flavour is added at the last minute when you smash it in. Brilliant. Recipe in my bio. #ChristmasRecipe #DairyFree


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It's never too early to be thinking about dinner...
So how about my #QuickAndEasyFood gnarly peanut chicken with zingy lime & fresh chilli. All you need is just 5 ingredients and it's ready to eat in JUST 12 minutes. Recipe in my bio. #DinnerInspiration


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This is the BEST cauliflower and broccoli cheese you'll ever make. It's always been a favourite in the Oliver household but this version really has the edge as I've given it a crunchy almond breadcrumb topping. Love it!! Recipe in my bio
#ChristmasRecipe #VeggieRecipe


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1 WEEK TO GO until my #QuickAndEasyChristmas TV special @channel4 8pm!!! I'll show you how to get all the flavour this Christmas with none of the fuss. Each recipe is either quick to cook or easy to remember, with genius combos made up of just 5 ingredients to create the most fabulous Christmas feast. Set a reminder on your phone, schedule it to record....whatever you do, you don't want to miss this guys!


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A little bit like the old days, Naked Chef style 😉, I went out and about in London picking up ingredients to cook up for an event in @landrover’s new Evoque. Hit the link in my bio to watch the full video...there's a delicious #veggie Bhaji burger recipe waiting for you at the end! #HelloEvoque


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#TopTip this Christmas....this is how to cheat your way to the best cranberry sauce! It takes no time at all but delivers massive flavour. Who's made this before?? Recipe in my bio #ChristmasRecipe


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Thank you guys We’ve only just launched our Christmas pod cast on apple pod casts and it’s already at number 3 in the charts ! I’m so chuffed, thanks for your support so please download if you haven’t already it’s Free and got loadsa tips to help you make this Christmas the best one Ever !!! Happy cooking and happy Christmas


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My Bloody Mary beef with creamy horseradish mash...Slow-cooked, heart-warming beef stew that is exactly what you want to tuck into on a crisp, wintry day. Recipe in my bio!