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Happy Fathers Day Daddy. This is my third fathers day without you and it still doesn’t seem real. The thought that my first love is no longer here on this earth still hurts. I wish we had more time, I wish we made more memories, I wish cancer didn’t exist. I thank you for all the lessons you taught me and I promise to continue making you proud. Especially at this stage in my life, I love and miss you more than ever my guardian angel. If only R.I.P meant return if possible.❤️👼🏾 #DarelsDaughter #RIPDaddy #FuckCancer


Its a beautiful day in the neighborhood 🌞


Who’s sweeter? 🍨😇


Watch out for me, i'm about to glow ✨


Big congratulations to my bestfriend for graduating from The George Washington University today. Proud is an understatement. So happy I was able to witness this moment as you walked across the stage. Sad to say you’re leaving me for Los Angeles but I know you will do amazing things out there. The west coast ain’t ready for you shawty! I love you Angel 👼🏾 😘💕🎓


A few days late but I am extremely proud of my sisters. Been there for each other since freshman year of college and i’m glad I was able to witness this moment 💕🎓


I keep a few good ones by my side💞


Back like I never left. #LetOut2k18


Looking forward to the future, feeling grateful for the past.


So much personality between the three of us, its so hard to keep up. Chemical X 💥


Betting on me is the right risk. #SundayBrunch


“My crown may slip but never will it fall. A Queen will always go above and beyond to achieve her all.”


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