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Gorgeous sunset in Santorini ✨😍😍😍✨
Picture by ✨✨@ournextflight✨✨
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Photos by @babaktafreshi
The World at Night (TWAN)
Wish you clear skies this Sunday night to Monday morning. A Lunar Eclipse happens on January 20-21, with about an hour of totality visible on Sunday evening (west coast) and near midnight (east coast) from both South & North America, the entire Atlantic, and in the morning sky of Monday 21st near moonset in Europe (better in western & northern most), a good part of Africa, Russia, and Middle East (in an open western horizon before sunrise). The Hawaiian Islands will also see the eclipsed moon rising at dusk on Sunday.
These two telephoto images are of 2011 and 2016 eclipses. The first time I saw this beauty as a teenager in the 1992 lunar eclipse, it introduced me to astrophotography, the career I followed through the years with love for stars and protection of natural night skies. Explore more @babaktafreshi.
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An ocean of plastic—or fish? Our challenge, our choice.


Food Fight | Photograph by Sally Hinton
To capture this picture of gannets fighting over fish, #YourShotPhotographer Sally Hinton placed her camera in an underwater housing and then lowered it over the side of her boat. She watched the birds and when they dove in to the water, she snapped the picture, without seeing what the final result might look like.

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one story told four ways


For the past five years, artist Parth Kothekar (@parthkothekar) has hand-carved creations, each from a single sheet of paper. It takes him about three weeks to sketch 20 to 30 designs. Then, Parth, 27, selects his 10 favorite ones and starts cutting away. Each papercut can take up to an entire week to complete, down to the last detail.
Although Parth’s intricate masterpieces might seem frail, the women they depict are anything but. “I was brought up seeing the struggle of my mother,” he says. “That’s why I always create female characters. I wanted to show them as powerful and strong through my artwork.” See how these intricate papercuts are made, today on our story.

Photo by @parthkothekar


Reading a book along the banks of the Seine River, Paris 📚


“i love you to the beach and back 🐾💙🌊” writes @littleriverdog


#FotoDelDía | Un excursionista explora una cueva de hielo en Islandia. Esta espectacular caverna se encuentra en el glaciar Vatnajökull, el más grande de Europa.


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