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Jim Richardson

Evening at the Callanish Stones on the Isle of Lewis. We came in by Zodiac four nights ago on a beautiful evening, all calm in amongst these ancient megaliths. Another night and the moon would have been full but this was good enough. Then on the way back we were waylaid by “Vikings” in another Zodiac who very kindly offered us a dram of whisky. Traveling on the National Geographic Explorer. @natgeoexpeditions #scotland #callanish


Jim Richardson

In the Aran Islands of Ireland. I’m standing amid the defensive walls looking back at the hulking bulk of Dun Aenghus, a hill fort from 3,000 years ago the hugs cliffs that are 300 feet high. Wind sweeping in off the Atlantic make it bracing. Traveling with @natgeoexpeditions #ireland #aranislands #ruins


Jim Richardson

Aboard the National Geographic Explorer as we anchored in Fowey, Cornwall this morning — with the help of the harbor tug. Fowey is a snug harbor, favored by privateers in the era of smuggling. Today it has a cable ferry to get commuters across the estuary on the way to work. On the Ancient Isles cruise through the British and Irish Isles with @natgeoexpeditions #cornwall


Jim Richardson

Dick Mack’s pub in Dingle is not to be missed and you can bet I’m not going to miss it — and a pint of Murphy’s. (And it now has a brew house.) We’ll be in this part of County Kerry on the Irish coast next week as we make our way north towards the Outer Hebrides of Scotland. If you go look out for the little “snug” at the end of the bar where Irish ladies could drink out of the public eye. Traveling with @natgeoexpeditions for this trip. #ireland #dickmackspub #irishpub


Jim Richardson

If you enjoy Scottish wildlife and landscapes (like this misty glen of the River Dee) you might well be interested in the newsletter from my friends at Scotland: The Big Picture. Their photography is beautiful of course (truth be told, they make me jealous) but moreover these guys are working hard to protect and restore wild lands in Scotland. In a recent note James Shooter told me, “We’re currently on issue 6 of our monthly rewilding e-magazine, Think Like A Mountain. This goes out to all our subscribers, is totally free and is packed full of conservation news from around Scotland and beyond.” I’ve relied on their knowledge and help when working in Scotland. They do good work. I’m going to add a direct link to get to their subscription page that you can find by clicking on my profile link. Enjoy! #scotland #wilderness @scotlandtbp #wildlifephotography


Jim Richardson

The National Trust rangers on St. Kilda pointed out to me that my recent lamentations about melancholy St. Kilda were not the whole story. Oh my, they are right. On a bright day the view from up at The Gap is stunning in all directions, looking by turns down on the bay and village, following the sweep up to Conachair and the highest sea cliffs in Britain (1,401 ft.), and then out to Boreray with its twin fangs, Stac Lee and Stac an Armin. Enough to make you feel the wind beneath your wings. Thanks @stkildan @nationaltrustforscotland #hebrides #lovetheouterhebrides @isleofharrisdistillers #hiddenscotland #scotland


Jim Richardson

Loch Maree finally offered up this view on the fourth morning that I returned, and what a reward it was. The Loch is dotted with over sixty island, some small like this, some much larger with their own lochans. All are a prime place to see Caledonian pine, thanks to the absence of deer. The name comes from Saint Máel Ruba who had a hermitage here in the 8th century. Feels right. #scotland #highlands @natgeotravel


Jim Richardson

Earth Day brings forth so many emotions: celebration, regret, hope, foreboding, awe, insignificance and (perhaps) the transcendent ambition that we may yet learn to live in nature, for nature and with nature. Standing inside Fingal’s Cave on Staffa is a good place to think transcendent thoughts. Today I think I’ll put on Mendelssohn’s Fingal’s Cave Overture and recall that feeling. Happy Earth Day! (And many more.) #earthday #scotland #hebrides


Jim Richardson

St. Kilda’s isolation some forty miles west of the Outer Hebrides is at the heart of all its mystery and travails. Hirta is the main island and the village is dominated by The Street, as it was known, lined by the later houses built around 1860. Older black houses are scattered up the slope. The story of stoic life, privation, religion, imported disease, dwindling and loss to the point of despair is compelling reading. Several houses, like this one, have be restored by the National Trust for Scotland to house their crews and rangers. Follow their work @stkildan for rich tales on the archipelago. @natgeo #scotland #nationaltrustforscotland #hebrides #outerhebrides #lovetheouterhebrides @theouterhebrides


Jim Richardson

The village on St. Kilda is a deeply melancholy place, as haunted by lost memory as a place can get, every stone in every abandoned house speaking the names of the islanders, gone now for nearly 90 years. The rain was constant the week I was there, so I went out at night in the deep blue gloom to find their sense of loss. This double UNESCO site captures much about our shared legacy for #worldheritageday. #hellostkilda #scotland #nationaltrustforscotland @hiddenscotland #hebrides #outerhebrides


Jim Richardson

Some moments of travel are quite solitary, out on a calm morning in Inverie, the bay dead still, no one stirring on the sailboat yet. Inverie has no road in or out; it’s by boat to Mallaig or a two day hike out. Maybe it’s that sheltering that makes so many mornings here tranquil. I’ll be back later this summer with @natgeoexpeditions. I’ll report. #scotland @hiddenscotland


Jim Richardson

Glorious foggy glens on an early morning dash across the Cairngorms, in a rush but just had to make five minutes to stop for this! It is a pleasant thought that in Scotland such places are the rightful realm of everyone; you have the right to walk anywhere, private property or not. (Just do no damage, cause no harm, close the gates.) Civilized countryside. #scotland @hiddenscotland @natgeoimagecollection #cairngorms