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Happy Birthday to Paul McCartney, one of the nicest dudes in the music universe. When someone this revered, talented and accomplished also continues to stay kind to others, the rest of us have no business behaving otherwise. ✌🏼


Peggy O. 6.16.18 - whole band floating like a butterfly 🦋 @deadandcompany via @nugsnet


Thanks to my son @scottrogowsky for the high speed hang #hqtrivia


NYC, I’ll never forget these two shows. We’re beaming.✨⚡️✨ 📸 @jayblakesberg


High steppin’ 📸:@jayblakesberg


#tbt. I remember this day (night) perfectly. @sterloid @seanehurley and I were at @electricladystudios recording “Born and Raised” and then hit up Spring Lounge with some of the gang to sit in the corner, order drinks and listen back to the day’s rough mixes via shared earbuds. The night just kept going until the sun came up. But here’s the thing about it: it was joyous. Someone decided the best thing to do would be to grab a basketball and hit a court for a 6am game. And you know what? It really was the best thing to do. After, we all got breakfast at some diner, I freestyled some crazy song, and then took a cab home. @sterloid stayed up and went sneaker shopping. (He bought red ones.) I fell asleep with the searing light of day in the shape of rectangles around the window shades, with that bandana over my eyes. Do I look great here? Nope. Did I look happy? Not really? Was it one of the most important times of my life? You betcha. Get yourself a weird phase. They’re good for you.


Matchy. @ivankoloff


Don’t forget the little moments.


MONTREAL! July 28, Dave Chappelle and I will be hitting Bell Centre as part of the Just For Laughs Comedy Festival. Come see us work out our respective new material and then jam out together in our own fashion. Tickets on sale now at


Sea of love. Raleigh ⚡️


hi-vis gang ATLANTA


People say print media is dead, but try telling that to me, who was just featured in the latest issue of VOCAB, which is a magazine I just made up.


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