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Confidence is the best outfit you can wear. So make sure you wear it EVERYDAY! 💃🏼😊
Its about that time tho.. What’s for dinner?!😋🥩🍱

Los Angeles, California

I’m the type you can’t hide anything from.. I stay creepin! LOL 😈😉
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Believe in yourself, stay positive, and don’t give up! You got thissssss 🙌🏻🙌🏻💯😘

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Don't forget your daily fruits & veggies! 🌱@1stPhorm Opti-Greens 50 is formulated in powder form that is packed with 100% grasses, greens, vitamins and minerals! Everything your body needs in a glass 😋 (sports bra from: @1stPhorm)
What is your favorite fruit & veggie?
Mine: Mango, Strawberries 🍓
Cucumber, Avocado 🥒🥑

Los Angeles, California

This is so heart touching I had to share ❤️😭 "Camden might not have hands, but he doesn't let that stop him from taking care of his baby brother!"🤰🏼 Mother @katiewhiddon, you have a beautiful family 💙
Children are the purest manifestation of love. They care, they are considerate and they know more about humanity than the smartest adult. This is the kind of love we should all seek and give ❤️🙏🏻

Los Angeles, California

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Do you prefer a girl in HEELS or SNEAKERS?! 🤔

Los Angeles, California

Rockin my new gold IPhoneX case from @cellphonecases_com 😍 they have the cutest cases for all phones! @cellphonecases_com 🌟
Happy Friday everyone! 😘

Los Angeles, California

I see lots of new people! 😍 Tell me where YOU are from! 👉🏻 City, State, Country?! 🌎

Los Angeles, California

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What do you guys think? 😉

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Girls be like.. "Do you like my @1stPhorm backpack? 🎒" it's super durable and you can fit all your junk in it! Perfect for all your outdoor activities! 🍑😊(Get yours
It's a bootyful day ☀️ How was your Tuesday?!

Los Angeles, California

1. I love the beach and mountains (didn't grow up with it so I'm obsessed! 🏝️⛰️ )
2. I'm 5'5 ( but with heels on I'm tall af 👠)
4. Favorite color is purple 💜
5. I look mean but I'm really not. (I have a resting b*tch face til you make me laugh then I can't stop laughing 😂)
6. I'm the oldest and have 1 brother 👫
7. I rather go to an ALL YOU CAN EAT buffet! (take me there 😋🍽️)
8. I check if the door is locked atleast 3xs before I leave the house 🏡 🔑
9. I believe in UFOS 🛸 👽
10. Whiskey is my choice of fun! 🥃 💃🏼
❤️ Tell me something about you!

Los Angeles, California

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