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Release Reminder: Court Purple 1s and Pine Green 1s release tomorrow at retailers like @bstnstore. Which pair are you copping?
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What Jordans are you rocking today?
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🗼The Friends and Family PSG 5 is super clean! If you were able to get your hands on a pair (good luck with that...) would you rock or stock?
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The AJ XXXIII was unveiled earlier tonight. Thoughts?
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💦 After using just about every shoe cleaner out there, we’re proud to say we’ve teamed up with @Reshoevn8r. Their customer service, order fulfillment, and product line is top notch for sure. Give em a try and use code “DepotIG” to save on your order from If you have any questions about their products just send @JordanDepot a DM 👌

Use code “DepotIG” to save at


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✍️ Simple Sneakerhead Quiz: name these 13s!
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How many AJ 1s are in your collection?
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📈 There’s levels to this... Which pair are you rocking first?
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📈 SBB 1s: Rate em from 1 to 10
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👍👎 Would you rock?
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🐐 #MJMondays
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