On this day 20 years ago, the Boss hit a clutch jumper to win his 6th and final championship. Celebrate the moment with the #AirJordan XIV ‘Last Shot’, available now.


@alealimay talks about how her love of classic basketball culture inspires her approach to creating new fits while styling @sashaelina and @siobhanbell.
"Summer ’18 is a 90s basketball vibe, I wanted to play off of each girl’s style and aesthetic, mixing millennial with 90s."
📸: @tashableu


Inspired by his favorite childhood football team, @travisscott reveals his first Jumpman collab. Dropping 6/9.


Love the pressure.
Live for the Last Shot.


No bird soars too high,
If she soars with her own wings.


“There’s times when I just think about that feeling. What it would feel like to [win a Championship]. But I also think about the journey. You know, which has been unbelievable, especially this year.” - @cp3


“We’re not supposed to be here, the city’s not supposed to be here...but we still here! Every time I walk around this city it's a reminder of that and I like that this shoe is a reminder of that.”
@bmike2c on how this #AirJordan III represents NOLA’s unwavering spirit. Peep our Story for a look at the full journey of this colorway.


@alealimay, @sashaelina and @siobhanbell come together to chop it up about their go-to summer looks.
“It was legit link and build because Siobhan is from London, Sasha is from New York and I am from LA. But every time we travel, it's always the same group. There’s not too many girls in this lane, and you know, we gotta squad up and show everybody what we're working with.”
📸: @tashableu


“When I think of my top fashion styles for summer, I think body suits, crop tops, Spandex shorts and comfortable sneakers. There's always a baggy silhouette somewhere in the mix. Me and all my friends were heavily influenced by the 90’s R&B, hip-hop era. I actually just played off of each girl's style, and what their aesthetic is. Mixing Millennial with 90's.”
@alealimay talks festival season and prepping with her friends.
📸: @tashableu


@gggboxing has only one special ingredient.


"It's not even about the actual game, it's about everything else...the willingness to accept a new role...if I wasn't willing to accept that, that change, then I don't think people would've been able to see the other facets of my game."
@carmeloanthony on adjusting to his new role in OKC and working towards a 🏆.


"When you love something, you're gonna go all out for it. You're gonna continue to go the extra mile for it. The game of basketball...that's all that I knew growing up, so how could I not be in love with it still?”
@carmeloanthony describes how his love for the game serves as his source of motivation moving into playoff season.


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