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We might be approaching the end of #MentalHealthAwarenessWeek but that doesn’t mean that we should be talking any less about mental health. To me it’s always a mental health week. The conversation doesn’t stop here. We are making progress, for sure! But we still have a wayyyyy to go.

Our mental health is just as important (if not more) as our physical health and we realllly need to treat it that way! .

But, I would be lying if I told you that every day, every minute of my life I prioritise my mental health. Sometimes, of course that is not the case. I often over work myself, and over extend myself with different projects, things or people. I’m not some superhuman that always has energy and is positive.
But what I do everyday is try. I try to be more kind to myself. I try to prioritise my mental health more. I try to find the work/life balance. And at any given moment I’m just doing my best. Even when on some days that is the bare minimum.

For me today, prioritising my mental health has meant slowing down. But also, moving my body more, and allllowing myself to feel those feelings I was ‘too busy’ to feel during this week. And giving myself permission to feel those temporary emotions. Remembering that they are too valid and even though they might be uncomfortable, they will pass, as they always do!☺️

How will you prioritise your mental health today?✨

PS. For anyone who’s interested/wants to know more info about my Self Love Coaching session, please comment below letting me know, so I can message you☺️ (as I might not be able to get through allll of the DM’s anytime soon, but I want to be able to help as many of you as I can🙏🏻).


First of all, if you haven’t yet make sure you check out my little takeover on @instagram stories & my post on their feed!🙊😃
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I finally feel like I’ve reached a healthy balance where I’m able to exercise/move my body and not get triggered by it anymore. Recovering from eating disorders and body dysmorphia hasn’t been easy, but it’s definitely been so worth it!🙏🏻

Rather than forcing my body and only exercising it to make it look a certain way, being able to actually focus on how it FEELS has realllly been so much more healthy for my mental health!

I don’t have an exercise scheduled anymore. I don’t force myself to exercise or move when I really don’t feel like it or I’m too tired.
But, what I actually do more of is listening to my body. Sometimes, I only want to do some gentle yoga, other times I have so much energy that I might dance for hours! Whatever way I chooose to move my body, I make sure it FEELS good to me. •
Being able to appreciate what our bodies do for us and actually realise that they really do deserve our love and kindness can be life changing!☺️

How can YOU be a little bit kinder to yourself and your body today?😊🙏🏻

PS. For anyone who’s interested/wants to know more info about my Self Love Coaching session, please comment below letting me know, so I can message you☺️ (as I might not be able to get through allll of the DM’s anytime soon, but I want to be able to help as many of you as I can🙏🏻).


I am SO EXCITED to finally be able to share my collaboration with a wonderful, organic & ethical clothing company @innerstand_ldn .
Together we are brining you this mental health tee that means a lot to me!

I feel like the word Warrior describes someone who is incredibly strong and battles through and conquers their challenges.

Everyone who has ever gone through any life struggles or is going through recovery is a warrior to me. It can really be a daily battle and takes soo much strength to face. •
We are warriors because we battle through! We are strong, courageous and so determined. •
Even though a warrior is strong and brave, sometimes the battles and pain they endure causes them to fall, but only for a brief moment.
Warriors may fall, but they get back up and keep fighting.👊🏻

You can now buy the 100% organic cotton t-shirt, in grey, white and black, link in @innerstand_ldn bio☺️🙌🏻


Forever grateful for recovery and being able to finally feel comfortable in my own body!!!🙌🏻 Which means, no more hiding my legs/arms when it’s so warm outside! No more sweating in long sleeves and tights because of body dysmorphia!

Feeling super grateful for being able to actually see how far I’ve come, even since last summer. And how uncomfortable I still was then to now feeling so much more freeeee and actually embracing myself!🙏🏻

So grateful for being able to share my journey, the ups and downs, the in betweens with you all! I have never imagined I would feel this comfortable talking about mental health, it’s almost like a second nature to me now. And I’m really glad to have a platform where I can express myself and help others along the way!😭😊🙏🏻🌸✨

What are you grateful for today?☺️✨❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


Summer is coming.

And so is your friendly reminder that you DO NOT NEED TO START DIETING NOW OR EVERRRR.

Every body is SUMMER READY!

This is the time of the year when in the past I would be desperately trying to lose weight & get rid off any stretch marks or ‘imperfections’. Thinking that I needed to look certain way for the society to accept me, or even for me to accept myself! •
This constant battle with our bodies, our weight only wastes our lives! And I'm not wasting another single day to be at war with my body. When we focus on how incredible our bodies really are, everything changes

It's okay to love yourself exactly where you are, right now. You deserve that more than you think! And YOU ARE ENOUGH, just as you are!💕
Your body is an instrument for YOUR use, not an ornament to be admired. Appreciate what your body does for you, every single day! It works FOR YOU! And it deserves your love.🙏🏻❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


Holla at all ya highly sensitive souls out there🙋🏻‍♀️ Feeling everything so deeply can be so bloody draining!
What’s even more draining is not actually allowing yourself to feel those things & judging yourself for them. Something I still sometimes struggle with.

For majority of my life I learned to dissociate from what I really felt or use things/distractions to numb them for as long as I possibly could.
To now, actually trying to treat all the emotions as my friends (sometimes, an overwhelming bunch of friends), it’s a lot different. And realising what a gift it is to feel so much and to be so sensitive 🙏🏻.

Our feelings are valid and they really do matter! When we can hold that space for ourselves and allow ourselves to feel them they really can become less overwhelming and draining. Less judgment and more self love🙌🏻🌸✨.

Always learning & growing☺️

Peace & love beautiful souls.❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


I’ve been doing challenges for agoraphobia for a while now, one little step at a time.
But sometimes, I realise just how much things and opportunities I’ve missed out on because of it. Which, in a way is okay because recovery doesn’t have a set amount of time/deadlines. But at the same time, it gives me so much more motivation to keeeeep at it! And as I’ve been growing, I’ve been wanting to keep challenge it further! •
I’ve been really learning to step out of my comfort zone a lot moreeeee, and even though it feels so fucking scary, it’s usually always so worth it!

So, I’m also plannning to get my ass down to the @ukvegancampout this summer!!🙊 They have just added Simon Amstell and Heather Mills to their line up for this year and it looks pretty incredible!🙌🏻

Who’s coming???!🙊😃💃🏻🌱💖✨


Friendly reminder that you don't have to be half naked to be self love/body acceptance advocate.

Nudity empowers some.
Modesty empowers some.

There's no wrong or right.
YOU have a choice.
YOU decide what makes you feel comfortable and the way YOU choose to embrace that! •

YOU are ENOUGH, excatly as you are, right NOW.
Share whatever YOU are comfortable with☺️👊🏻.


How did you feel when you first started your period??
For me, it was a really weird, confusing time on top of the extremely uncomfortable and big pads that literally felt like a nappy!

That’s why I have partnered with @bettycollective to share their new range of #bettypads , period essentials that are designed specifically for young people, because one size doesn’t fit all! And it is something I really wish was available when I was growing up!

The bio-degradable range is eco-friendly, made from organic cotton and bamboo (always important to look after our planet, right!?😃🙏🏻)
The products come in inclusive sizes of 1, 2, 3, and 4 grading by fit rather than flow to help younger people find their perfect fit.
Bettypads can be bought separately or as a part of a monthly subscription which is the UK’s first monthly subscription service specifically designed to make the process of periods easier for teens, young people and their parents!☺️ For 20% off your first Bettybox, use the discount code BP20.
#onesizefitsnone #periodpositive



First of allllll, stop believing everything you see on social media!! It’s super easy to get a ‘transformation’ photo nowadays. Photoshopped/airbrushed photos are basically everywhere you look. Or simply changing posture of your body, breathing in and lighting can make soooo much difference!!! .

Second of all, diets do not work. There are more research proving this, so I’m not going to go into depth about this.
But, what does work is changing your mindset and knowing that you are worthy and enough exactly as you are RIGHT NOW! No matter what your body looks like! .

If you’re really struggling with your body image try to aim for body acceptance. You don’t need to love it or hate it, but you can be more neutral about it.
You can be thankful for all of the incredible things your body allows you to do, to heal when you’re sick, takes you places and let’s you experience the world.
Accept your body - even when you can’t accept the way it looks.

And lastly, imagine if tomorrow everyone woke up liking their bodies. Think of HOW MANY industries would be out of business!! There are people literally making a living on self hatred. Telling us we need to look more like this or that, lose more, be less this, be more that. And all of it is just BULLSHIT. Here’s where the change starts though, with us, realising our own worth!!🙏🏻

You are always enough, exactly as you are, RIGHT NOW!!🙌🏻❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
PS. These photos are about 5 seconds apart, different posture, breathing in & out, slightly different lighting. Seeee, what I mean😉. Pls, don’t compare yourself to the photos you see online or in magazines🙏🏻


Today we are celebrating a YEAR since I’ve adopted @curious_millie !!!🙊😭😻. •
This time last year, I was so excited and nervous about meeting her! I didn’t know if I could actually take care of her because I never had a cat before and I was in midst of a depression episode. Getting her at that time actually helped me more than I could’ve ever imagined! .

We are now basically inseparable and she follows me around more than my dog ever did🙊😂.

Can’t believe how fast a year has passed and I can’t imagine my life without her. And oh myyyy gawd, I am a proper cat lady now!!!?😅🤣😬😻.


Super simple, plant based goodness😻🙏🏻✨ .

I have been going back to basics. More fresh/steamed food.
I do love how much variety there is out there for vegans nowadays. But after a while of my diet being mostly processed foods, I have started listening to my body more and what it actuallly needs.
Cutting down on foods that make me feel lethargic & bloated. And really appreciating again the simplicity of plant based diet. •
So, nothing fancy here, just a whole lotta of veg😻 Steamed carrots, mushrooms, zucchini, broccoli, baked potatoes, red pepper and mango chutney!!!! Inspired by the one & only @chitterlove !🙏🏻☺️💖🌸✨

How can YOU be more kind to your body today?😃❤️🧡💛💚💙💜


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