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How AMAZING does that water look 😍💦?! Did you know swimming is a great way to mix up your LISS routine? For the ladies who have just started following me, LISS refers to 'Low Intensity Steady State' and refers to any exercise you are able to do it at a steady and moderate pace for around 30-45 minutes. Other great LISS ideas include: ⁣

✅Walking at a moderate pace⁣
✅Going hiking⁣
✅Steady cycling either on a spin-cycle bike or outdoors⁣
✅Steady rowing⁣
✅Using cardio equipment at the gym, such as the elliptical trainer, at a steady and moderate pace⁣

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Kayla Itsines

@fitnessbycarla found her CONFIDENCE with my #BBG program. ⁣

She says "Still can’t believe that was me on the left. you can see how depressed I was just looking at my face. one day I was scrolling through @kayla_itsines ‘s profile and I saw that there was a new years special on the @sweat app. I thought “let me try this, doesn’t hurt to try” and I’m SO GLAD I DID THAT! I lost so much fat and am gaining so much muscle- and not only that, I feel GREAT! You can tell how confident I look in the pic on the right 😍 ⁣⁣

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Kayla Itsines

Want to make your breakfast EVEN healthier? If you're someone who enjoys a glass of fruit juice in the morning, why not try substituting it for the real thing instead of the bottled stuff. 🍎🍉🍇🍋? The skin and pulp of whole fruit contain HEAPS of nutrients including fibre, antioxidants and water soluble vitamins which are lost in the juicing process. Juices often have a higher concentration of sugar and acidity which can damage your teeth! ⁣




Kayla Itsines

White sneakers 😍😍👏 Is it wrong that now I'm going to be back in the gym...all I can think about is new shoes 😂👟. Head to my blog for my special tips on keeping your white sneakers squeaky clean! ⁣I get asked this A LOT..(because I’m a clean freak) so I did a whole blog on it 😂


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Kayla Itsines

Today I feel like I’m back!! I want to take a minute to express how THANKFUL I am for the journey I have been on over the last year. Before having Arna like any woman, I will admit that I never really truly understood just how difficult it was for new mums, physically and emotionally to start all over again. I might appear to be “back to normal” but my body, just like every other woman who has been through 9 months of pregnancy and birth, is still so tender through post birth recovery. Emotionally this time in my life has just been SUCH a rollercoaster (#BBGMums you know what I mean). From the joy of becoming pregnant, to the morning sickness and constant reflux. From being active and energised to being exhausted and not wanting to leave the house. From the pain of giving birth to the absolute pure happiness of holding my baby in my arms for the first time. To being a new mother and having to learn, grow and adapt, second by second to keep up with my beautiful baby girl (she is growing SO quickly). And now? With a whole new found respect for my body, I am starting to rebuild my strength again! I can’t wait to start again! ⁣

#BBGCommunity who’s with me 👊👊? ⁣



Kayla Itsines

CONSISTENCY IS KEY!! I cannot say this enough. If you are disciplined, consistent and work HARD, that is when the RESULTS happen. This does not mean you shouldn't allow your body to rest and recover. This does not mean that you shouldn't modify your workout if you feel you need to. It MEANS showing up for yourself, day after day and taking care of your body. It means pushing yourself to work HARDER, if you are feeling strong 💪🏻. It means taking it achieving whatever goals you set out to achieve - EVERY DAY!! ⁣




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I am SO excited to finally be cleared for LIGHT workouts by my healthcare professionals (my doctor and my physiotherapist) and to be able to share NEW content with you. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, this means I will be focusing on #LISS and completing MODIFIED #BBG workouts, LIKE THIS ONE 😁. ⁣

This is a perfect example of the kind of modified BBG style exercises I will be doing to regain my strength. Suitable for beginners in fitness OR women looking to regain their strength postpartum (if cleared by your healthcare professionals).⁣

✅Sit Squat - 10⁣
✅Incline Push-Up - 10⁣
✅Shoulder Press (Seated) - 12⁣
✅Single-Arm Reverse Fly - 20 (10 per side)⁣
✅Bicep Curl - 12⁣

Try 2-3 laps with a 60 second rest in between!⁣



Kayla Itsines

I never really understood this dish until I went to the states and it was literally EVERYWHERE I looked! It makes me hungry just LOOKING at it now😍🥑. If you ladies are wanting to up your veg intake, try substituting corn chips with your favourite raw cut up veggies!! Perfect for that 3-4 pm snack time 😃.⁣

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LOVE seeing you ladies celebrate your hard work and #BBGprogress. @diana_kalina says "A big thanks to @kayla_itsines , her BBG program and whole @sweat team/app on creating such a platform for us ladies 👏🏼🤪 Took me 17 weeks to be that lady on the right picture. From week 1, I have decided not to weigh myself at all so I can keep focusing on getting stronger. A little reminder that there’s no need for starving, calories counting and these kind of things in order to see actual results and get stronger! Just mindful eating and self- discipline to complete workouts! (Carbs aren’t evil #whatashock 😂)" ⁣

Don't forget to hashtag #BBG2019 and/or #BBGprogress to share YOUR story 💪. ⁣



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Ladies, you do not have to be amazing in the kitchen to cook a delicious healthy meal! A Mediterranean style plate like this is so quick and easy to whip up and share if you are cooking for the whole family. Simply select your choice of protein, lather in olive oil, oregano, salt and pepper (add lemon after cooked). Refrigerate for 4 hours or overnight to let the flavour soak in. Thread the marinated protein onto skewers (if wooden skewers soak in water for 30 minutes first) and cook on a heated BBQ or grill pan for 10-15 minutes, turning occasionally, until cooked to your liking. Add some freshly sliced salad, olives and feta and you're done 😍!!! ⁣

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#Dubai #prepregnancy Ladies!!!😍😍👏👏 I have officially been cleared by my healthcare professionals (my doctor and physiotherapist) to start LIGHT workouts!! I will be focusing on #LISS and completing 2-3 MODIFIED #BBG workouts a week, depending on how I am feeling. I have such mixed emotions about going back to training. I am EXCITED to start regaining my strength but also very aware that I will need to listen to my body and not over exert myself. The best thing about getting back to #BBG???? I CAN DO IT FROM HOME!! So I don't have to be away from Arna 😍. It's 28 minutes so I can fit it in when she sleeps. ⁣

All you need for BBG is: ⁣

✅ Dumbbells (3-6kg each)⁣
✅ Skipping Rope⁣
✅1-2 Flat Benches (30cm+)⁣
✅ Step (10cm+)⁣

BBG also includes a bosu and medicine ball but you can substitute them for dumbbells 💪. ⁣

I'll be uploading all my upcoming workout videos right here for you so stayed tuned! ⁣



Kayla Itsines

WHY did you start training? Be honest ladies! I'm so curious to know what made you START working out? Comment below! 💪💧⁣

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