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All smiles because I haven’t internally processed the fact that I have to leave Thailand in a few days. 💔 @stellyclothing

Phi Phi Islands

Mango smoothie, Thai massage, sunbathe, have little kid run by and accidentally kick up sand in my face, repeat. 🏖️ Dress from @dollygirlfashion #lovedgf

Kata Beach, Phuket Island, Thailand

Still obsessing. Sooo many dm’s about my hair these past few days! @hairby_chrissy makes all the magic happen! ✨

Habit Salon

I had the best Thai coffee of my life on this road. Anyone else revolve their holidays around the best food places?
Top from @stellyclothing xx

Phuket Old Town (ย่านเมืองเก่าภูเก็จ)

Appreciation post to my A1 since day 1 @kodifloyd. Instagram husbands are the backbone of this nation. Tube top from @shop.meko
Skirt from @stellyclothing

Khao San Road

Normally not a lace type of girl, but I’m loving on this lace + ribbed combo 🙌🏼 @tigermist


When your friend tells you it’s a mile hike and it’s actually 2.5. ☠️
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Kata Beach, Phuket Island, Thailand

Island basics 🌿 Wearing @fashionnova

Phuket, Thailand

My heart is so full 🐘 Not many people know this, but the tiger that’s being posed with is drugged out and the elephant that’s being ridden is doing back-breaking labor. Support ethical animal tourism. ❤️
Perfect top to run around the jungle with elephants from @vicidolls | Discount KELS20 for 20% off 🙌🏼 #viciambassador

Phuket Elephant Sanctuary

Mango smoothie addict. 🍹

Kata Beach, Phuket Island, Thailand

Wasn’t lying about the puppy situation on this island. In heaven! Are you a cat or dog person? @shop.meko

Buddha Island

Shortly after this photo was taken I monkey climbed up into this tree because that’s what a few beers does to ya. 😊 Wearing @gentlefawn 🌿

Buddha Island