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Does anyone else check to make sure they have their ID like five times on the way to the airport?..


Would you tell me if I had sparkles in my teeth?.. #thetruetest


I wish this was my car but alas it was just parked outside of a store and everyone watched as the weird stranger posed in front of it.. #whosaysalas #iguessido


I’ve pretty much finished with all of my Christmas shopping and yet I still click on every gift guide.. #fomo


The weather can never make up its mind..

Seattle, Washington

I had my first experience with Chicago style pizza last night. I have mixed feelings but was definitely confused when I opened the pizza box.. #allaboutthesauce


Are you included in the “too many cooks in the kitchen” if you’re just there taking selfies?..


We’ll pretend this was a purposeful pose but actually this is just how far out I can reach my hands without the coat falling off my shoulders..


Really, what’s the point of making the bed..


This is my “I don’t want to put on eye makeup so I’ll overcompensate with a dark lip and just wear sunglasses” look..


Yesterday I wrote a list of about fifteen things that I needed to do and then I ended up feeling too sick to do anything but watch Christmas movies. Today I’m gonna make a list that only consists of watching Christmas movies and see if it motivates me to do something productive.. #probsnot #hallmarkhereicome


Smiling to try to negate the fact that she growls at everyone.. #smallbutmighty