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Take me to your leader 🤘🏼
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How do you deal with the injustice of betrayal?
There’s been a reoccurring theme throughout my life of getting screwed over and then painted as the bad guy when I was the victim. I can’t tell you how many times this has happened to me. Living with the injustice can be infuriating. I’ve said this before. And then feeling like you can’t explain yourself because the act of explaining yourself makes you look stupid. It’s a catch 22.
Maybe life is teaching me to stop trying to please people who don’t care anyways. To stop trying to please those who will choose to see you how they desire despite the truth. I often find myself caring far too much about those who don’t care about me. And in the process I realize how many people have been waiting to watch me fail. That they never really were there for me.
This sounds like a pity party but I’m just being completely honest. How do you deal with betrayal? This is heavy on my mind. It sucks. I am done being the victim and still holding the lower end of the stick.
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Dream on, little dreamer. ✨ #aboveandbeyond
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Thoughts drift by like clouds in the sky. Let ‘em go, let ‘em go, let ‘em go.
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Hi. I’m Kristen Rose. 🖤
I wear makeup.
I listen to house music.
I wear nearly all black outside of my yoga clothing.
I don’t wake up at the crack of dawn.
I’ve always been drawn to the night.
I don’t always eat well.
Some days it’s hot Cheetos.
Some days it’s superfood smoothies.
I swear.
I’m strange.
I’m awkward.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
I listen to the whispers of my soul.
I awaken when my spirit guides call.
I’ve always been drawn to Be Light.
I always strive to maintain balance.
Some days it’s yoga.
Some days it’s gettin loose on the dance floor.
I’m alive.
I’m human.
And I want to demolish pre constructed ideas of how any yogi should choose to live their life so as long as they live with the purest of intentions and the brightest of smiles. It’s time to rid of any guilt for the things that bring us joy.
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Every decision you make works towards either the ascension or descension of your spiritual and energetic evolution. This is what I’ve really been trying to focus and work on lately. Ask yourself, is this aiding me in my process or is this a detriment to my well being? Once you become mindfully aware of the choices you’re making that aren’t in your favor, you can only go on for so long before you’re conscious enough to realize that it is only descending your evolution. Ascend. Ascend. Ascend. Rewire your brain to follow what leads you in the RIGHT direction. It’s simply the laws of nature. The laws of all that Is.
(Ps these are the softest most comfy pants ever by @aloyoga !)


Anyone else feeling like they need an energetic cleans lately? 🙋🏼
Maybe I’m passed due for some reiki. In fact, yes I am. 😜
Kind of at a point in my life where I can’t really find my direction anymore. Or maybe I am majorly distracted. Feeling stagnant. Feeling like I am holding onto a lot that is itching to be released. Investing my energy into what is not serving my highest good. Overall confused and have a lack of clarity in regards to my path. I am currently working on acknowledging the discomfort to see what it’s hinting to me. But it’s going to take more diggin.
I gotta be honest with you guys when I’m not feelin 100% because I can’t go on this platform and paint the picture like nothings goin on 😝
Time to acknowledge and heal the bad to allow room for all things that are GOOD. 😊🙏🏼🙌🏼 Outfit by @aloyoga


“Choices out of anger cannot be undone.” -unknown
Put that one in your back pocket 👌🏼
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Body electric. ⚡️


Alignment wise this is probably one of the most difficult postures for me. So many things happening for something that is seemingly simple. Ankles pressing together, knees stacked right over ankles, make sure the knees aren’t going past the toes, hips baaaack and down, tailbone tucked, ribs in, up-dog in the chest, and relaxed shoulders(correct me if I’m wrong!). It’s a lot. Specially for those with tight hamstrings or shoulders. For me it takes a LONG time to start really feeling improvement in this posture. My legs are my weakest point which is new for me considering I was a volleyball player for 6 years and they used to be my strongest asset. Still working on gettin that muscle back and gettin those hamstrings to oooopen😜 What poses are most challenging for you? ❤️
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Sky above, earth below, fire within. 🔥
Ps not sure what this funky pose is but it was inspired by @findingmorgantyler 🙌🏼😍 A fun switch up from vasisthasana ☺️
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Taking lessons from the ever inspiring @talia_sutra with the @alo.moves app in the comfort of my backyard!
I am so so grateful for this app that provides thousands of classes at your fingertips for you to practice anytime, anywhere😍 Just one more reminder incase you missed my last post☺️ Click the link in my bio to try a free 14 day trial, then it’s just $20/mo thereafter. That’s one month of yoga cheaper than the average price for one drop in class at a studio! Idk about you guys but I am STOKED on this! 😄😄🙌🏼