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Yoga provides the space we need to pause and be aware of our thoughts and actions. It provides the clarity we need to live mindfully and abide in presence. Fear, anger and anxiety is almost always linked to being engaged in the past or the future. Without present-moment awareness these emotions can take over you on auto-pilot and in many many cases you’ll realize there truly ISNT an issue at hand. Only your mind fooling you to believe so. Recognize your surroundings, then decipher the difference between your reality and your thoughts. Brake the attachment to the voice in your head and always come back to the present. It is always there for you. ❤️
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Maybe all that we are is merely the universe manifested into human form to witness and experience itself. This is what keeps me up at night. 😅
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We're all we need. ❤️


Went and got a massage last night as soon as I got off my shift and felt ten times better🙌🏼 I am addicted to massages and go at least once a month, last night was much needed! The healing energy of touch is necessary in my life. I like 'em ROUGH 😉 Leave me feelin like jello. Mmmmm. 👐🏼
What's your favorite way to decompress? Meditation? Massage? Aromatherapy? Hot tea and a good read? Drop a comment and let me know 😊
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Man oh man oh maaaaaan has life been testing me lately!!
It seems every moment of my life is asking more and more of me and finding a day to rest is becoming more and more rare.
Working two jobs- sometimes three whether it's care taking for my grandma suffering Alzheimer's or my makeup/photography services has got my plate overloaded right now. Living in the Bay Area you HAVE to know how to hustle. The challenge for me is remaining calm throughout life's stress when I don't have downtime to decompress later on. I have to make peace with chaos in order to not lose my mind! And today I just about nearly lost it. But I DIDNT 🙌🏼 And for that I am proud af. Just had one of the busiest shifts of my life with what had to have been 30 clients of mine coming in. I'm exhausted. My head hurts. I just feel like a big ball of complaints right now and that's ok. It's one of those days- or weeks. #damnretrograde
And due to this reason all of my recent shoots have been unfortunately completely rushed. Some of my recent shoots have had to be powered out in fifteen minutes. Luckily I've still managed to get some good shots, it's almost like the adrenaline from rushing assisted my creativity? But overall it's not healthy. Rushing down to the minute before I have to jam to my next job. Goodness I can't wait until I have just one day to finish what I've been putting on the back-burner.
I mentioned a while ago that I wanted to start videos again and trust me when I say I have not even had a lick of time since then to start😩 which is also why I really need to work on not announcing things before I do it. I have this life-curse where every time I say I'm going to do something, shit comes up and I don't. Its happened to me so many times I'm surprised I didn't know better😂
So, it will come when it comes. I gotta get off here and take a long deep breath...or 50. Y'all can tell by now my stress is through the roof. 😂😩😝 Goooooodnight. Almost off work. So done with today👊🏼✌🏼#PEACE
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Currently getting slammed at work but squeezing this post in between clients!
Have a great evening everyone ❤️
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“If you are your authentic self, you have no competition.” -Scott Stratten
Encouragement to look for inspiration within yourself and a little less from everyone else ❤️ Often our best ideas arise from our own moments of stillness.
We miss out on the opportunity of clarity from our own spirit guides when we rely too heavily on the guidance of others. Once you come to a point of boundless self-acceptance, the actions of others becomes insignificant as you stand confidently on your own two feet. Deeply rooted and un-fuckwithable in your nature😜Think about that! 🙌🏼
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When you're so used to buns that you have to adjust to wearing your hair down😐😂 SPECIALLY when doing yoga! I've got thiiick natural blonde hair that typically gets in my face if I'm not whipping it out of the way constantly😅 I actually used to do hair modeling and I'd love to start doing that again!
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The mind will always find what it is looking for. Reality is the product of subjective perception. Although we must be mindful between what is real, and our projections 😉
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The most challenging of situations happens to the strongest of individuals. That's just how it is. Whatever is necessary for our growth will be thrown at us.
Making my way out of a very dark time in my life.
Literally thanking God for showing me the light! I've been holding onto silver lining for so long now... You never know what's going on behind closed doors. Truest statement no matter how good circumstances may seem.
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"That's why her hair's so big. It's full of secrets." 😂
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Yeah you...
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