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Dwarfed by Mother Nature


Our storm family (L to R) @nampix @tobypike @ladzinski @krystlejwright @skiparmstrong posing for a photo in Texas before our last supercell storm chase. In the course of just 12 days, we ventured 7000+ miles through Texas / Oklahoma / Texas / Oklahoma / Colorado / Wyoming / Nebraska / Colorado / Kansas / Oklahoma / Texas / Oklahoma / Texas / Oklahoma / Texas / Oklahoma / Kansas / Nebraska / Kansas / Oklahoma / Texas / New Mexico / Texas. We ate 30kg of Trader Joe snacks. We witnessed • 2 Dust storms
• 7 meso cyclonic tornadoes
• 9 landspout tornadoes
• 2 inch hail • Numerous severe storms/supercells
• 4x where strongest outflow winds were 150km/hr
& only one flat tyre. // Thank you to everyone who followed us on our journey and be sure to know, we have an exciting project coming soon with more pics and stories to tell! #stormchaser #supercell


As we drove south of Ralls, Texas yesterday, we became engulfed in a #sandstorm that would continue well into the evening. Our crew spent the afternoon chasing a #supercell thunderstorm that began to produce a strong gust front that would ultimately rip up the sand and dirt into an apocalyptic-like setting. A fitting way to end our trip as we began the adventure with a similar storm two weeks ago. @nampix @ladzinski @skiparmstrong @tobypike #stormchaser #texas


📷: @ladzinski // As we pulled up to an abandoned homestead in southern New Mexico, we feverishly start shooting since every stop only last minutes when staying in front of the gust fronts. @tobypike suddenly yells out as he spots a landspout tornado beginning to take form and I started to seriously question my position. Even though we’ve been told that this has been one of the worst seasons to chase, it’s been a wild ride these past two weeks and some scenes have just been incredibly surreal to witness. @nampix @skiparmstrong #stormchaser #tornado #newmexico


As we raced to stay in front of the gust fronts, we watched as several supercells joined together to form a large squall line that swept across New Mexico. On the run with
@nampix @ladzinski @skiparmstrong @tobypike #stormchaser #newmexico #storm #supercell


Late nights on the plains in northern Texas with @nampix @ladzinski @skiparmstrong @tobypike #lightning #stormchaser


When I first called @nampix, he warned me, “You’ll get addicted.” Late last night as the adrenaline wore off and fatigue took over, even though I should be somewhat content after seeing twin tornadoes, I said to Nick that I can’t help but want to see another one. Clearly I’m hooked. We’re back on the road heading south today to chase the next target and continue the journey of telling @nampix story that’ll result in a short film with @canonaustralia ⚡️


As we chased north on the I25 late yesterday afternoon, a tornadic supercell mesocyclone crosses the interstate. @nampix is schooling us in the art of storm chasing and as beautiful and wild these systems are, they wreak havoc and destruction in a blink of an eye. It wasn’t obvious at first but that there was a tornado camouflaged by rain. @skiparmstrong @ladzinski @tobypike #stormchaser #tornado #storm


We were told today was just the warm up. What an utterly fucking wild day ⚡️🌪️⚡️On the road with @nampix @skiparmstrong @tobypike @ladzinski #storm #texas


“In wilderness is the preservation of the world. What a simple and sensible thing that we should want to stir the world into action to protect the wilderness of the Tarkine.” I’ve never met anyone as eloquently spoken as @bobbrownfoundation when I had the privilege to spend a few days with him and @patagonia last year March. To hear of the optimism that Bob Brown still projects forth after everything he has been through and witnessed in his lifetime, it goes to show that we should never fall into a negative spiral of nihilism. It’s also crucial to remain empathetic and to show understanding of multiple sides to a conversation as modern conservation is a complex issue to navigate. #Tarkine #tasmania


takayna/Tarkine, a place that is home to one of the last undisturbed tracts of Gondwanan rainforest and is reminiscent of times when dinosaurs roamed the planet. Yet this delicate landscape comes under threat from destructive extraction industries such as logging & mining. Last March I was excited to work with @patagonia and @bobbrownfoundation in capturing stills to their new film takayna which explores the complexities of modern conservation. Film coming online in early June 🌿🙌🏼


Escaping the summer heat in Moab becomes a challenge as #Garminambassador @highsteph and Cajun find temporary morning shade to hike in. @garminoutdoor #havenolimits


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