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The road to Hushé, Northern Pakistan.


🎥 @benthouard // My first big savings expenditure was on an @aquatech_imagingsolutions when I was 18yrs old. I’ve been hooked ever since and love every moment I get to shoot beneath the waves. Because I receive a lot of questions about underwater photography, Aquatech are having a special week long sale worth checking out if your curiosity leads you to the ocean as well. @canonaustralia // @dafinaustralia // #ocean #underwaterphotography #surfing #sponsored #teahupoo




📷: @andy_mann // Another lap around the sun🌞 Thanks for the birthday wishes from near and far!! Much love to you all ❤️


Penguin vs The Mountain


In celebration of International Women’s Day coming up on March 8th, I’m stoked to be taking over @canonaustralia all this week🤘🏼When it comes to the adventure, I have felt strongly that it is no longer do we question why aren’t there more females but instead celebrate who is here. Through celebration we show others what is possible and over time, we create change. I continue to try and surround myself with those who challenge me, support me, share honesty and vulnerability and one of those dear friends is @thebuslife. (Portrait taken Morocco 2016) #internationalwomensday #morocco #traveler


Above the clouds. Leaping off Kiguti (3000ft) overlooking Sam Ford Fjord, Baffin Island. #basejump #arctic


Full composure @highsteph


Somewhere off the coast of The Azores, the ocean nomad (+ hitchhikers) #zissou


And out of the clearing blizzard appeared this man and his sled in Sam Ford Fjord, Baffin Island. We had been slammed with blizzard after blizzard which meant far too many hours in Base camp. Thankfully this man shared his Inuit knowledge and we learned how to build igloos to pass the time in bad weather. #roamtheplanet #arctic


Casual afternoon knoll before migrating back south again to Tasmania to sail with @mayanclimbs @bretteharrington @erwan_le_lann for a few weeks. // The usual suspects are in the bags and a shout out to the companies who continue to support my work 🤘🏼⚡️ @canonaustralia | @keen | @bigagnes_ | @fstopgear | @aquatech_imagingsolutions | | @thepoolcollective #KEENAmbassador #sponsored #knoll #packing #timelapse

Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Gökotta (Swedish, n.) ‘Early morning cuckoo,’ waking up early to hear first birds sing. // Easily one of the things I love most in Australia is the sound of birds at dawn and dusk #tarkine