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Throw some shades with Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation. Go monotone or blend different hues together to find your unique look. Cover, conceal, contour, and stay on top of your game all day long! #Lancome #TeintIdole


There’s no time to worry about your make-up with all of the fun things to do this summer! FIX IT, FORGET IT for a matte look to remember! This makeup setting mist made from plant extracts protects make-up and skin for up to 24H. Lock in your look and forget about it all day or night. #Lancome #FixItForgetIt #TeintIdole


Get ready, get Matte, Go with LONG TIME NO SHINE. This invisible, loose, perfectly weightless Setting Powder acts behind-the-scenes to swipe away non-wanted shine so you can step into the limelight!
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What if you could filter your face in real life like you can on social media? Blur imperfections instantly wherever you are with the portable Blur & Go stick. For a filtered look IRL. #Youwokeuplikethis #Lancome #BlurAndGo #TeintIdole


Wake-up to flawless skin with Prep & Matte for a, fresh, hydrating and long-lasting matte finish. Minimize pores and refine skin texture with this lightweight primer to control shine all day long so you can get out there and show the world what you’re made of!
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Crazy day ahead of you? Make sure you have the right Matte-itude. Introducing the Teint Idole Lifeproof routine, 4 ultra-effective solutions to prime, set, mattify and lock in your look so you can get through your day with ease and confidence!
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Traveling across the world or across the street this summer? Wherever you’re heading, build your perfect look with the Teint Idole Ultra Wear stick foundation. Play with its different shades to cover, conceal and contour and take it anywhere you go for quick and easy touch-ups all day long. Make sure your skin and your day are smooth with TIUW!
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You need makeup that doesn’t budge to power you through an action-packed summer day. We’ve got you covered with Teint Idole Ultra Wear Foundation.
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This summer’s must-have accessory? Teint Idole Ultra Wear foundation. @Taylor_Hill has the power of makeup in her hands - do you?
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Shout your happiness from the rooftops! #LAbsoluRouge leaves lips moist, soft and comfortable and ready to share your inner glow with the world below. #Lancome #RooftopRadiance


Did you know that smiling is scientifically proven to reduce stress levels, boost heart function and release endorphins? It’s the ultimate beauty secret. How many times have you smiled today? #Lancome #RooftopRadiance


There’s always a miracle on the horizon. #Miracle Eau de Parfum is a sudden and marvelous revelation that life is extraordinary, that life is a miracle. A vibrant, sparkling fragrance with unlimited possibility. #Lancome #RooftopRadiance