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Leonardo DiCaprio

#Regram #RG @cnnbusiness:
Climate change is likely to cost the world’s largest public companies nearly $1 trillion over the next five years. But the opportunities for new products and services to reduce environmental damage could be worth much more. A survey published Tuesday suggests that growing demand for low-emission products and shifts in consumer preferences could generate over $2 trillion for leading businesses. Hit the link in our bio to learn more.


Leonardo DiCaprio

#Regram #RG @lionrecovery: The Makame Wildlife Management Area in northern Tanzania is rich with the Maasai culture and abundant with wildlife. But living alongside lions is not easy and creates many challenges for traditional pastoralists to keep their livestock safe. LRF Director @petelindseyafrica recently made a trip to this area to visit our partner @honeyguide_tz to see how they are tackling these issues. Click the link in our bio to learn why we're hopeful this area will become critically important for wildlife. Photo: @jackdswenson #lions #lionrecovery #tanzania #conservation #wildlife #bigcatsofinstagram


Leonardo DiCaprio

#IceOnFire is now streaming on @hbo. I hope audiences will be inspired to take action to protect our planet. Special thank you to director Leila Conners and everyone that helped bring this project to life.


Leonardo DiCaprio

In theaters July 26th. #OnceUponATimeInHollywood


Leonardo DiCaprio

#IceOnFire, which I produced and narrated, highlights the firsthand accounts of the experts on the forefront of the climate crisis. Premieres tomorrow June 11 on @hbo.


Leonardo DiCaprio

#Regram #RG @extinctionrebellion: This is Mia, she's a 13-year-old climate activist. You may have seen her at the @xr_youth Heathrow action during #InternationalRebellion 'I joined XR Youth during Rebellion Week as I realised we are the ones who can make the change.
Being part of XR Youth has given me so much hope, as there is so much passion and care shown.
We have a voice, and together we are louder.' Photo from #FacesOfTheFuture series by @taltakingpics
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Leonardo DiCaprio

Follow a team of scientists, activists, journalists, and undercover agents as they fight to save the vaquita from extinction.
Watch the official trailer for @seaofshadows, a Terra Mater production in association with Appian Way. In select theaters 7/12/19. #WorldOceansDay


Leonardo DiCaprio

Studies show that 35-50% of the ocean must be protected to meet biodiversity protection and sustainability goals, yet only 2% of the world’s ocean is currently in fully to high protected marine reserves. On this #WorldOceansDay, use the link in bio to sign the #GlobalDealForNature to demand increased protections for our oceans.


Leonardo DiCaprio

It has become clear that beyond 1.5⁰C average rise in global temperature, the biology of the planet becomes gravely threatened as ecosystems begin to unravel. Sign the #GlobalDealForNature petition by clicking the link in bio to urge world leaders to protect our ecosystems for generations to come.


Leonardo DiCaprio

Did you know that only 15% of the world’s lands are protected? We need nature for our continued existence on the planet. Link in bio to sign the #GlobalDealForNature petition urging world leaders to protect half of the Earth’s lands.


Leonardo DiCaprio

#Regram #RG @unenvironment: Green 🌳 is Gold 🥇 ⁣
The Green Rural Revival Program is working to improve lives, livelihoods and the environment. Instead of relying on heavily polluting industries, the focus is on win-wins for people and planet like eco-tourism. Explore more in our Stories ☝️ #BeatAirPollution #WorldEnvironmentDay


Leonardo DiCaprio

#Regram #RG @natgeo: Photo by Paul Nicklen @PaulNicklen | An Antarctic fur seal relaxes atop a cliff overlooking the Subantarctic landscape of South Georgia. Having reached shore after a winter spent at sea, this seal arrived with the intention to breed among the thousands of seals that inhabit the island’s beaches. Although the species was once in severe danger from overhunting, their population has rebounded significantly in recent years, with their numbers now likely in the millions. #FollowMe at @PaulNicklen for more photos of wildlife from around the world. #furseal #SouthGeorgia #conservation #ocean