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Host dinner candlelight!! @jamesmcavoyrealdeal @nbcsnl


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Nice tribute!! Happy Martin Luther King Day!!


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Watching eclipse so awesome looking and it’s so cold yo!! #totalelipseofthemoon


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‪I had so much fun doing this with @rachelbrosnahan I love the way it looks!! @nbcsnl @maiseltv


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‪On to the @nbctitangames and I will eat Chinese food while I watch damnit!! So tired y’all! Long ass week. But now bout to watch @therock create the real avengers!! This show is the business. #mykneehurtswheniwatchthis


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Ok soooooo I’m so dramatic lol I had to do this y’all but my way!! Lol #chocolategirl #blackdontcrackstillneedlotionthough #samefuckingsmile


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‪Ok back to happiness!! You got to find it everywhere so here is my baby @donte.colley giving some love!! #gottolovelifeoritwillkillyou #lovethisdude


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saw this video today and I’m so pissed. You mean to tell me there are mfs out here just drugging women?! What is wrong with us?! And what’s scary is they will blame her if she gets rape or assaulted. Yo this scares me to next level. This what I mean by warning and protecting! There are some low down people out there and they don’t care about if it’s right or wrong. This muthafucka probably thought it was funny. But what if that girl die from that or have a bad reaction WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE?! This is what I mean by protecting our kids man. Yo tell girls to watch their drinks matter of fact only drinks with tops on them. If you see someone doing this DO SOMETHING!! What is wrong with us yo?! Have we gotten so bad that we are just gonna slowly destroy ourselves! That is what is happening!! We have to do better and it starts with YOU!! Sorry again I’m just so disappointed!! Let me add she is doing what we all do having fun with her friends posing for pics WE ALL DO IT!! Doesn’t mean she deserves to get drugged. I see a lot of comments saying she too busy posing. THAT AINT RIGHT!! What should happen is venues like this need to have lids for the cups! #weneedGod #changeyourselftochangetheworld #hopetheycaughtthatfucker


Leslie Jones

Ok @lennymarcusnyc is always down for my crazy shit lol!! But he did not catch my cue damnit!! Lol on these streets clowning after spot at @comicstriplivenyc #doubledutchbus #funkybusfair #makewhitepeopledanceanywhere


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I’m going be @thecomicstriplive Tuesday, Thursday and Friday!! just saying...