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Workshop announcement! After the wonderful workshop @adelasterfoodtextures, @cottagefarm and I hosted in Gotland last summer we decided we should do it again this summer 🤗 This time we will be at @melgaarden, a manor house in Norway, dating back to 1877. It's like nothing I've seen before (see my previous post). Pure magic! More exciting news soon! ♥️


Feeling so lucky to have spent the last few days here, in the best company ❄️💛 @melgaarden @adelasterfoodtextures @thebotanicalkitchen @blackwhitevivid


Sharing the recipe for this insanely delicious vegan chocolate mousse on the blog today 🤤🍫 Seriously, you have to try it!! Topped with whipped coconut cream, flaky salt and extra chocolate. I chose to put some orange zest in there aswell also because I simply adore orange 🤗 Find the recipe on, or via the link in my profile! I'm also kind of obsessed with the color of my new dress from @seasidetones 💚🙌🏼


Wrapping some gifts marinating orange slices in my pretty @_sabellar_ escudella ✨The marinated orange slices will be served with a typical Swedish Christmas dessert.. can you guess which one? Hint: 🍚 #sabellar #cinemagraph (also, instagram's video compression is driving me crazy, anyone knows how to resolve this issue?)


Currently making rice pudding and listening to the Home Alone soundtrack (John Williams is a genius if you ask me!). Also considering making this saffron bundt cake with white chocolate coconut ganache again 🤔🤤 What are you up to today? 👀Find the link to the recipe in my profile!


I've been so unproductive and tired today, I kind of just want to go back to bed 🙈 So here's a little #cinemagraph from when I made white chocolate mocha 🍫☕️🤗 Find the link to the recipe in my profile! Do you see the movement? 👀


Sharing the recipe for these Swedish cinnamon bun lussekatter on the blog today 🤤By far, the best buns I've ever made and I'm glad I have a few left in the freezer 😬Traditionally, Lussekatter (Lucia saffron buns) should be eaten on St. Lucia day (Dec 13) but since these are hybrid Lussekatter I figure it's ok to be a little early! 😜 Find the recipe on, link in profile!


Baking for my next blogpost ☀️Don't you just love that saffron color? 💛


Sharing the recipe for this white chocolate mocha on the blog today! I have a thing for cinnamon, orange, chocolate and coffee these days (ok, tbh I always do 🤷🏻‍♀️). Find the recipe on my blog, link in profile ✨ Wishing you all a great Saturday!


Sponsored | Orange bundt cake with Arla KESO®️ Cottage Cheese cake and chocolate glaze made in collaboration with @arlakeso
I samarbete med @arlakeso har jag skapat den här underbart goda apelsinkakan bakad med Arla KESO®️ Cottage Cheese. Helt klart en av de absolut saftigaste och enklaste kakorna jag någonsin bakat! Med massor av chokladglasyr ovanpå, såklart 🤗 Recept följer nedan.
@arlakeso #arlakeso
Apelsinkaka med chokladglasyr
12 bitar
4 ¾ dl (285 g) vetemjöl
1 tsk bakpulver
1 tsk bikarbonat
1 ½ dl (135 g) strösocker
2 stora ägg
125 g smör
¾ dl flytande honung
1 förpackning (250 g) Arla KESO®️ Cottage Cheese
finrivet skal från 2 apelsiner
1 ¼ dl färskpressad apelsinsaft
1 ½ dl (90 g) florsocker
2 msk kakao
1 msk färskpressad apelsinsaft
1-2 msk mjölk
1. Kaka: Värm ugnen till 175°C. Smörj en stor sockerkaksform (cirka 2 ¼ liter) och pudra sedan lite mjöl i formen.
2. Rör ihop mjöl, bakpulver, bikarbonat och socker i en stor skål.
3. Smält smöret i en kastrull och blanda i honung, Arla KESO®️ Cottage Cheese, apelsinskal och
apelsinsaft. Mixa till en slät smet med hjälp av en stavmixer, rör sedan ner blandningen i skålen
med de torra ingredienserna. Rör med en slickepott tills smeten är helt slät, häll sedan smeten i den
förberedda formen.
5. Grädda kakan i nedre delen av ugnen i 34-37 minuter.
6. Låt kakan svalna i 10 minuter i formen, stjälp sedan upp kakan på ett galler för att svalna helt.
7. Glasyr: Sikta ner florsocker och kakao i en skål. Rör i apelsinsaft och mjölk till en lagom tjock konsistens. Ringla glasyren över kakan.


🎶Chestnuts roasting on an open fire 🎶My first time trying roasted chestnuts, with lots of butter and rosemary. To be honest they sort of taste like chicken to me. I haven't eaten chicken in 20 years so my tastebuds are probably confused 😂 How gorgeous is that ceramic plate and escudella from @_sabellar_ though?! 👌🏼I know I'll use them lots and lots ❤️#sabellar #cinemagraph


Celebrating this little boy today! He has been with us in Sweden, in his forever home, for two whole years now (He's a rescue from Ireland) ❤️ So I made him pancakes (I gave him like 1/2 pancake and we ate the rest 😂) #westie #westiegram