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Can't believe it's almost 2 years since the release of my book #lomelinospajer 😳 Pies are still my very favorite thing to bake! Some day I hope to host pie retreats, imagine a group of people baking pie, eating pie, taking pictures of pie, maybe with a glass of wine on the side 😂 My dream! This here is a strawberry peach pie with a brown butter crust 👌🏼 You can find the recipe in the English translation too! #lomelinospies


You know what day it is! Pi day! I know it's not really about actual pie but π, but I think it's open for interpretation. On another note, our Norway workshop sold out so quickly! 🍾🇳🇴 In case you'd like to see more from last year's Gotland workshop, the link is in my profile 🤗


Update: Workshop is sold out! Workshop news! 🍾 Registration is now open for our food, photography and styling workshop (June 5-8) at the beautiful @melgaarden!! @adelasterfoodtextures @cottagefarm and I will also be joined by @blackwhitevivid and @thebotanicalkitchen ✨ Read more about the workshop and register through the link in my profile! There's also a new post on my blog, about our Gotland workshop last year should you be interested!


One of the many photos that didn't make the cut for @myfeldt's book ✂️ Too bad, because I really love this photo! But, that means I can share it with you guys! I mean, how amazing are all these tarts? Made by My of course so I can't take credit for them 👌🏼✨ Which one would you choose? #blåbärssnåräppelskruttochrabarberskugga


Workshop news ✨🇳🇴 So excited about opening registration this Sunday for our Norway workshop at @melgaarden with @cottagefarm and @adelasterfoodtextures. Stay tuned for more info 😘 Meanwhile.. I wish you all a lovely Friday, hopefully with lots of cake! This is a brown butter chocolate chip cake with bourbon caramel frosting ☝🏼 Link to the recipe is in my profile!


Did someone say spring? Didn't think so... the weather has been so weird lately! What's the weather like where you live? Is it spring already? 🌱And if anyone thinks this looks peaceful, Mozart saw a squirrel five minutes later. Let's just leave it at that.


Could use a piece of this lemon poppy bundt cake with a lemon glaze and blueberry icing right now 😴 I've been replying to emails all afternoon after procrastinating it for a while 😅 What is your best way to not provcrastinate just about everything? Also, you can find the recipe through the link in my profile!


Dreaming about these hazelnut brownies with salted caramel and toasted meringue (link in profile!) that I baked at the beautiful @melgaarden 🤤Also thinking about what to bake this weekend. 🤔 Any suggestions? And what are you guys up to?


Longing for lilacs 💜 Chocolate brioche buns from my book #sweetfoodandphotography


Just a little lemon rosemary bundt with a créme fraiche & blueberry glaze that never ended up on the blog. It did look pretty though, and I'm sort of into this color right now! 👌🏼✨


Craving allllll the pancakes today, with lots of maple syrup of course 🥞 What's your favorite pancake topping? I prefer simple toppings like syrup and fresh berries when they're in season. When I was a kid I used to eat them topped with sugar only, for the crunch 😂 Now tell me all about your favorites!


This stuff is so incredibly good! Beetroot and ginger ice cream with a little bit of lemon 🍋 Earthy and delicious with a pretty spectacular color. Find the recipe on my blog,, link in my profile 🤗