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I’m definitely still not inspired to bake a midsummer cake, or make a flower wreath for that matter (I just realized Midsummer is tomorrow! 🤪). I am however very inspired by all the fantastic thing @myfeldt and I find on our spontaneous shoots. Like these peonies 👆🏼 today we are doing an actual planned shoot and I’m excited to see how that goes. Also I am filming just about everything we do, lots of behind the scenes too! 👯‍♀️ Texture by @ellemaywatson @1924us


Linda Lomelino

It’s hard to believe I’ve only baked a handful of times so far this year! I guess sometimes it’s good to take a break... even though this one is a little longer than I’d expected. I’ve been busy with other things, personal which are not very fun but also work related, like shooting @myfeldt’s new book! We’re having sooo much fun and I can’t wait to show you guys. I think it’s gonna be even better than the last one 🙌🏼 In the meantime, I hope I’ll find some inspiration to bake soon again. Maybe for midsummer? Or my blog birthday (10 years in July!)?


Linda Lomelino

I often think about how lucky I am to live so close to the sea - a few minutes on my trusty old bike and I'm there, ready to enjoy all the bright summer evenings on the beach. I like to fill my bicycle basket with some fresh fruit, homemade rhubarb cordial and @wasabrod’s new crispbread Wasa 100 with 100% wholegrain rye, linseed, poppy seed and sea salt. Wasa turns 100 this year and their production is now 100% climate compensated! How awesome is that?! #Wasa100 #knäckebröd #klimatkompenserat #Wasa #fullkorn

Jag tänker ofta på hur fint det är att bo så nära havet, med cykeln är jag nere på stranden på bara några minuter. Det bästa jag vet är att fylla cykelkorgen med färsk frukt, rabarbersaft och @wasabrod's nya tunna och krispiga knäckebröd Wasa 100. I år fyller Wasa 100 år, och dessutom så klimatkompenserar de nu 100%. Så himla bra!


Linda Lomelino

My @printsandprops cabinet is a bit of a mess 🙈 but at least a beautiful mess in my opinion. Some of these beauties will be in the shop eventually 😊 Can you see the movement? Textures from @1924us and @ellemaywatson #cinemagraph


Linda Lomelino

The thing that is so special with The Journey, is that every guest has a project in mind for the workshop and we do whatever we can to assist them, be it painting, baking, cooking, you name it. @mandycouzens had a fantastic idea and this was right before the shoot. She set this beautiful table and we took some photos before we trashed the cake (and then later ate the trashed cake of course) and drank the rosé wine for the actual shoot 🤪🍷🍷 I don’t think I’ve ever baked a cake that quickly! I had to cool it in the freezer but we were able to shoot just before the sun set ☀️ Definitely a shoot I will remember forever! #journeylespetiteslandes


Linda Lomelino

Jag kan inte tänka mig en finare låda än denna att ta med till vårens och sommarens alla festligheter! Fylld med färska bär, rabarber, mynta, lemonad och @wasabrod’s nya knäckebröd Wasa 100 med 100% fullkornsråg, linfrön, vallmofrön och havssalt. Wasa fyller nämligen 100 år i år, och dessutom så klimatkompenserar de nu 100%! #Wasa100 #knäckebröd #klimatkompenserat #Wasa #fullkorn

The best kind of box to bring to all festivities this spring and summer, filled with fresh berries, rhubarb, mint, lemonade and @wasabrod’s new crispbread Wasa 100 with 100% wholegrain rye, linseed, poppy seed and sea salt. Wasa turns 100 this year and they now also climate compensate 100%!


Linda Lomelino

Some brocante finds from Angers ✨🕰 Before this trip to France I promised myself I wouldn’t bring too much home with me as we already have so much stuff (I’d say I wish to live like a minimalist but I realize I love old treasures too much) so instead I bought lots of little things 🙈 Which is your favorite? I love that little golden key medallion 🗝 Texture from @1924us @ellemaywatson


Linda Lomelino

One of the few workshops where I feel like I spent more time in front of the camera than behind it 😂 I have to say it was fun though! And I enjoyed shooting a few portraits too which is something I love but don’t do very often. Thank you @adelasterfoodtextures for the fun portrait sessions ❤️ and @voloshin___ for the beautiful dress #journeylespetiteslandes


Linda Lomelino

There is definitely something special about baking at @lespetiteslandes. I made this chocolate bundt with chocolate glaze because @stellaand requested chocolate 😏🙌🏼 I almost always use salted butter which makes everything so much better. #journeylespetiteslandes


Linda Lomelino

Still at a loss for words after our #journeylespetiteslandes workshop ♥️ What an amazing experience. Thank you to all our beautiful guests (all tagged in the photos), each and every one of you brought something unique to the group, and to our special guests @ellemaywatson and @1924us who so generously shared some of their techniques with us. Both wildly talented and two of my favorite creatives. Thank you @adelasterfoodtextures and @lespetiteslandes for letting me join you on this adventure, I’m looking forward to many, many more. I’m off to go through all 3403 photos (Thanks @adelasterfoodtextures for using my camera 😂)
Dress by @sondeflor


Linda Lomelino

Spring 🌸 #cinemagraph


Linda Lomelino

It’s almost that time of the year again 🌸 and I can’t wait to make this Rhubarb almond galette again. Best served with vanilla ice cream 🍦Find the recipe through the link in my profile.