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Spring is right around the corner! And I'm ready. This last month of winter has been really hard. Stupid hard. There was loss & heartbreak. And healing. A perfect time for Spring to come.
I can't wait to celebrate the spring equinox & rebirth with a rainbow of beet, cabbage, and turmeric pickled eggs with lots of saffron aioli, homemade orange blossom marshmallows, loads of flowers, and spring greens & radishes. And I'm making a smoky citrine full moon water at the end of this month during the full moon in Aries (which is my moon sign—so extra special!) to sip on throughout the month of April culminating in May Day—and more flowers!
We'll be celebrating May Day in Paris so I'm thinking a family trip to the market & park with @matthewlud, flower crowns for Eulalie, and a spring feast for a few friends!
To not miss a spring recipe, click the link in my profile to join the community! White asparagus, garlic scapes, chive blossoms, nettles, and and and...can you tell I'm psyched!? What are you excited about this spring? •

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

I'm cooking up way more than just dope recipes (though let's be clear: these cinnamon buns destined for my book & your Christmas morning table are SO dope!) Head to my stories to help a sister out with a tough decision on a BIG project!
Because as you may have heard...we are launching a freaking PODCAST! And I need your help to name it...cause it's for you, obvi!
The podcast is going to be an Instagram filter-free, behind the scenes look into the realities of what it takes to make it as a creative entrepreneur. I'll be getting raw, real, (and probably just a little ridiculous) sharing actionable advice on how to run a business (without it running you!)
We'll be interviewing the experts & successful creatives that are profitable (not just popular!), and sharing what wins, fails, and lessons got them there.
So if you've ever wondered how to build an email list, start a business, grow your social media following, and make an income & an impact without the overwhelm—this is the podcast for you!
So head over to stories and help me out by voting on the name and click on the link in profile to join the community so you don't miss the show when it launches!! I'm so freaking excited!! Comment your fave of the two!

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Scored these pretty babies from @southerlyflowerfarm via @breadandbutterbakers last week...anemone love!
Today in the studio we're naturally dying eggs for a fun (edible!) Easter post, staging the house for a photo shoot, and planning the first season of the podcast!
So a question for you guys! Who would you like to see interviewed on the podcast? What creatives & entrepreneurs do you see living the dream that you'd like to hear more from? The show will be a mix of interviews & solo teaching episodes—and I want to bring you your dream guests! So leave suggestions in the comments!
And hop over to my stories to vote on the podcast name!!! Comment your favorite of the three options below! I'm soooo excited...May can't come soon enough! •

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Happy Sunday! I hope you're all finding time to unplug from work to spend time with the people you love—whether it's family, friends, or some much needed self-care time.
I used to think I couldn't unplug. I thought I had to hustle 24/7. I thought I had to do #allthethings myself.
I was so deeply burnt out a few years ago that I wasn't sure how I would keep going. But here I am at brunch on a Sunday with my beautiful baby (and the equally beautiful @matthewlud) in the midst of producing my dream cookbook with my dream publisher, launching the most exciting course of my career this June, launching a podcast, traveling to France this spring, and Japan this summer.
As I always say: NOT a humble brag or some BS #blessed blathering about how great my life is. I'm a high school drop out. I'm a college drop out. How the eff is all of this possible? How can I work from my bathtub or a Japanese onsen or a café in Paris? And more importantly: how could you?
Click the link in my profile and click "free | Instagram secret weapons" to learn more and join the community because if you have the right tools & the right mindset you can build a life you love too. Because I'm not special. I just have a strategy, and this little app you're reading this on is a BIG part of it. And it's a tool you already have! The newsletter going out to the LM community at the end of this month is allll about social media and how I used it to transform my life. And how anyone can. Don't miss it! Because my passion is paying it forward & I want to share my secrets! •

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Elevated everyday: sandwich bread with a twist. A recipe test for the #localmilkcookbook that went extremely well. And happened to catch that good good light!
I've spent the whole day working on my course ALL about social media marketing for creatives & entrepreneurs (no bread baking sadly), and I want to know what your biggest struggles are? I want this course, that will open it's doors for only ONE week in June, to meet ALL of your needs.
I've had the incredible experience of not only transforming my own life (college drop out here!) but the lives of hundreds of amazing students at our retreats with the power of social media & visual storytelling. Used to you had to move to New York City, get an internship, get an entry level job, and on and on, climbing the ladder. And even then you're paying New York rent, trading your time for money, and you're still not your own boss. This crazy thing called the internet has provided more freedom & flexibility than ever before for those of us dreaming of doing what we love for a living. And it shouldn't be a secret.
What also shouldn't be a secret is that followers don't equal dollars. It's a STEP, but it isn't the whole story, and quality matters more than quantity. Just because you see someone with thousands of followers ...that doesn't mean they're making much profit! As my homie & mentor @jennakutcher always says, "popular doesn't pay the bills", and it took me years to learn that!
But I've figured out a better way. A way to grow an authentic brand, curate a beautiful feed that's YOU, design an offering, and turn fans into happy, loyal customers, clients, and community. And still live your life while doing it.
Making a living doesn't have to be a hustle. I've never paid for a follower. I've never follow/unfollowed. I've simply spent six years of my life 100% zoned in on creating the BEST recipes, photographs, retreats, and resources I can for a vibrant, supportive community. That's secret #1! Click the link in profile for more!

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Burn it on purpose! If you haven't, grab my recipe for Burnt Citrus Vinaigrette off the blog! Link in my profile!
It tops a bowl of avo, fennel, roots, and Miso Slow Roasted Salmon—I call it the Winter Rainbow Bowl because essentially it's a technicolor bowl of delicious sunshine made using the best of winter citrus.
It ticks the quick, easy, and healthy boxes! And since I'm busy running a business, being a mom, and a wife too...pretty much *everything* I make now has to tick those boxes. Tip: make a big piece of salmon, a big tray of roasted fennel & roots, a big batch or dressing, and a big pot of Farro and have lunch, dinner, and breakfast for days. You can put some over greens for a lighter salad, try it with a dollop of labneh or yogurt, put them in a wrap, throw it in a skillet and top with an egg for breakfast or even make a killer omelet or frittata! The possibilities are endless! #eatmoremagic #theartofslowliving

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Giveaway! A FREE trip to TOKYO! Yep, you read that right. I'm partnering with @Taste in celebration of the new book, #TokyoNewWave, to send one very lucky winner to one of my favorite cities on the planet to explore the vibrant food scene! To enter, just click the link in my profile & follow @Taste on Instagram—it's that easy!
The winner will get a round trip flight, a three night stay at the Four Seasons, a walking tour with author Andrea Fazzari @tokyo_new_wave of the bustling Tokyo food scene (trust me when I say this is invaluable!), a signed copy of her new book Tokyo New Wave all about the rising chef rockstars on the Tokyo scene, AND $100 gift certificate at UNIQLO online. I wish I could enter!
Hopefully you can hit some of my favorite spots while you're there! Open to US Entrants 18 and older only! •

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Tokyo, Japan

Yesterday's brunch spot, @demarianyc. Avo toast & a matcha latte are always a good start in my book.
We ended up in NYC an extra day, and I've spent it bathrobe clad working in my hotel room. The joys of the self employed life! I'm not complaining! 👩🏻💻
And even better...we managed to nab a babysitter and a reservation at @elevenmadisonpark tonight for TWO epic freaking date nights in a row! Last night we hit up @wildairnyc which I LOVED (the lobster, scallop crudo, and custard dessert were all 🙌🏻) Definitely going to try to reverse engineer their mushroom broth for the book!!
I'm deeply looking forward to a special night with my husband. My marriage to @matthewlud is the most important thing in my life next to my daughter. The career, travel, and home would turn to ashes in my mouth without family. When Eula is grown with her own family, our partnership will remain. And I know it won't be easy. Nothing worthwhile in life is. We will hurt each other. Because that's life. And we will forgive each other. Because that's love. My marriage isn't perfect. But it's real and vibrant and full of love and full of like. And that's what matters. Also, he's the hottest man alive imho. So there's that. •

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De Maria

My girl. Happy international women's day—to all the daughters, girlfriends, wives, mamas, grandmamas, and all their come through. To your triumphs, your heartache, your healing, your strength, your joy, your diversity, your choices, and the ability to do ANYTHING. To lifting other women up, rising tides, and community over competition.
Because the stereotype of women being backstabbing, gossipy, competitive, and unkind to one another is just that—a stereotype. And I don't think it's true. My overwhelming experience with women is that they are loving, kind, strong, and they come through. Tag the awesome women in your life in the comments and let them know what they mean to you! Friends, family, mentors, inspiration—let them know! @tifforelie @emma_louise_sophia @rebekkaseale @jennakutcher #mymom #eulaliewilla —you guys rock! •

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How I create content for Instagram: paparazzi my dirty dishes! Ok, this is the most beautiful my dirty dishes have ever looked! So, of course I had to pounce on them with my camera (and move the pink Tupperware), to grab a gram.
Recipe testing and development for the book (if you missed the memo I'm writing a cookbook with @tenspeedpress! 🎉) means lots of scenes like this—and this pile was too lovely to pass up.
I know the 'gram struggle can be real when you're alternately hustling & embracing rest, and that's why I'm working on TWO free resources to help you bolster your game & take the stress out of social media. My growth & engagement guide got so thorough I decided it needed to be a mini e-course (a free one!) AND we're gonna teach you how to create a months worth of content in ONE freaking day. That's right: this month we're giving you a no holds barred, actionable free e-course to grow and engage your followers AND the step-by-step process we use to batch create content. For freesies.
Because social media is about so much more than photography & styling. It's about learning to see. Storytelling. Real human connections. Service. And, like any business tool, planning & strategy! I did NOT grow this following by accident—it was all strategy. And it can be taught!
If you don't have our first free guide in the series, grab my 10 Instagram Secret Weapons via the link in profile—it details how I plan my grid, get dope fonts on my stories, edit on the fly, know what time of day to post for maximum engagement, collect & save my hashtags (and why I use them!), and so much more! •

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

Edible sunshine. If you haven't made my Miso Slow Roasted Salmon Bowl with Fennel, Blood Orange, Farro, and Burnt Citrus Vinaigrette, then click the link in profile to get the recipe & make it before citrus is gone and spring is here!
I always disliked salmon—I found it dry & chalky. Until I discovered slow roasting. Cooking it low & slow (which still only takes 10-25 minutes depending on the thickness of the cut) melts the fat, & you don't get that weird white stuff. And the fish stays succulent, moist, and pink. Basically, it's how to not do it wrong.
Can't get your hands on fish or don't eat fish? Just leave it out! This hearty, rainbow bowl is perfectly veganizable. Leave the salmon out for a delicious, citrusy bowl of winter roots & purple cabbage.
My little family is headed to NYC today, and I'll have one day off work while I'm there...what should I do? Any new shops & or eats not to miss? I'm also hunting for ceramics this some favorite prop shops in the city? @oroboro_store, @demarianyc, @makie_clothier, and @okonomibk are all on my day off agenda! Also...dying for a terrazzo background thanks to the terrazzo craze in Paris & @healthy_ish ...anyone have any NYC tile sources? •

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Chattanooga, Tennessee

I once wrote a poem about a wild garden growing out of the ribcage of a dead animal. It was about love as eternal return. Life from loss. Even more beautiful than before. And though I love the winter (especially in Paris), I think my heart is ready for the new life of spring. I'll be happily hoarding all the peonies & radishes in Paris by then!
I believe everything happens for a reason. I believe even our blackest pain & worst mistakes can be transmuted to make the world better, make ourselves better.
But pain is still pain, and when I experience it I grieve like anyone: anger, depression, confusion. Socks weigh one million pounds. The toys scattered in the living room make my head spin. The thought of my inbox suffocates me.
Running a business, writing a book, and being a wife & mother when you fall into a bout can be terrifying, but if you have set up systems, outsourced smart, and done some mega batching, it's possible to simply feel your feelings and take some time off.
I've carefully designed my world & business to support me when I falter. The world spinning can't depend upon me, and I know that. Whether it's due to mental illness or life happening, some days we just aren't going to be on our A game. Some weeks. Some months.
In late Spring/early summer I'm launching a podcast where I'll be talking about how to set up those same systems, how I manage my work/life balance (and what I really think about that concept!), all things social media & creative business, slow living & reclaiming your time, and how to remain authentic and human centered as a business & on social media. If that sounds like your jam, you'll love my newsletter about those same topics. Hop over to the blog via the link in profile and click "join the community" or download my Free Instagram Guide or Goal Setting Workbook to join! •

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Place des Vosges