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Beth Kirby | Creative Business

Once upon a table. This whole crazy brand started because I love to create experiences for people. It started with recipes for fried chicken & marshmallows and lyric essays about my mundane life.

I remember the early days in Nashville with @rebekkaseale & @ruthielindsey throwing backyards gatherings. #masonjars lol

The early retreats with beautiful humans like @adailysomething, @littleupsidedowncake, @luisabrimble, @thedenizenco, and @skyemcalpine.

And the countless, countless friends I’ve made like @leantimms, @tifforelie, and @emma_louise_sophia. And far too many more to name. And all of it through this little app.

It’s easy to romanticize the past, and looking back fondly is wonderful. But don’t let it prevent you from celebrating today & being joyful about the future. Apps change. The world changes. We change. These days I teach more marketing with integrity than pie crusts...and I love it! Let the path be the path and honor every piece! How have you changed in the past 10 years? For me it’s definitely been becoming a teacher of photography, editing, business, and marketing as opposed to just sharing recipes and styling that has been the biggest change! And I couldn’t love doing what I do more. Though I still love a gorgeous table & whiling away in the kitchen!

If you want to be a part of one of these real magic experiences I have only a few spots left for @Emma_louise_sophia & my Marrakech retreat in May! Perhaps the last I’ll do until 2021! Click the link in profile for details and to sign up! #livemoragic


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

Okay, y’all. This is how I feel right about now. Warm & fuzzy & squee! I want to thank this community for being so amazing & supportive last week during my launch! Now back to our regular Local Milk baby grins!

This first launch was a wild ride (that I’m sure I’ll share about on @rawmilkpodcast at some point once I’ve processed it all!), and I’m just honored & humbled and ready to work my 🍑 off for my new students!

And I want to thank my team...y’all might not realize it but there are over 10 people, my team + contractors, that make everything happen over here (retreats, email, book, courses, blog, podcast) and they are the best! If you wonder how I “do it all”...I don’t! I have loads of help! I grew slowly and did it all myself and over time the LM family grew! So never feel like you aren’t enough! It takes a village. ✨
Now I’m gonna go brave the DMV...a glamorous life over here! Wish me luck! 😅 #eulaliewilla #livemoremagic #letthembelittle


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

There are only 12 hours left to join Influence to Income, my Instagram program, before the doors close for good! And I honestly don’t know for sure when we’ll open them again! Click the link in profile to jump in now!
Don’t let the sun set on this opportunity! What I always tell my students (and myself!) is that in 5 weeks you will be somewhere. 5 weeks will pass. And if you do nothing, you will be where you are. If you change something, you’ll be somewhere different. If you invest in making your brand’s social media growth a priority over the next 5 weeks you’ll be so much farther than if you do nothing!
You may think you don’t have the time but I promise you as someone who has done it, it takes a LOT longer to patch together information than learn from someone who’s already done it. And this course is not live and you have lifetime you can work at your own pace!
Maybe you’re worried about the money. And I do NOT want anyone to put themselves in a bad financial place to take this course! But the way I see it is you would, for example, only have to sell six $99 products to make back your entire investment. Six.
And when you join you’re getting more than a course: you’re getting a thriving community of Creatives & entrepreneurs to help you plus live Q&A’s with me! If you want to learn more or you’re ready to join, click the link in profile! Only 12 hours to go!

Ps. If you opt in for the iPhone bonus course I’ll be showing you how I edited this very photo! #livemoremagic #influencetoincome


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

⚠️Doors are CLOSING!!!⚠️ Today is your LAST opportunity to join my new program Influence to Income: The Art of Instagram for Creatives & Entrepreneurs! Click the link in profile and hop in now! Midnight PST is your last chance! No exceptions!

Tomorrow Module 1, The Intentional Instagram, drops in the members area along with a bonus course where I teach digital photography and editing (basic through advanced!) in Lightroom Desktop! And if you opt in for the the bonus pack you’ll also get my Instagram Starter kit (which includes total access to the preset vault, planners, templates, and more!) AND my mini iphoneography course that teaches how to best shoot on mobile and edit like I do in your phone!

But the chance to get in ends at midnight tonight! If you are still on the fence and have questions, DM them my way!
And if you’re like staaahhhp talking about it already...don’t worry! Today is the last day I’ll be shouting from the rooftops! And tomorrow I’ll be doing a headscarf tutorial in stories for all you beautiful people...back to our normal, slow living programming! #livemoremagic


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

You asked! I listened! The FREE Instagram growth workshop replay is available to watch until MIDNIGHT EST tonight! Click the link in profile to watch now!

Yep! That means if you missed it and were feeling bummed there is still one last chance so get something to take notes with and a cup of coffee & head on over by just clicking that link in my profile! It’s free!
And ya’ll...I can’t believe this has gone by so program Influence to Income closes its doors TOMORROW at midnight. It’s the final countdown. Which ALSO means all of you beautiful people who have suffered this fool’s excitement and shouting to the world about it won’t hear it anymore! So hang with’s mah bebe and years of heart & soul work, so I’ve been pretty dang happy about it. But tomorrow is the last day. Whew!
And for those of you considering the program, I just gotta say the community is on 🔥! I’m over on our private student IG posting tips of the day, checking out student feeds, and generally loving getting to know everyone in this course! If you’re like “yo! Sign me up!” Just head to my stories and swipe up! See you there! (And forgive my animation addiction! For the people who opt in for the bonus iphoneography mini course I’ll be teaching you how I make images like this!)


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

Ah! Showing my face on social! Double tap if the introvert struggle is real...
I am far, far more comfortable behind the scenes. Behind the lens. Under the table. You know, the usual! I never set out to be “insta famous”. I just wanted to do stuff I didn’t hate during the day and make a living.

And at first I had no clue what I was doing. I posted terrible photos of whatever I wanted on Instagram, had no strategy (hello, following the bad bro from vampire diaries...), and basically thought IG was all about me and my moments and whatever I did or found interesting or funny. I treated it like Facebook. And wondered why no one cared about my fledgling blog & brand. Sound familiar?
But then I had an epiphany. I realized it was a *visual inspiration* platform and community. So over 7 long years I taught myself how to tell compelling visual stories. And how to build a brand that allowed me to put the cocktail waitress tray down (which is good because I was a clumsy waitress and you were as likely to wear your drink as sip it...)
Eventually I developed a system that I call the “Mindful Social Strategy” to use this crazy app to build a career and business doing what I love (photography, travel, cooking, and teaching!) The system is 7 years of social media (and a lifetime of first website was a Star Wars fan page when I was 13 😅) experience simplified into a step by step blueprint that other creatives and entrepreneurs can use to follow that path...without taking 7 freaking years!
I’ve taught it all over the world and for the first time ever: I’m offering it online in my new program Influence to Income: The Art of Instagram for Creatives & Entrepreneurs. (I told you I’d be shouting from the rooftops..y’all..I’m SO excited!) But door are only open for FIVE more days! Click the link in profile to learn more and join now!

It’s not about learning how to be insta-famous or become’s about learning how to grow your brand’s Influence (your ability to make an impact!) on social media so you can grow your income doing what you love (from anywhere in the world be it your bed, a beach in Bali, or a café in Paris!) #livemoremagic


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

Running on steam. It’s Friday night and we are mid first launch ever of my new program Influence to Income: The Art of Instagram for Creatives & Entrepreneurs! Click the link in profile to enroll before doors close!

And here’s the truth: enrollment closes in just 5 short days. And I am SO excited that I will prrrrobably not shut up about it for 5 days straight. But when doors close so will my mouth!
So...if you don’t care please hang in there...I promise I won’t shout from the rooftops forever BUT guys! I have worked on this for a YEAR! And I spent the day welcoming and following all the new students and the buzz and chatter and community and energy and just blowing me away!

We have artists, makers, and entrepreneurs from all over the globe coming together to grow, and I feel honored to have the privilege of leading and teaching such a dynamic group. Click the link in profile to join us!

Because this program is all about teaching you a mindful strategy that will help you grow an authentic, engaged community on Instagram and your income without selling our. Without anxiety over the algorithm. Without worrying about standing out and fearing competition. Without camera & tech overwhelm cause I’m there to hold your hand.
So! If that sounds like your kind of party...get on in here! Click the link in my profile! Cause also...this is the most affordable program I’ve ever created! And fun fact: you get lifetime access and updates and membership to the community. Seriously? If you had a $67 product you’d only need to sell NINE to cover the entire cost of the program. Yeah. Alright! I’m off to hang with my students! I hope I see you there! This is the most excited I have ever been! Comment to let me know if you are IN! 🥳 #influencetoincome #livemoremagic #animatedphoto #whpinspiredby


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

🎉Doors are open!!!🎉 For FIVE DAYS ONLY, y’all! Don’t miss it! My flagship program, Influence to Income: The Art of Instagram for Creatives & Entrepreneurs, is now accepting new students! Click the link in profile to get in before doors close!

It’s an online course & community designed to teach the Mindful Social Strategy—my 5 step system to building an engaged, authentic Instagram community AND income with intention & integrity. It’s designed to defeat algorithm anxiety, competition overwhelm, and tech/camera confusion. And to teach you how to sell your awesome services and product services *without* selling out. It’s 7 years of hard won experience & teaching social media to hundreds of students around the world condensed into the best strategies that are working now.
And here’s how it works: it’s a course of 4 core modules that will be sent to you each week starting on January 17th after the enrollment period ends. But the cool part is the course is online so you can work it at your own pace either over the 4 weeks with the group of when you’re ready. After we start on the 17th you’ll get one manageable module a week for the next 3 weeks. And they’re yours for life.
And the best part? Well there are a few! I’m throwing in my ENTIRE photography, editing, and styling online class, The Art of Visual Storytelling, for free! And I’m doing 4 live Q&A’s with our exclusive FB community for students, Income to Influence Insiders! Aaand you get lifetime access and updates as the course is updated, expanded, and improved. 4 lyfe! Head to stories to get a sneak peek at the excitement buzzing on the student group already! And click the link in profile for more info and to enroll now! I can’t wait to see you inside! And I’m standing by here to answer all your questions if you don’t see your answer via the link in profile! I’m so excited! I’ve been working on this for a YEAR!
Comment if you are in so I can cheer you on! Welcome! 2019 is your year to claim your seat at the table!
🎉✨🥂🍾 #influencetoincome #livemoremagic #creativepreneur


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

Ok! Another round of free classes is about to start here at 11 AM and again at 2 PM EST...that’s New York time!

If you were one of the (breaks my heart 😓) hundreds that got locked out please come today and claim your seat at the table! Because our webinar host has promised us that over 5,000 could show and they won’t lock anyone out this time! No more broken internet! Hooray!

You can see a little BTS preview of what I’ll be teaching in the workshop over on my stories (just click over to live!) and show up today (you’ll get a link to join when you register via the link in my profile!) to get the full class!

And if you’re like yo! Spare me the song and dance: I just wanna get in on this enrollment...then head to to enroll in my new program Influence to Income! The enrollment period is only one week long and the course starts on January 17th! But if you can’t work it now, you’ll have lifetime access to work at your own pace if you like! And in the optional bonus course I’m sharing alllll my editing tricks for IPhone like how to create this *exact* photo which was both shot AND edited in my phone!
#livemoremagic #iphoneedit #vscoflowers #chasinglight


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

OMG. We *actually* broke the internet!!! 😳 If you got locked out of the first Instagram webinar this morning, read on! I’ve got your back!

I’m teaching the free class THREE more times LIVE... over the next two days so that NO one misses this awesome opportunity! So you still have a chance to see it! To hop in one of the other live slots just click the link in my profile! We’ve got it where we could have 10,000 show up and it still won’t break. We are prepared for the AWESOME response!
And can I just say WOW!!! Thousands of you showed up to learn, and I’m even MORE blown away to see how many of you have enrolled in Influence to Income: The Art if Instagram!!! If you’ve been waiting for this course RUN don’t walk to to enroll...this week ONLY! We’re kicking off enrollment week with these free classes and then on January 17th we will start the course together as a team!
If you hopped in the live here on Insta earlier and saw the behind the scenes of me teaching and were wondering what the heck?! Click the link in profile and come to the free class tomorrow! I’m SO sad if I missed you this morning so please, please come say hi tomorrow! I can’t WAIT!
And in case you’re like what is she talking about?! I’m teaching free workshops on Instagram and you can sign up via the link in my profile! I’ve also just opened the doors to my 4-week online program allll about how to grow your Instagram and income and you can enroll on! I hope I see you soon! #influencetoincome #livemoremagic #animatedphoto


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

Writing my Iphoneography course necessitated a deep dive into the best iPhone editing apps for 2019, and I’ve fallen kinda hard for animation & texture!
Love it? Hate it? Not sure? Let me know in the comments! Even though it has an “unreal” quality I love the way it can bring photos to life and makes them feel a little more like that magical moment in time. But I also love the way it subtly makes you think about the way times moves and what’s “real” and isn’t (and whether a photograph was ever “real” in the first place?)
To be fair... I was never one married to verisimilitude anyway! The ONLY issue I ever take with editing is if something is done that might make someone feel less than if the edit isn’t disclosed or if it’s selling itself as straight photography and not digital art and causing people to assume those birds or whatever they put into the frame were totally there IRL. Suffice to say: the fire and embers are digital...but there was a fire there IRL too!
The story behind this photo is that it was taken on my first hike in the Japanese countryside between the Edo era post towns of Kagome & Tsumago. This is the rest stop along the way where you can stop in for tea, fruit, and little pastel candies.
I’ll be teaching how I did this (and how I do all my in phone edits in “The Art of Iphoneography”, a bonus course that I’ll be telling the students of my free Instagram workshop how to get their hands on! Sign up for the free class via the link in profile to learn how to get the bonus course! #livemoremagic #movingimage


Beth Kirby | Creative Business

Magic light! Or the power of editing? Which version of my girl @tifforelie twirling in the Parisian twilight is your favorite? Swipe to see them all and let me know in the comments! As for me...

I love them all! And guess what? This didn’t require some fancy program and expensive computer. I did this all on my iPhone.

Editing is one of my favorite creative outlets whether it’s simply to bring a photo to life or to create fun, fantasy style photo art.

I know so many of you think the secret is the camera (and do have to learn to use your camera even if that camera is your phone!) but the real magic is in the editing whether on desktop or mobile.

I’ll be teaching desktop editing in my e-course (opens on January 8th!) but if you want to learn how to get my never-before-taught mini course “The Art of Iphoneography: How to Take & Edit Stunning Photos on Your Phone” sign up for my free IG workshop where I’ll tell you how to get the iPhone course for free! Link is in my profile to sign up...only a few days left to claim your spot! #chasinglight #localmilkfilter