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Question: Do you meditate? (Answer in the comment section) 💐 Lately my life has been full of so much beauty. I look around and am constantly grateful. Has my life changed? No. My perspective has. The major shift that has occurred is that I’m meditating daily. I’m always shocked (which by now I shouldn’t be) at how much better everything functions when I’m practicing meditation consistently. I’m calmer, clearer and more full of love. It’s incredible. I took a poll on my Instagram story and many of you said you don’t practice meditation but would like to learn. If you fall into that category send me a DM with your email. I want to help you learn how to meditate! 🧘🏻‍♀️🧘🏽‍♂️❤️ This picture is of flowers my amazing sister in-law grew. Aren’t they beautiful? If you’re local to the Red Deer area check out @meadowfarmflorals. ❤️


Although my spine leans towards the naturally mobile side I have had a rocky relationship with my backbends. When I first began my asana practice I progressed quickly into advanced backbends. I started noticing that when I came out of the deep poses I’d often immediately have a headache. It felt miserable. I knew that my body didn’t like something I was doing. After I checked my ego I decided that it was best if I steered away from the advanced backbends for awhile while I go back and focus on the foundational backbend poses. Just because I had the flexibility didn’t mean I had the strength to support it. I worked diligently on building strength to support my spine, so that my practice embodied longevity verses performance. This plan was created from what I learned along that journey. I am incredibly passionate about the fact that backbends can be made comfortable. You just have to be willing to do the work.
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If you could only say three words today what would they be? 💙

Mine would be “I love you.” I would say it to everyone. Those near and dear to my heart and strangers the same. How would your perspective change if you immediately saw everyone through a lens of love? 💙

Photo by @griff_j for @codyapp. Wearing @aloyoga.


In my new backbend series on @CodyApp, Backbend Foundations, we work on the 6 postures that I consider to be the most important when building your foundation for a strong backbend practice. The beauty is that are commonalities threaded between all the asanas covered in this series. By the end you’ll have a better understanding of the asana alignment and how to engage the muscles in your upper back to prevent you from dumping into your low back. It is my belief that the during the “simplest” postures the most refinement and intention is needed. Are you interested in refining your asanas? Come check it out.
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This is the face of a child who sleeps through the night! Although to be fair he looked this sweet before he was sleeping through the night. As promised I am sharing what helped us with sleep. First I should share what we were previously doing and why it wasn’t working for our family. I want to acknowledge that every family dynamic is different, so what works for us maybe isn’t your style. I 1000% respect that. We had started Adler sleeping in a crib in his room around 4 months because he outgrew his bassinet. I would nurse him to sleep and then as slowly as possible like a ninja try to transition him into the crib. Sometimes it’d work and others he’d wake up and start crying. I would then pick him up and rock him to sleep and try again. This would last for at least an hour most nights. Then 4 hours later he’d wake up. I would start the process all over again. Slowly 4 hours turned to 3 turned to 2... you see the direction we were headed. Around 6am I would let him come into our bed for morning snuggles. Then the snuggles moved to 5am to 4am to 3am... we were essentially co-sleeping half the night. When he was in bed with us I wasn’t sleeping well because he was squirming around and quite restless. As days went on I felt like I was living member of the Walking Dead. The days felt so long and I couldn’t focus. I was exhausted. I knew something needed to change, but I didn’t know how to go about implementing change. A few of you guys had previously suggested @takingcarababies for sleep training. Up to this moment I resisted any sleep training but was desperate and open to anything. I scrolled through her website and decided, “hey why not just see what her plan entails.” I bought her 5-24 month plan and two support calls, which I haven’t used yet (this is not sponsored). The program is 14 days long, so I wanted to make it through the program before speaking about it. Tonight is night 14 for us. It felt reassuring to know I could set up a call with a live human if I needed help which a book couldn’t provide. There is also a FB support group of other moms going through the same thing. CONTINUED IN THE COMMENTS.


When Adler takes his morning nap I get myself ready for the day and straighten up the house. Today I multitasked and attempted @docjenfit’s mobility challenge. I did both directions like a good student. 😜 Never take yourself too seriously.
PS: post coming tomorrow about how I got him to sleep, mostly, through the night. Naps we’re still working on getting them longer than 30 minutes.
PPS: How cute is this @aloyoga bra?


In April Mike, Adler and I flew to Seattle so that I could film some new online yoga classes for the @codyapp. Not only did it feel great to be back at work doing what I love and am most passionate about, but the series I filmed is my favorite part of the yoga asana practice! Backbends!! This series, Backbend Foundations, is all about creating a strong foundation from which you can build your backbend practice. It took me a lot of years, some back pain and an ego check to learn the techniques that make backbends not only bearable but feel amazing. This plan includes 6 digestible classes that walk you through 6 foundational backbend postures. Whether you’re new to the practice or have been at it for awhile these classes will give you something to work on. Are you ready to fall in love with backbends? Start practicing with me today on @CodyApp and get my brand new plan + 2500 more classes to choose from. See you on your mat!

PS: a little Cody trivia... did you know that the original version of this plan was the second yoga plan they ever filmed?! The new version has dramatically higher production value, but more importantly new and improved sequencing. For those of you familiar with the old videos don’t worry I kept things pretty similar. Old school CodyApp family I look forward to hearing what you think of the changes!


It’s been a long time since I posted twice in one day but @jasperyoga surprised me with this image today! How could I not post it on Mother’s Day?! This photo gives me all the feels. I love nursing Adler tremendously. It is such a special time for us. He often just stares into my eyes while feeding and I feel like time pauses. It’s such a miracle that from a little 4lb baby through nursing/breast milk he’s up to 17lbs. Life is so beautiful. This mama is one happy woman today spending time with my two favorite guys and our family.


To all the Mom’s out there of all types-
THANK YOU. A day and two words simply aren’t enough. 💙 Sending love to all the mama’s worldwide. 💙 Thanks @griff_j for capturing this moment with my little guy while on set for @codyapp. Wearing @aloyoga which btw this bra is the best for massive breastfeeding boobs. 👌🏼


This is the face of a Mom whose baby slept 12 straight hours last night! 😱 He is napping in his crib right now as I make this post... hence how I was able to get myself out of sweats before 9am. Don’t worry I’m not delusional that every day will be like today (I like my sweats too much). Sunday I hit rock bottom of sleep deprivation and I knew something needed to change. I’ll talk more about the changes I made soon! I want to share my success with the hope that it helps other sleepless mamas. The first step of change I made was prioritizing my mental and physical health by committing to two practices of either 15 minutes of meditation, journaling or movement daily. I’ve been consistent for a week thanks to my husband and in-laws for helping me create time. I have noticed some major shifts from this #dailywellnesswithmac experiment. The first being I reach for my phone to do mindless scrolling a lot less. I feel far more motivated to finish projects I’ve started. Overall I feel happier and more present to Adler and his needs. Anyway maybe it’s silly to share a selfie of myself in “real people clothes,” but these days this is a huge accomplishment. What are you celebrating today?


“Strong like mom.” Damn straight. There is strength in admitting your vulnerabilities. I am so grateful for the amazing community I’ve created here. When I express my feelings of lack, sadness, fear, or doubt you come swooping in and help pick me back up. Know that I’ve got your back too. As I mentioned yesterday I’ve committed to doing two 15 minute wellness practices daily. Some of you expressed interest in joining me so I’ll be using the hashtag #dailywellnesswithmac to post about my experiences. I look forward to hearing about your journey too. There is strength in community and having support to accomplish your goals. Let’s lift each other up. 👊🏼 Wearing @aloyoga.


As of today I’ve made a commitment to myself. I spend so much time taking care of Adler and our family, but I need to prioritize my own mental and physical health. I’m committing that every day I will do at least two of the following four wellness practices: 1️⃣ 15 minute HIIT/strength workout💪🏼 2️⃣ 15 minutes of meditation🧘🏻‍♀️ 3️⃣ 15 minutes of journaling📝 4️⃣ a walk/run outside. 💙 Today I did a FitFlow workout on the @codyapp and immediately followed it with a 15 minute meditation on @1giantmind. What a difference those 30 minutes make. It’s silly but doing the FitFlow classes motivates me since it’s @yogawithbriohny and I instructing I feel like I’m working out with a friend (the digital version of her will have to do since we live so far apart 😫). Does anyone want to join me for my commitment? If so, let’s start a hashtag and hold each other accountable. You can even try Cody for free and join the workouts I do daily. I’ll post my daily workout on my story. There’s a link in my bio if you’re interested.


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