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Sometimes life metaphorically shits on you, but today I actually got shit on. Adler had his first explosive poop. I was having a lovely coffee date with a friend when all of the sudden I smelled poop. “No big deal,” I thought, “I’ll go change his bum,” but then my leg started to feel warm and wet. I looked down and there was poop on my jeans. A little in shock since this was the first time poop had leaked out his diaper. I looked at his bum and saw the scene of the crime. In my head I thought I got this. I went to the bathroom to change his diaper and as I undressed him I realized it had not only blown out the side, but up the back too… POOP WAS EVERYWHERE. 😱 In my frantic rush to the bathroom I realized I didn’t bring a change of clothes for him, so we left the bathroom with Adler dressed in only his diaper. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Embarrassed by this rookie move I quickly exited and made a run for our stuff. On our way back to his diaper bag a lovely and empathetic woman with a baby close to Adler’s age smelled my desperation and witnessed Adler’s bare little body and offered us one of her child’s spare onesies. I felt a lot of gratitude for her because she acknowledged a mom in distress and did something about it. I know there have been a lot of scenarios where I would have needed to take her up on that offer, so even though I politely declined the gesture meant a lot to me. I guess I share this because I believe that people are inherently good and we all have shitty days. How can you make someone’s day a little less shitty? 📸: @paintedsparrowphotography


After today’s Mom & Baby yoga class at the @breathingroomrd I was inspired to share a few partner stretches that are good for new moms who spend a lot of time nursing and carrying kids around. These three assisted stretches feel heavenly. Grab your partner, a friend or loved one and give each other some hands on attention. 💙 Interested in inversions and live in Red Deer? I’ll be teaching two workshops April 22nd & 29th covering all things upside down. Come join me if you’re around!! I’ll post the registration link in my story. 💙Wearing @aloyoga. #sponsored


In the wise (adapted) words of Snopp Dogg, “Got my mind on my mommy and my mommy on my mind.” This shirt is perfection to this rap/r&b lover. 😍 Sorry for all the Adler spam but I just can’t help myself!!! Maybe just maybe I’ll post something yoga related tomorrow... I buy almost 100% of Adler’s clothes at a second hand children’s clothing store in town and when I saw this shirt I couldn’t help myself. Fortunately we were also gifted a ton of hand me downs from other mom friends. When they are this small they wear things a few times and outgrow them so fast. Seems silly to spend lots of money on his clothes. I wish I could find a good second hand store for myself. Although to be honest I hate shopping, so I doubt I’d go if there was one. 😂 Anyone else out there hate shopping as much as me?


One of the most unexpected gifts that came with motherhood was the support of a new community on my page: parents (especially mothers). I am so grateful that when I share my triumphs and short comings they are met with love. It’s that connection that make me feel less alone and frankly a little less like I’m losing my mind sometimes. My mom friends in real life and online are a godsend. If you are a mother aren’t surrounded by a community consider this your home and me your friend. I’m new to the mom game but already know that it truly does take a village. What are your best parenting tips? Tag your best mom friend. Let’s make my page a resource for parents. I love reading your comments/thoughts/experiences, so share away. I’ve found so much wisdom in your shares, so THANK YOU. 💙 Photographer: @paintedsparrowphotography. PS: Adler seems to be back to his normal smiley sweet tempered self. Yay!! The third leap has officially ended. 🎉


Have you ever seen a cuter leprechaun?!! I haven’t. 😍😍 Truthfully the past 48 hours have been a bit rough for me. Adler has been uncharacteristically fussy... last night he cried and cried and cried. Mamas heart broke into a million pieces. Nothing I did made him feel better. Eventually he fell asleep and I stayed up all night starring at him making sure he was ok. I woke up exhausted, feeling a bit ill and he was fussy again. We spent the whole morning in bed snuggling and snoozing. Sleep is a miracle worker. He seems to be better this afternoon. Maybe it was the end of his leap, maybe it’s the fact I think he’s cutting his first tooth, but damn was last night hard on me emotionally. Parenting is no joke. I love this little human so much. When he’s in pain or sad, so am I. The phrase that when you have kids your heart lives outside of your chest is so freaking true. Nothing else matters to me more than this little human and the love of my life who created him with me. 💚


Postpartum my body is softer and more supple. I’m slowly getting back into a consistent movement routine. Well, as consistent as you can be with an inconsistent and unpredictable newborn. {Sidenote: I think Adler is cutting his first tooth and has been extra fussy lately.} I’m shocked at how much strength I’ve maintained and regained. Muscle memory is pretty mindblowing. Lately though I’ve felt self conscious of taking pictures and videos because of my extra bits and pieces, but I decided to fuck it! My body created a human and is worth celebrating not hiding or being ashamed of. So instead of wearing high-waisted leggings to hide my stomach I decided to expose it proudly. Thanks for being witness to my journey as a human as I navigate my new body and role as a mother. 💕 My @aloyoga pinks helped make me feel extra feminine. Video sped up 2x.


What a blessing it is to be this boy’s mom. This trip has been so much fun exposing Adler to different climates and experiences (like the ocean pictured here). It was a week long trip and yet he’s different than when we left. He’s rolling to both sides, sucking on both hands and making crazy bubbles. We are taking guesses if he’s going to be right or left handed... Mike is right handed and I’m left handed. Both my parents are left handed and Mike’s parents are right handed. I have no siblings, but Mike’s sisters are right handed and his brother is left handed... sooo what do you think? Is our little man right or left handed?


Is it too early to be setting Adler up? 😉 What a lovely night spent with @ashleygalvinyoga, @joshkrameryoga and their sweetheart baby Koa. ❤️ Perfect way to spend the day before we missed our flight to Phoenix. Fingers crossed we make the next flight. Nothing like sitting around in the airport with a newborn. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Leave me some words of encouragement, a quote, a joke, frankly anything to kill time while we sit here.


Tippy toe kisses and tush squeezes. 💙 Life is better with you @steel_pony. 📸: @yogawithbriohny. 👖: @aloyoga.


When @yogawithbriohny and I met I knew immediately it was going to be a lifelong partnership. From business to friendship to sisterhood. I know she has my back and I have hers. I love her people and she mine. We are family. Today on #internationalwomensday I celebrate you Briohny. There’s no woman I rather spend today with. 😘 Pose inspired by @laurasykora wearing @aloyoga.


I can officially die happy. This picture is everything to me. My two boys at the ocean. 🌊 Our first family vacation, Mike’s first trip to Los Angeles and Adler’s first time to the ocean. The ocean has always been my happy place and I think it’s going to be one of Adler’s too. I could cry I’m so happy. 💙


Today we got the best news!! Adler’s passport was approved! It’s been a complicated process because he was born in Germany he’s technically not a citizen to any country still. We are patiently waiting on his documents to be approved. We convinced Canadian authorities to give him a temporary passport, so that we can take a trip to the US before @steel_pony’s farm season begins!! We are headed to Los Angeles and Phoenix next week!! Don’t worry Seattle we’re visiting you at the beginning of April!! Time for Adler’s West Coast US tour. Excited for a little warmth and lots of hugs from my loved ones. I couldn’t be more thrilled!! Next I have to plan his East Coast tour! Specifically Chicago, Ohio, NYC and Missouri! 💙💙💙💙💙 Photographer: @paintedsparrowphotography.