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MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

I recently created some shifts in my thought patterns and habits. Instead of missing my meditation practice because Adler woke up early, I meditate during his nap. Instead of missing my run because Mike is working 7am-7pm every day I ask my MIL for help so I can get it in. Small excuses like I’m tired, it’s too hot, the house is messy no longer are valid. I’m putting in the work and getting results. This picture was taken yesterday after my run. When I look at the photo I see a woman who has been through a lot physically and emotionally the past two years and I’m proud of who she has become in spite of her challenges. She is resilient. This body may take a different shape than when I was in my 20’s but it houses so much more wisdom and life experience now. I am proud of myself, my body and my soul for digging deep and doing the work. I’m am so freaking proud. #lovelettertomyself When was the last time you looked back and honored how far you’ve come? Humans are the most magical beings. 💖 Wearing @aloyoga.


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

Some days it’s hard to carve out the time to go to the gym but almost every day Adler and I go to a park. Here are three of my favorite exercises you can do at almost every park I’ve ever been to. And now that I’m a mom I consider myself a park aficionado (probably not something I should brag about). 1️⃣ Squat to overhead press. Squat down into your maximum range of motion, press your feet into the ground, engage your glutes and quads as you begin to stand upright. While standing up start to press your child/backpack/any random object overhead. For extra work throw the object item into the air - only if it’s catchable. 😂

2️⃣ Plank knee tucks. Place your hands about shoulder width apart onto ground just shy of your body’s length away from the swing. Put your feet into the swing one at a time. From plank begin to use your abdominals to draw your knees towards your chest. The more you push your hands into the ground the more space you’ll have to draw your knees in tighter. Return to plank and start again.

3️⃣ Eccentric pull-ups. Find monkey bars of any type. With the feet on the ground and hands on the bars jump up to the top of your pull-up position. Resist gravity as much as possible as you “slowly” lower. Fight for those last few inches. Those tend to be the hardest. This is a fantastic way to build strength and eventually be able to do a bodyweight pull-up. 💪🏼 What do you guys think of my park workout!? Should I post more workouts you can do at a park? Tag your favorite moms to motivate each other to be active and get outside with your kids. If you’re in Red Deer come move with me face to face starting June 6th. Check out the link in my bio. Wearing @aloyoga.


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

My sous chef 🥰 One of the things that I’ve prioritized the most while being a stay at home mom is cooking nutritious food for our family. Most days of the week all three meals are homemade. I’m not going to pretend it’s not exhausting and time consuming some weeks, but it’s well worth it. I want Adler to understand that the plants his mama and dada grow that he helps “care” for turn into tasty meals that give us energy and help him grow. Right now he’s really into “helping” me cook which mainly means he stands there playing with things on the counter. I love that he is engaged with the complete cycle of his food. Appropriately, as it’s Mikes biggest crop, Adler’s first veggie word was garlic aka gar-gar. Today we made pesto out of spinach, basil, olive oil, walnuts, garlic, nutritional yeast and salt. I made a massive batch and divided it up to be frozen. This is one of my favorite things to do all summer long as a way to use the abundant amount of basil and greens we grow verses letting them go to waste and be composted. This way all summer I can enjoy tasty pesto pasta salad and all winter I can enjoy our previously frozen fresh veggies. As we approach summer do you want to see more of what I do with the veggies Mike grows and how I freeze/pickle/store stuff to last all winter? It sometimes shocks me how cost effective healthy eating can be. Comment your favorite veggie emoji! 🥑🥕🥦🍅🥬


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

If I’m being honest the last time I tried one legged crow was when I was pregnant with Adler in Germany after my water had broken but I didn’t know that’s what had happened. 🤷🏻‍♀️ My transition to crow isn’t the smoothest but hell I’m happy and surprised I still have it. Not to mention this was the third I filmed this sequence and the previous two were sloppier hence the huge smile when I land it. It’s crazy how fast my body remembers and adapts (yours does too). I used to spend so much time on my hands (scroll back far enough and you can see my old skills). Although these tricks are fun my priority now is more subtle physical work, running and meditation. Life is all about balance and evolution. Instagram has been the most beautiful live journal of my physical and emotional journey the past (almost) 7 years. 😱 How long have you followed me? Ps: how beautiful is this @aloyoga Moss color? Pps: kindly disregard my back and bum sweat. I recorded this video after my 6k run. Ppps: if you can’t try and fail what’s the point of life? My most memorable moments are often when I’ve stumbled along eventually finding grace.


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

If I’m being honest almost every day feels like Mother’s Day in our household. This morning Adler made me coffee in my Mother’s Day gift while making one of his classic facial expressions. I love this kid.


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

Although I lift you up the truth is that it is you, my son, who lifts me. Becoming a mom burst my heart wide open. It’s impossible not to be forever changed by motherhood whether it’s by genetics, marriage, the foster system, adoption, etc... Thank you to every mom out there who loves and supports unconditionally without blinking an eye. I hope that you are being celebrated a little bit today and hopefully every other day of the year. Happy Mother’s Day from the bottom of my family’s heart to yours. ❤️ I would also like to acknowledge and send some love to those mothers who’ve experienced loss. Be kind and gentle with yourself on this day that can bring up a lot of emotions. ❤️ Photo by an amazing mother @stephaniegreenephotography.


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

I don’t often look for signs but when they appear I believe in them. Today while at the Makers Market I stoped by a vintage vendor and found this beautiful metal Iris. For those of you who are new to my page on February 6th 2019 I had a second trimester miscarriage. My husband Mike and I named our sweet angel Iris. I looked online for some Iris jewelry without any luck of finding something that I loved. Then unexpectedly this beautiful Iris fell into my lap. The timing of finding this Iris is nothing short of perfect. I’ve never felt stronger emotionally or physically. Through our tragedy I’ve grown immensely, learned so much about myself and have been reminded of my resilience. Whatever journey lays ahead I know I can handle it and that Iris is watching over us guiding us with love.


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

Never underestimate the power of touch and play. Adler is my living reminder of that lesson.❣️ Recently I heard @zachbushmd say that you can build your microbiome stronger by hugging and kissing more often and more people. Sounds good to me! Who wants more xoxo’s? 🥰 Comment 🙋🏻‍♀️ if you do. ❣️ Wearing @aloyoga.


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

I’ve found that excuses are easy to make (especially as a mom) when it comes to not having time. The past few months I’ve been trying a new strategy when it comes to approaching my physical and mental wellbeing. When I break things down into bitesize pieces I am able to fit them into my day more easily. For example instead of trying to fit in a full 1 hour gym session into my day I split everything up. 20 minutes of cardiovascular work / 20 minutes of strength or mobility work / 20 minutes of meditation. I generally run in the morning, meditate during Adler’s nap and do strength work in the evening but depending on life I can shift those around. I’ve noticed more mental clarity and positive physical shifts, which are nice but the best benefit is that I feel accomplished and proud of myself at the end of every day. All of the things I’m doing you don’t need fancy or special equipment. Meditation is done seated. Cardio is done walking or running around my neighborhood. Strength work is done at home using my body weight. While running the other day I was listening to David Googins on the Rich Roll podcast and he said something that really struck home for me. He talked about the fact that so many people (myself included) spend most of their time thinking about, asking questions about and talking about their goals... Instead of getting wrapped up in that part of the process why not try taking action immediately instead? Why not start today? If you’ve been putting off a meditation practice find 5 minutes to sit down and watch your breath TODAY. Maybe right now? It is that simple. It doesn’t have to be gratifying, but you do have to show up and do the work. There are so many days I want to prioritize other things like mindlessly scrolling on Instagram, but I promise that it never makes me feel gratified like meditating or moving my body does. Are you or have you meditated or moved today? If so, comment a 🧘🏻‍♀️, 👟, 🤸🏻‍♀️or 🏋🏻‍♀️ below. Would you guys be interested in my meditation and movement practices? ❤️ Wearing @aloyoga jacket & leggings.


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

Monkey see monkey do. Kids learn from example. It’s so clear when Adler plays and talks he’s repeating things we do and say.


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

An asana practice makes all seating scenarios more comfortable. 😜 My favorite part of the day is always the walk to the park with my mini squeeze. Did you get outside today? When I get outside and breath in fresh air I instantly feel energized, grounded and happier. If you feel confused because my story this morning there was snow everywhere and now in this picture it’s gone I don’t blame you... the weather here is so fickle and it warmed up enough for it all to melt away. Don’t worry we are expecting more snow tomorrow?! Humor me and share what the weather tomorrow is supposed to be like where you live (emojis encouraged). ❄️ Wearing head to toe @aloyoga.


MacKenzie Kozlowski (Miller)

3 years ago today we committed to being “sweeties official.” It was the easiest and wisest decision I ever made. The reasons being, @steelponyfarm, is that you challenge me. You are one of the smartest people I’ve ever met and are constantly trying to better yourself. You make me laugh (head to my stories for some proof of his amazing humor). The truth is from the day we met I knew you were different and I couldn’t let you slip away. It’s the reason I moved from Los Angeles, CA to rural Red Deer, AB. Upon meeting you I felt home. The last three years have flown by, but not without their turbulence and that’s just fine because together we can survive and thrive through anything. I love you. I love you. I love you. Thank YOU for loving me. ❤️ Our wedding photographers are the incredible husband/wife team @starkphotography_ based out of Portland, OR. I highly recommend them not just because they are highly skilled, but because they are great people. 😘