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A Parisian stroll should include a stop to our Ladurée Thé & Beauté boutique. The occasion to also succumb to our new "Paris in Four Months" tea. #Laduree #LadureexParisinfourmonths

Ladurée Thé & Beauté

Did you already get your "Paris in Four Months" tea box? #Laduree #LadureexParisinfourmonths

Ladurée Thé & Beauté

You absolutely need to discover our new tea "Paris in Four Months", which is fruity and léger. - And come and meet Carin Olsson of @parisinfourmonths tomorrow in our Ladurée Thé & Beauté boutique on 232 rue de Rivoli between 2-4pm! #Laduree #LadureexParisinfourmonths

Ladurée Thé & Beauté

We're happy to unveil a new tea in our range which you will find at the Ladurée Thé & Beauté boutique in Paris: "Paris in Four Months", a deliciously Chinese green tea with notes of elderflower, strawberry, blackberry, violet, and blackcurrant... Created together with Carin Olsson of @parisinfourmonths. Available in a limited edition in our Thé & Beauté boutique as well as in our e-shop very soon. #Laduree #LadureexParisinfourmonths

Ladurée Thé & Beauté

A cup of tea and some macarons are the perfect match for the perfect afternoon tea. Carin Olsson won’t tell you otherwise. #Laduree #LadureexParisinfourmonths

Ladurée Thé & Beauté

We have been cooking up a beautiful little surprise at the Ladurée Thé & Beauté boutique together with Carin Olsson of @parisinfourmonths. Stay tuned! #Laduree #LadureexParisinfourmonths

Ladurée Thé & Beauté

Follow the delicious notes of our "Lovely Cat" candle. #Laduree #LadureeBeaute

Ladurée Thé & Beauté

We are very pleased to announce @verawanggang pour #Laduree... a collection of delectable designer desserts including these coconut chantilly crème macarons (available only in NYC for a limited time) #VeraWangxLaduree #CelebrateWithLaduree

Laduree SOHO

What’s for lunch? Have a look at our menu and choose one of our delicious dishes. #Laduree #LadureeParis #JeanSevegnes

Ladurée Royale

Wishing you a sweet and colorful Monday! 📸 @jasminelle #Laduree #LadureeParis #MacaronMonday


Who will be the Queen or the King of the day? Be sure to choose the right slice! #Laduree #LadureeParis #CelebrateWithLaduree

Ladurée Royale