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Update: your girl did it! 🙋🏽‍♀️👏🏽 finally bought new underwear, thank god!🤩 WOOP WOOP 🙌🏽 🤪


Maria Gad

When you run out of poses!🤪 As much as I love traveling I enjoy being home!💓 I’m a person who function best with my usual routines at home🏠 my sleep and digestion goes cray cray when I’m traveling especially cuz I don’t drink enough water because I’m always afraid I can’t find a toilet!🤯 and I just have the smallest bladder in the world🌎. Who can relate?? Anyways I’m back home now staying hydrated with @womensbest [ad]💕


Maria Gad

Can’t believe I’m already home from Paris and these were the only outfit pictures I managed to get🤣 but to be honest I enjoyed a few days without feeling pressured to get “the perfect photos”. I loved dressing up every night and wear heels and just being in the moment! 🇫🇷💓 ps. we finished our last dinner yesterday with eating 5 desserts 🍨 🍮 the staff at the restaurant said they had never seen anything like that.🙈👏🏽 very proud. #foodgasm #baecation #backhome


Maria Gad


Paris is wonderful and we have been so lucky with the weather but I can’t wait to come home and make SoMe serious gains. No more cutting for me in the nearest future. 🌟Pull down: 2 warm up sets, 5 working sets of 6-10 reps
⭐️T-bar row: 2 warm up sets, 4 working sets 6-10 of reps
🌟Straight arm lat pull down: 4 sets set of 10 reps
⭐️ Machine cable rows: 4 sets of 10 reps.

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Maria Gad

Oooh loooook! 👀It’s The Iron Lady.. 🇫🇷👩🏽 #sightseeinginjeans 👖🙋🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️


Maria Gad

Laaanded in 🇫🇷 and the mini cut is officially over!✌🏽🥐 probably won’t look like this when I’m home again but I have allowed myself to eat whatever I won’t for the rest of the week without feeling bad about it cuz what is it worth living healthy 80% of the time if you don’t get to actually enjoy the rest 20%. 🙈 if you eat unhealthy make sure you enjoy every single bite!💕 anyways heeeeading out for dinner now and I think I’m gonna eat my body weight in Crème brûlée and get a lil’ tipsy in champagne 🍾 🥂 🍰🤤 Ps. Promise I’ll stop posting in my Calvin’s when I manage to buy some new ones!🤣 Wishing everybody a happy midweek. #paris #baecation #foodcation #calvinklein


Maria Gad

If you are exhausted from heavy lifting for many weeks, try to do a De-load week is a useful way to rest your body while remain active at the same time. So the concept is during a de-load week, you only use 40-50% of your 1 rep max weight for your main exercises, but do high reps typically 12-15 reps per set. The reason why this will be helpful is because when your muscle groups are trained with heavy liftings for many weeks, they might hit a plateau phase or they would simply be too exhausted. With the de-load week method, you will still remain active and won’t feel guilty about not training. Also, your muscle groups would get ‘confused’ which is good. Normally after I take do a de-load week, the next week when I train with my normal lifting weights I feel extra energetic and stronger than before.

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Maria Gad

Managed to do the last shopping before Paris. I can’t staaaaph thinking about all the yummy food I’m gonna have in less than 2 days. 🤤🥩🧀🥞🍰🍪 btw do you guys prefer regular or chocolate croissants? 🥐

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Maria Gad

Wiiiishing everybody a lovely weekend from windy Denmark! Just sitting at home eating some @womensbest snacks sippin’ some bcaa wishing I was at BodyPower lol 😂 hope everyone is having fun this weekend and living their life to the fullest.🤪😝😜🥳[AD] #womensbest #bodypower


Maria Gad

Do my legs look like 🍗🍗?? HEHEHE 🤪


Maria Gad

Throw 🔙 to 5 months ago when I had 6 more kg on my body (mostly my booty) 🤪🤪 kinda miss that but I only have 1 week left of my mini cut. 🤩 honestly I can barely do this post no more 🤣.. Outfit is from @doyoueven [AD]
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Maria Gad

Is it possible to be obsessed with jeans?🤪🤪👖👖 I’m going to Paris next week and I haven’t started packing yet. This is stressing me as I usually start packing months before 🤯🤯 buuuut I’ll definitely bring theeese.👏🏽 What kind of person are you? Packing 2 months ahead or on the day?

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