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Maria Gad

Gueeeess what has been restocked babes!!!! The new impact seamless (aka the best Christmas gift to yourself) in all colors from @doyoueven . What’s your favorite color? Use MARIA10 for a discount on your purchase 💸💙 @doyouevenwomen #ad #MARIA10 #teamDYE #impactseamless #mondayscanbegoodtoo


Maria Gad

Being in the studio with @janteller, we were talking about HAPPY SEASON which I think people should pay more attention. Personally I don’t like to be in a big calorie surplus or deficit. I don’t like to bulk and gain too much fat. Neither do I like to be on a strict diet so I can’t go out and eat and socialize or bake a cake whenever I feel like it. And if you think about it so many athletes spend maybe 80% of the year not being satisfied with their body and that’s not something I think you should aim. I like to feel comfortable in my body all year and still enjoy life. #happyseason #bikinibody #welnessfitness


Maria Gad

I’ve spent the entire day on the couch trying to recover from the flu. Eating my body weight in cookies and getting my daily water intake from ginger/lemon tea. I definitely don’t look I feel like this right now 👆🏽 and that’s okay. I’m only human and it’s okay not to feel okay all the time for whatever reason. (And for everybody answering to my stories that they are in the same situation I’m so sorry to hear. Wish you all a fast recovery)?What are you doing today??💓 #imonlyhuman #betterdaysahead #selfcarematters


Maria Gad

Guess who caught the flu? 😷 yes me. Hope you all started your weekend off better than me. If not then @doyoueven is having a huge restock on their hoodies, tie back tanks and shorts. I’m small kn the top and medium in shorts. Use MARIA10 for a discount on you purchase. 💕 @doyouevenwomen #ad #MARIA10 #teamDYE #restock


Maria Gad

Today I had a chill day with my boyfriend. We went to the gym for a quick shoulder and back sesh. Neither of us felt motivated to go gym. Later we’re going out for dinner. I’m still crazy about my hair by @hairwerk and I wanna thank you for all your suggestions about styling short hair, I really appreciate it and I’m gonna try some of them tonight. (And plz don’t judge my lashes, getting them done tom😹) #fixitfromtheoutside #couplestimetogether #beautybeginswithin


Maria Gad

Last night I slept for 12 hours and I don’t know if I’ve ever done that before. I was exhausted from last week and I didn’t even remember falling asleep. All them rest made me feel like a new person this morning. I was energetic so after eating breaky I ran around cleaning the apartment for 2-3 hours, hihihi. Am I the only one who thinks cleaning is therapy? I wen’t to the gym a had a bomb ass workout, did 2 new PR’s - WOOP WOOP. Now I’m tired again but I’m spending some hours editing the Q/A video for you guys. I’m soooo enjoying life at the moment and I wish you all a HAPPY MID WEEK 💕💕 #bikinibody #livinglifetothefullest #bethebestversionofyou


Maria Gad

Feeling like a 10, the best I’ve ever been. 👆🏽photo by @janteller


Maria Gad

Monday’s can be good too - I just got home from a photo shoot and I can’t wait to show you guys the pictures! Hihihihi, how was you Monday?

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Maria Gad

Thank you for this time Sweden and @fitnessfestivalen ... it’s been a blast. I’ve had so much fun this weekend, experienced a lot, met a lot of good people and it is really moments like these I live for. #reklame #barebells #barebellsdk


Maria Gad

Not really fitness outfit but I just found this pic scrolling through my old pics. Anyways had such a great day with amazing company at @fitnessfestivalen . Best of all is I got to meet people in real life that I’ve been chatting with on ig which I never imagined I would. I’m exhausted but it’s all worth it. Can’t wait for tom! ✨


Maria Gad

Ok, so I really love my new short hair but I also miss being able to do other hairstyles. 🙄🙄 think it’s so hard to do my hair when it’s short and I actually thought I’d be easier 🤣


Maria Gad

Donno why my face looks so weird in this pic .. like it doesn’t look like me but I still like it cuz I’m smiling... had a busy day today practicing my coffee skills followed by a quick full body sesh. I’m now mentally preparing myself for a morning shift at 7.00am aaaaaand then I’m off to Sweden for the weekend. 👏🏽