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Warm winds and summer like temperatures are making the countryside explode with green! All windows have been left open at the cottage, allowing that cooler breeze after the sun has set to sweep through. Tomorrow morning we open the doors to the first workshop of the year at the gorgeous @thecraftsmanscottage just a stone throw away from our home. We’ve foraged, picked flowers and planned menus, and my mother has rocked her granddaughter to sleep in her arms, as I’ve put finishing touches to the business sessions. We’re a team. Mr Whiskey provides snuggles when we all need a furry break, and mum has looked after Emma, our little girl, while my partner @theo_maxfield and I have prepared for tomorrow. Our kitchen garden is slowly getting there, and we’ve began packing for moving into our new home at the end of next week. It’s all happening at once, and even if it’s been a lot on our plate these past weeks, we’ve managed to dine al fresco in the garden, go for afternoon wanders, and dinner dates all to ourselves. Last night, just as a wild storm swept through tugging at treetops, bringing with it torrential downpour and lightening, we dressed up and took refuge at the @rothbarandgrill for a delicious evening listening to the great #AnnadelConte and the lovely @rachelaliceroddy sharing their food journey with us under the skillful direction of @simonsays57 The storm passed and food was served, deliciously prepared food. It was a glorious evening in the company of likeminded people who love to talk about foot as much as they love to eat, which to me are the very best kind. On the way home my Englishman parked the car on a small side road. I had the most wonderful evening, he said while cupping my face in his hands. Just you and me, I added with a smile. Because even in a room full of people, I only have eyes for him @theo_maxfield .


Norway, I’m coming for you! For so long I’ve wanted to bring you with me to Norway, to the world I grew up in amongst majestic fjords, log homes and food cooked over open fire. This year I’m thrilled to have the opportunity to invite you twice, to this beautiful country up north. Firing off with a one day Business Bootcamp in Oslo in collaboration with a powerhouse in the food blog world in Norway and with three cookbooks under her belt, and running a successful business from her studio just a stone throw from the city center @matpaabordet I’ve for a long time wanted to work with Ina, and have always been so inspired by how she runs her business, how she thinks, and how she’s able to monetize her passion for food making it into a thriving business. This beautifully intensive one day Business Bootcamp will give you an intensive day of hands on tools of the trade to turn your dream into a business. Join us in Oslo in June! Here in the Shire, wild garlic is taking over these ancient forest grounds, and locals are filling basket upon basket, stocking up on this wonderful plant. I’m headed out this afternoon to get just enough for a few jars of pesto for our workshop on Monday. Spring is officially in the air! #mmforsbergworkshop #wildgarlic


“You’re sister has wrapped lots of jars with her bee’s honey rolled up in my clothes for my trip over tomorrow, she said on the phone with a giddy voice. Can’t wait to see you, I replied, unable to contain my excitement. My mother will be arriving tomorrow evening to help out during our upcoming workshops and move to the new cottage, and my sister wanted to make sure we didn’t run low on delicious honey for our afternoon tea or baking sessions. Her bees are just waking up from their long Norwegian winter slumber, but she had cleverly frozen some of last years honey for mum to bring this Spring. Her planning ahead means we won’t run out, and mum can bake her tasty honey drop treats for tea. Next week we’ll be packing wicker baskets and wool blankets for our Photography and Business Bootcamp kicking off as England is preparing for a heatwave. Our favorite tree will hopefully greet us with green leafs, enough to create a bit of shade from the warm sun as we spread out for lunch underneath and indulge in local charcuterie and cheeses, with a naughty drizzle of my sister’s mouthwatering honey. Mr Whiskey is sprawled out in that warm stripe of sun that is beaming in through the upstairs windows and my Englishman and I are buzzing with energy as we’re planning upcoming workshops and events for this year. There’s nothing like a bit of warmth and green leafs to put energetic spring in our steps, and pursue our dreams with great gusto, this year with a new little team member. #scandinavianbaking #mmforsbergworkshop


Smoke was coming from the kitchen as the very first pancake was a bit of a disaster, or a least that’s my guess, but I wasn’t there to witness it. I was snuggly tucked in a duvet fortress with our little Emma while my English gentleman was making Sunday breakfast. He bounced out of bed this morning and announced he was making banana pancakes for us, before heading downstairs barefoot and in his pajamas. As for every pancake session, it begins with the infamous disaster one, the one that gets chucked away, or in our case given to our dog Mr Whiskey. It’s Murphy’s law. Not long after the smoke reached our bedroom nest on the top floor, he emerged with a wooden tray laden with jams, butter, maple syrup and pancakes. He poured me a cup of tea, and we agreed that today we were going to do nothing of importance. I smothered a couple of pancakes in delightfully blue jam from @askimfruktogbaer They are a staple in our families kitchen cupboards, and brought over in heaps when family from Norway visit. Outside the sky was grey and dull, but warm steam was emerging from the bathroom as he’s kindly ushered me in to enjoy a warm bath after breakfast on my own, before our little Emma awoke from her nap. I’d say all is well in the shire this morning, at least in our wonky little cottage. #sundaymornings #pancakeday


After days of finalizing and fine tuning the second batch of workshops going live shortly, where I’m thrilled to finally be inviting you along to Norway, we went on a wee road trip. We’ve been working all hours of the day to get everything ready for our upcoming workshop in England and Italy, and can’t wait to invite you to Norway later in the year. There we’ll be running a three day retreat nestled in the mountains in traditional log homes with views of the valley below, and a two day Business Bootcamp and photography in Oslo. So we took a day out to just breathe and be. Right as brunch became lunch, we piled ourselves, some tasty treats, little Emma and a very large pram @stokkebaby into our little car, and turned our noses towards Oxford. When our treat supply began running depressingly low, this beautiful old city finally emerged on the horizon. We climbed out and strolled through town, stocked up on more treats, and visited the lovely @illyriapottery and @micahcoston I fell in love with her shop and may or may not have splurged on some beautiful pieces. After a day of nothings and everythings, we drove home to our cottage in the shire full on life in the slow lane. I squealed as we crossed the boarder and saw a sign with Wiltshire written on it glow in the dark. We’re home I said, and squeezed his hand, knowing I was home just sitting next to him. Emma was sound asleep so we carried her up the steps to our bedroom after turning the key to our little cottage. It’s been a great day we both agreed, as we tucked ourselves in that night. We did nothing though, I reminded him, barely even saw Oxford, I added. But we were together, he replied, and there’s nowhere I’d rather be. My heart swelled. We fell asleep with the windows cracked open, making sure we’d hear the birds first thing in the morning. #thursdaymusings #lifeintheslowlane


With wild garlic season upon us, Mr Whiskey and I went foraging filling my basket for the yearly batch of wild garlic pesto. We brought a full flask of tea, sandwiches from the local deli and then I snuck in a wee piece of chocolate for later. Today has all the feels of new beginnings with the sun out, a new season emerging and abundance of produce returning yet again to the countryside. For a little peek into my world of wild garlic pop over to my instagram stories. Happy weekend! #wildgarlic #springisintheair


So excited to open the doors to this glorious workshop on Scandinavian baking and Photography. Two years ago run five of these with my mother in a year, and we had the best of times, cooking, laughing and eating with our wonderful participants from all over the world. This summer I’m opening the doors again for a two day Scandinavian baking and photography workshop in the countryside around where I live in England. We’d explore both the sweet and savory side, baking over open fire and in an old traditional oven. In the afternoon we’ll head to my favorite tree for a wee picnics, and long leisurely lunches only interrupted by freshly brewed tea and cakes. In the evening we’ll gather for rustic countryside dinners at wonky old pubs followed by a naughty nightcap around a warm fireplace before parting for the night. In just a few months summer will yet again return and I’ll open the windows to my cottage kitchen while baking, allowing that warm breeze to sweep through leaving a trail of floral scents from flowers in the garden. Join me for two days June 23-24th, baking, eating and exploring visual storytelling and photography in a picturesque English countryside setting tucked away in a cottage on the boarder between two shires. For more information clink on the link in my profile, or have a look at my Instagram stories to reserve your spot. #mmforsbergworkshop #scandinavianbaking


Happy Easter! Amidst renovation plans, getting back to the work swing of things and moving to another bigger cottage, we’re taking it slow this easter. Wanders in nearby woods, tea and treats, lots of treats. When I bought my wee cottage Mr Whiskey and I had just enough room to roam, but then, after a romantic autumn with candlelit dinners, walks and a fateful trip to the ever charming Paris, I was smitten, and two became three. And before we knew it, three became four, and our wonky countryside cottage was bursting in the seams. So this Easter I’m taking it slow while packing for the move, which luckily only takes us about hundred yards down the lane and across the street to another soulful cottage that will become our home before Spring is over. I love how unpredictable life is, and just as you think you know what’s in store, you turn a page and adventure reveals itself. That’s what makes it all ever so exciting and keeps me on my toes. So here’s to adventure ahead, a new cottage kitchen to cook in and plenty of exciting workshops and retreats to launch just over the weekend. #happyeaster #adventuresahead


Thrilled to announce I’ll be cooking up a storm over open fire @goodlifeexperience in September! It’s such an exciting line up of wonderfully talented people that will share their knowledge and passion for food and I’m so excited to be able to share some of my food traditions from Norway mixed in with a decent fire, charcoal and herbs. My desire to eat well, to cook from scratch and to use open fire as much as I can was thoroughly installed in me by a mother who always lit the open fireplace in the kitchen, regardless of season, and carried matches and a knife in her pocket, as you simply never know when you might want to create a fire outside to cook over. Pop over to the @goodlifeexperience site to see the line up of exciting food enthusiasts like @gill.meller @llanjessica @signesjohansen and the wonderful head chef of @petershamnurseries Joe Fox among others. I simply can’t wait to pack my bags, a few matches and exciting ingredients. #thegoodlifeexperience


When in need of comfort, I turn to bread. I always have. My mother made these hearty breakfast breads with oats and wheat that was very filling and very much a staple piece at home. But then I began to travel, and added new flavors, textures and ingredients in to the mix of bread making. When I lived in Switzerland in my teens, I fell in love with their braided Zopf, warm straight out of the oven, and slathered in salted butter that ever so deliciously melted into its tempting texture. For my debut cookbook “The Cottage Kitchen” cozy cooking in the English countryside, I knew I had to share my favorite Zopf recipe with you, the one I return to again and again, and relive my teenage days in beautiful Switzerland with every bite. If you make one thing from my book this week, let this be it! If you’ve already made it, please feel free to tag me and use the #thecottagekitchencookbook so I can see the result. I’d love to know what you think! You can purchase my cookbook via link in my profile, or pop by your local bookshop if you live in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand.#oneofmyfavoritebreads #zopf


After months of not putting pen to paper, it feels a bit like I have wobbly sea legs as I try to write down stories that have been living in my head for so long, stories about Mr Whiskey and our adventures. I rescued him from a shelter one warm Spring day in April a few years ago. He had a sad and battered background, and I was full of hope and optimism. Before the better part of the year was over I called home and sobbed on the phone to my mother. “I don’t know if I can do it”, I wept into the open line across the channel and over the sea. She listened to my words and concerns and about all the textbook teaching, managing and discipline a dog with a past, before gently replying with, “have you told him you love him?” But I don’t know if I do, I answered, we haven’t really bonded yet. That afternoon Mr Whiskey and I went for a walk to our favorite spot at the top of Gold Hill in Shaftesbury, with a soft colored view of the Blackmore valley below. I sat down as twilight emerged. Mr Whiskey, I began with a whisper and an uncertain voice, I want you to know I love you. I put my arm around him, and against all odds he sat down next to me. We both just gazed into the distance. Nothing more was said, and I guess nothing more needed to. We made our way slowly down the hill and back to the cottage. Nothing changed overnight, but something began to shift from that day on. He was still Mr Whiskey, a dog with all the trimmings and a past, and I still an untrained dog owner with little experience in teaching him how to become a gentleman, but from that day on we began finding our footing, and became a team. ( Gorgeous illustration by the lovely @einsbeatriz ) #mrwhiskeystories


With freezing temperatures and a short gust of a second winter, my English gentleman @theo_maxfield has cooked up warming meals all weekend. Outside the cottage windows snow is yet again whirling around in the wind, and the locals are hurrying to the pub with the promised of a warm fire and a cold pint. I am tucked away in the warmth inside the cottage, scribbling away content and plans for this year’s workshops and retreats. My “Photography and Business Bootcamp” workshop in April sold out in a heartbeat, and with so many asking for another one, I’ve decided to launch one more first week of July. This workshop is where we make dreams become reality, and turn a wish into a reachable goal. It’s filled with tangible business strategies, how to manage social media, create content, reaching potential clients, creating a brand with an authentic voice, and working on visual storytelling in the picturesque English countryside. I’m so excited for these two workshops, with so much focus on how to really make it happen business wise in addition to working on photography. Click on the link in my profile and sign up for the workshop newsletter to reserve your spot before it launches next week. #mmforsbergworkshop


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