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Artist, NatGeo Fellow, photographer and filmmaker. Professional speaker. Environmentalist. WWF & IUCN Ambassador.
Artist duo Alexandrov Klum

Spotted hyenas are known to be vicious, false and nasty... Not true! All these are more commonly human traits...Spotted hyanas are amazing, strong hunters and efficient scavengers but there are of course many sides to this awsome predator.
Even though hyenas look a lot like dogs, they are not dogs. In fact they are more closely related to cats so young hyenas are called "cubs". Please help protecting top predators!! I took this photograph in Selous, Tanzania. Can’t wait to go back this fall with @irisalexandrov in collaboration with @zoomphototours #checkitout
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Saving India's regal deer, the hard ground Barasingha in Kanha National Park, is one of the most inspiring success stories in the history of wildlife conservation.
The Barasingha deer differs from all other Indian deer species in that the antlers carry more than three tines. Because of this distinctive character it is called Barasingha, meaning "twelve-tined."
Mature stags have 10 to 14 tines, and some have been known to have up to 20.
This animal is adapted to hard ground unlike swamp deer of Northern India which live in marshy swamps. Kanha Tiger Reserve has been instrumental in rescuing this species from extinction. Shot on assignment with my boys @ansgarklumphotos and #wwf #mattiasklum #save #tiger #protect #nikonambassador #protectbiodiversity @natgeo @thephotosociety @irisalexandrov @alexandrovklumofficial


Ragged peaks reach to the horizon in the Oasi Zegna nature sanctuary in northern
Italy. This lovely park covers around 100 km2 between Trivero and Valle Cervo in the Biella Alps, in Piemonte and has become a haven for many red listed species. Globally, the existence of large areas of temperate and boreal forest cover such as here has a significant effect on the radiative balance of the planet. #alps #oasizegna #conservation #stopclimatechange #mattiasklum #italy #photoiftheday #fineart #adventure #trekking #nikonambassador #europe #instagood #protectbiodiversity @thephotosociety @natgeo @irisalexandrov @alexandrovklumofficial


A female polar bear greets one of her cubs near the gorgeous Nordenskiöld Breem, Svalbard Norway. Polar bear cubs drink their mother's milk and depend on her for survival for at least 20 months. Her hunting skill and success is critical for her own survival and for feeding and teaching her cubs to find food for themselves. According to scientists like Alison Ames, Polar bears may be just as smart as some apes. Their success at hunting seals in a dynamic arctic environment is one sign of their brain power. This is learned behavior and reveals that polar bears are very intelligent animals. They are highly cognitive creatures that top the food chain in polar regions. You have to be very clever to do that. Hunting and trapping a seal is not necessarily easy. #svalbard #polar #polarbears #arctic #protectbiodiversity #stopclimatechange #expedition #mattiasklum #cubs #mom #IQ #EQ #mattiasklumworkshop #nikonambassador #predator #norway #savethearctic #wwf #iucn @mattiasklumofficial @alexandrovklumofficial @thephotosociety @natgeotravel @natgeo @irisalexandrov


Magical Landmannalaugar in Iceland. The sensation of looking at things and, in a way, loosing the sense of scale is such a cool feeling. We can be working from a helicopter and get into such a state of flow that we become sucked into the pattern hundreds of feet below. Love it! @irisalexandrov and I are looking forward to going back to this stunning area this upcoming summer for @alexandrovklumofficial
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“It has all changed; the company never gave us a chance This is it: We will never make it.” – Adi Sega, Penan Elder, Borneo

Until the 1960s most Penan, hunter-gatherers inhabiting the interior districts of Sarawak, followed a nomadic way of life, moving every few weeks as part of a sustainable strategy to reap the riches of the rainforest. Small groups of Penan harvested the sago palm, hunted pig and other game, and collected rattan to make mats and baskets for trade. They moved on when resources were locally exhausted, returning after some years to begin the harvest cycle anew. It was a strategy that sustained the Penan and sustained the forest they inhabited. Please support rainforest conservation and ethnic minorities globally and stay away from products containing uncertified palmoil! #protectbiodiversity #penan #borneo #wwf #conservation #nikonambassador #mattiasalexandrovklum #rainforest @natgeo @irisalexandrov @mattiasklumcollection @thephotosociety @alexandrovklumofficial


Morning in Danum Valley, Sabah, Malaysian Borneo. This rainforest is estimated to be at least 130 million years old, making it one of the oldest rainforests in the world (and twice as old as the Amazon rainforest). Extremely rich in biodiversity, Borneo provides habitat for about 15,000 known species offlowering plants, and more than 3,000 tree species, 221 terrestrial mammal species, and 420 bird species. After years of work in Borneo it's one of the places that I truly love! Please support rainforest conservation and ethnic minorities globally! #borneo #biodiversity #science #conservation #rainforest #amazing #creativity @natgeo @thephotosociety @irisalexandrov


On the lookout! Meerkats are great at working together in numbers. A few will typically serve as lookouts, watching the skies for birds of prey, such as hawks and eagles that can snatch them from the ground. A sharp, shrill call is the signal for all to take cover in burrows or bolt holes. While a few individuals guard the group, the rest forage for the foods that make up their varied diet. Meerkats will eat insects, lizards, eggs, birds, and fruit. When hunting small game, they work together and communicate with purring sounds. Meerkats are very efficient and entrepreneurial hunters and delightful to study in the field. These extremely nosy individuals were only inches away from my camera. Shot on assignment for @natgeo in the Kalahari, South Africa #meerkat #protectbiodiversity #kalahari #mattiasalexandrovklum #conservation #scientist #southafrica #nikonambassador #instagood #nosy @natgeo @thephotosociety @irisalexandrov


Raja Ampat, Indonesia. Today June 8th is World Oceans Day! A good day to celebrate the importance and beauty of our marine worlds! Oceans cover 71 percent of the globe, and they are as important to us as they are vast. Our oceans are home to most of the life on our planet and play a central role in the world's natural systems, like regulating our climate and absorbing carbon dioxide. Their wealth is truly beyond comprehension. Please support organizations like WWF, IUCN, Balticsea2020, Oceana and MissionBlue to help protect our oceans. #worldoceanday #ocean #protect #conservation #wwf #oceana #worldoceansday #balticsea2020 #mattiasklum #conservation #mattiasalexandrovklum #protectbiodiversity #artistduoalexandrovklum @irisalexandrov @alexandrovklumofficial @natgeo @thephotosociety


A yellow-lipped sea krait, shimmers like a piece of jewelry infront of my camera. This Sea-and-land-going snake, need air to breathe, and will coil up on rocks, under shells and foliage to digest its food and, every few months, shed skin.
These snakes feed almost exclusively on eels, and their neurotoxic venom has evolved accordingly. The eels are strong and have sharp teeth so a over dimensioned neurotoxin does it. The snake’s toxic bite causes paralysis, which keeps its strong and speedy prey from escaping. Scientists study the genetic and molecular set-up by collecting venom and DNA samples from these snakes, their prey and predators and are hopeful that this sea krait may soon combat diseases and this will not affect the snakes in the wild at all. Photographed in Fiji for @natgeo #conservation #news #mattiasklum #drugs #science #innovation #mattiasklumworkshop #respectnature #venom #livingthedream #fiji #seakrait #krait #snake #seasnake #coral #saveouroceans #beauty #nikonambassador #protectbiodiversity #science #biology #pharmakognosy @natgeo @thephotosociety @mattiasklumcollection @alexandrovklumofficial @natgeotravel @irisalexandrov


King of Bites! With about a mind-boggling 7000 pounds per square inch of bite force, crocodiles boast 6000 psi more than the African lion. (Human record 270 pounds!) When it comes to biting, crocodiles simply leave all their competition behind. This Nile crocodile that I photographed in Selous, Tanzania (In this photograph just about to swallow some well seasoned flesh from the dead hippo in the hackground) can eventually measure more than 18 feet long and weigh more than a ton. Relative to their enormous size, it's no wonder their large and powerful jaw muscles make crocodiles' snouts among the world's deadliest traps. Heading back to Selous and the crocs this fall with @irisalexandrov and @zoomphototours #croc #record #selous #mattiasklum #conservation #wwf #iucn #protectbiodiversity #nikonambassador @natgeo @alexandrovklumofficial @thephotosociety


Really enjoying being back home in Sweden with @irisalexandrov! Lying in our bedroom early morning, windows open, listening to nightingales, common snipes and the deep, sighing fog-horn call of a bittern.
An amazing time of year! This Wood cranesbill,
Geranium sylvaticum (Midsommarblomster in Swedish) grow everywhere outside our house. In Latin sylvaticum means "of woodland", referring to the plant's native habitat.
The flower colour ranges from mauve to irresistible sky blue, depending on soil conditions. This flower yields a blue-gray dye that was used in ancient Europe to dye war cloaks, believing it would protect them in battle. For this reason it was called Odin's Grace. #midsommarblomster #mattiasklum #woodcranesbill #irresistible #summersdream #liveyourdreams #love #nikonambassador #protectbiodiversity #protectbiodiversity @mattiasklumcollection @thephotosociety @natgeotravel @natgeo @irisalexandrov @alexandrovklumofficial