Mervin The Chihuahua™️@mervinthechihuahua

Senior rescue dog livin large in NYC 🗽 Cancer Survivor ✊ 💕🐶 No Teeth No Problem 😋💕 Yogurts is life 🙌 #mervinthechihuahua #adoptdontshop

it’s our sister @minniethemage Gotcha Day! 6 years ago dad was fostering #MinnieTheMage through @seespotrescued and decided he couldn’t let her go. Make sure to go follow her page and show her some love for her special day ♥️


[dad taking a bath] R U OKAY DO U NEED US 2 CALL SOMEONE?! 🚫🛁🚫 #bathsarebad #thisisterrible #whodidthistoyou 🚨 🚨 🚨 #mervinthechihuahua


#tbt two years ago today my big brother Moose went to heaven. He was dad’s first born and we miss him every day ♥️ now he is our guardian angeldog 👼🏼🐶


Mother wanted me to come out in a kimono so we had quite a fight. #GreyGardens #LittleEdie #MervinTheChihuahua


trying to eat an apple is hard work when you have no teeth and also a hungry @abigailthebostonpig sneakin up on you.


It’s Monday again which means dad did laundry yesterday and oh my dog, i was fluffed! swipe to see me and my siblings fluffed by @fluff_cycle! (Please do not ever put your pet in a dryer, this was just for fun!)


Life is like a car ride:
Sometimes you go to the vet and sometimes you go to the park, and you don't know where you're going til you get there so just enjoy the ride.
#ShowerThoughts #MervinTheChihuahua


Don’t judge someone by their overall appearance! #lookcutefeelcute #MervinTheChihuahua


sunday snugglies


hi u like my pillow fort? i made it myself 😬


Sundays are for wrestling! And I guess @minniethemage had enough of my crap when she tried to ‘Lion King’ me 😂


#tbt to hangin out and lookin like a Gap catalogue with @rosenbergthedog @chloekardoggian & @littlestjack