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Not even a long Boston winter can wipe the happy faces off @takashipom's flowers. We're all jumping for joy on the first day of spring! 🌼🌼🌼 There are only two weeks left to see these smiling daisies and our exhibition "Takashi #Murakami: Lineage of Eccentrics," on view through April 1. (📷: @givethemhair)


Need a distraction after a long Monday? We hope this pretty scene, courtesy of Paul #Signac, does the trick! 🎨: "View of the Seine at Herblay," 1889, on view in our European galleries.


It's hard to believe that "#TakashiMurakami: Lineage of Eccentrics" is coming to an end! More than 6,000 of you shared photos from the exhibition using #mfaMurakami, and we're excited to announce that @takashipom has chosen @lucyygooosey as the winner of a limited-edition print signed by the artist 🎉 Thank you to everyone who participated in our contest—we've loved seeing visitors of all ages interact with #Murakami's art 🌼


We've all had to grin and bear it for an awkward family photo before, but what about a painting? For #AwkwardMomentsDay, we're admiring "Joseph Moore and His Family" (about 1839) by Erastus Salisbury Field! #FolkArt


#DorotheaLange believed that #photography was a tool for social change. During the #GreatDepression, she was hired by the Farm Security Administration to document the plight of migrant farm workers and their families trying to escape the terrible drought in the nation’s #DustBowl. Her empathetic response to her subjects set her work apart from many of her contemporaries. #5WomenArtists
Pictured: "Migrant Family, Texas," 1936, on view in "(un)expected families."


Wishing everyone a happy #StPatricksDay weekend! This cláirseach, or Celtic harp, was made in 1734 by Irish artist John Kelly and is now on view in our Musical Instruments Gallery.


#EgonSchiele would typically add watercolor to enhance a drawing after the initial composition was completed. The strong jawline and dark hair identify the sitter in this 1917 work as the artist's sister-in-law, Adele Harms.
See 60 drawings by #Schiele and his contemporary Gustav Klimt, on loan from Vienna's @albertinamuseum, in our exhibition "Klimt and Schiele: Drawn."


Our Teen Arts Council is getting ready for their "Teen Café: March Music Madness" event! Music, dance and spoken word performances by Boston-area teens will take place in the Linde Family Wing for #ContemporaryArt next Friday 🤞


"Death, that hath sucked the honey of thy breath, / Hath had no power yet upon thy beauty." This drawing by Gustav #Klimt, a study for a ceiling mural in Vienna's Burgtheater, depicts a model posing as #Shakespeare's Juliet, on the brink of death. The Bard's tale of star-crossed lovers opens at @bostonballet tonight—good luck to our friends on your first performance of the season! #BBRomeoJuliet
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Pictured: "Reclining Girl (Juliet) and Two Studies of Hands (Study for #Shakespeare’s Theater)," 1886–87, on loan from @albertinamuseum.


This week's fan favorite goes to @taylorflemingmusic! Thanks for posing with #Caillebotte's "Man at His Bath." Enter next week using #mfaBoston!


In a turning point in Roman history, Julius #Caesar was assassinated by his own senators #onthisday in 44 B.C. This coin commemorates the act, with a portrait of #Brutus on the front and "Eid Mar," or "Ides of March," emblazoned on the back along with two daggers and a liberty cap. #TodayInHistory
Pictured: Denarius with head of M. Junius Brutus, struck under L. Plaetorius Cestianus, 43–42 B.C., on view in our Michael C. Ruettgers Gallery for Ancient Coins.


This relief of a Persian guard (486–464 B.C.) depicts one of the Achaemenid king’s elite guard, who were called the Ten Thousand Immortals. It was most likely once brightly painted with hues of yellow, blue and purple. Join MFA curators to learn more about Persian art at our #Nowruz celebration on Saturday!