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On June 19, 1984, tickets went on sale for the Victory Tour. At the time, one had to mail in a form with a money-order to request tickets – with no guarantee of receiving them. Michael and the Jacksons were so popular, that politicians and celebrities lobbied the group to add dates in their cities. Some of the petitioners included then-U.S. president Ronald Reagan, then-mayor of Gary, Indiana Richard Hatcher, and Jesse Jackson.
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#FBF: Michael Jackson visits Hitsville, U.S.A. with Esther Gordy Edwards and Stevie Wonder. #Legends


This week in 1995, “Scream” emerged at #3 on the British charts and would remain in the top 100 for 24 weeks. Jimmy Jam remembers: “Recording the song was probably one of the most mind-blowing experiences ever. He walked into the studio, very nice and very kind: ‘OK, I'm going to try my part now. . . .’ So Michael goes in and the moment the music starts, he turns into the Tasmanian Devil. He's a whole different person, stomping, clapping, he's got jewelry jingling — all the stuff you're not supposed to do in the studio. Me and Terry are sitting there going ‘Oh my God!’”
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“I wrote ‘WILL YOU BE THERE’ at my house... I didn’t think about it hard.  That’s why it’s hard to take credit for the songs I write because I just always feel that it’s done from above.  I feel fortunate to be an instrument through which music flows.  I’m just the source through which it comes.  I can’t take credit for it because it’s God’s work.  He is using me as a messenger.”- Michael Jackson on writing “Will You Be There” #inspiration #songwriting #mj


#TodayinHistory: June 6, 1997, Michael plays the second of two shows on his HIStory tour in Bremen, Germany.


“What’s important about Michael is his dedication. He’s innately gifted, but also totally disciplined.” – Nelson George


This week in 2006, MTV Japan honored Michael with the Legend Award. During his short, poignant acceptance speech, he said “most of all, I’d like to say to the Japanese people, from the bottom of my heart, I love you very, very much.”


Michael loved to visit Africa. He once said “[Africa] is the dawn of our civilization. A lot of our bible history is right there in Africa. King Tut, all great civilizations, come from Africa. Egypt is in Africa! I go to Africa all the time. I love the cultures. I love the people. I love what they represent.” Photo: Michael visits Sun City, South Africa


#Throwbackthursday: Michael practices some balletic moves on the set of the “Bad” short film.


It don’t matter if you’re black or white.


“Wanna Be Startin’ Somethin’?” The fourth single from Thriller was unleashed in the UK on May 8, 1983. The famous lyrics “Mama se mama sa ma ma coo sa” which came from Cameroonian singer Manu Dibango are often heard in Dutch as “mama say, mama sa, mama applesap,” which loosely translates in English to “Mama apple juice.” This misinterpretation of the lyrics has spawned a phenomenon in The Netherlands dubbed “mama applesap” which refers to lyrics resembling Dutch phrases in non-Dutch songs.


Russia celebrates “Radio Day” today, commemorating the first time that inventor Alexander Popov successfully demonstrated the radio! What was the first of Michael’s songs you remember hearing on the radio? Who remembers these Michael Jackson radios from 1984?


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