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Monday Motivation🙋🏼‍♀️
or Monday Irritation?🤨
-I hope for the first alternative😜😘
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I plank. He plays.
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(Full video👉🏻 @jimmy_lewin)


Michelle Lewin

OF course you build better muscles in the gym... (PARA ESPANOL, empuje "VER TRADUCCIÓN") ...or well, you don’t actually BUILD in the gym either since what you really do in the gym is “breaking down” while the building process is when you rest. And with that being said, to STAY in shape: all you need is your body weight (unless you are a professional body builder). To stay in shape you don't need to tear down your muscle fibers as much as when you build them. You need to keep them active. If you stop, your body automatically ask itself "and why am I carrying around all these heavy, overdeveloped fibers" and starts getting rid of them. And we don't want that, now do we? So, I'd say you need about 30-40 minutes of intense workout, without too much time in between sets. This routine you can do two ways: 1) Each exercise 4 times, or 2) Do them one after each other, and then start from the beginning 4 times. REMEMBER: switch legs so both sides gets an equal amount of training. Sounds good? Any questions?


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When you’re in the wrong place but the light is 🔥
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So... which one are you?🤨
-Saturday afternoon vs Monday morning🤷🏼‍♀️
-Entonces... ¿cuál eres?🤔@one0one_101
Sábado por la tarde vs lunes por la mañana🤷🏼‍♀️


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...a couple of years ago. Found it now and just had to repost... Amazing memories🙏🏻 Beautiful inside and out❤️ #iKnowWhatYouAreGoingThrough


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When you love someone... how do you know he's the one?
Let's start with yourself. Are you as perfect as you want your partner to be? Do you still have other guys number that you think about every now and then in your phone? Are you at times sending or receiving messages you know would hurt you partner. Let me tell you one thing: if you really love the one you are with right now, you shouldn't even consider doing something like that. You see, that is the small different between "love" and "real love". If you still are doing those things, I hate to tell you, you haven't reach the "real love" yet. It's normal in the beginning of a relation, but if months has passed, it won't get better.
You know what is really relieving in a relation? It's to never lie. And never do things that can hurt your partner. To never think about "what if he finds out". To never think, when he is looking you into the eyes "what if he knew". I strongly believe, but this is my opinion, that "real love" must be reached by a "clean heart". At least, it has proven to work really well between me an @Jimmy_Lewin. Thoughts?


Michelle Lewin

Mantenerte en forma durante las vacaciones💪🏻✌🏻
1️⃣Ir tan abajo como puedas!
-Mantener la rodilla y el talón en el mismo ángulo.

2️⃣¿Para qué es este ejercicio?
-Los muslos

3️⃣¡Mantén los codos cerca de tu cuerpo!
2º: Pequeño detalle para entrenar el lado de los glúteos (por redondez)

4️⃣NUESTROS programas de entrenamiento hecho para TI (mujeres y hombres) en la aplicación @FITPLAN_app. 👍🏻Top:@one0one_101 Bikini:@M_Elle


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SI o NO?🤨 YES or NO?
-When in doubt, it’s always a great option to ask YOU🙏🏻


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Tag someone you know could do this!
-Etiqueta esa amiga que sería capaz de hacer eso...🤨🤭
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The summer is magic💞
🎶@markusschulz: Safe From Harm