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It’s been 42 rounds. Just pick a damn player already. I entered into a 3 sport fantasy league @mlb @nba @nfl and today we are drafting....wait for it....ALL 3 AT THE SAME TIME. I want to yell through my screen “HURRY UP, it’s been 6 frickin hours.” Already looks like I’m gonna win it all. #FantasyLife


Just when I thought my wife couldn’t get more badass with everything she’s doing, she still found time to write this incredible blog. I’m so proud of her not just for all that she’s accomplished in her life but how she carries herself. She’s the prettiest smartest woman I’ve ever met. She is a #SuperWoman and I can’t wait to watch her be a mommy. If u want to read her blog click on the link in my bio. It’s #Awesome #Repost @marysemizanin
Excited to add celebrity blogger for people.com to my resume!!!! Checkout my 1st blog with @people How my hubby @mikethemiz and I are preparing for our baby girl’s birth!!!! (LINK IN BIO) The #ItCouple is having the #ItBaby and its #Awesome!!! #MizAndMrs #PeopleBabies #PeopleMagazine #WWE


Lukey says “take me home.” What an incredible experience I got to witness first hand the work @rescuedogsrocknyc does to help abused dogs. Thank you for your hard work in finding these beautiful animals homes. @wwe_asuka and I will do everything we can to win #WWEMMC and donate that big check to your worthy cause.


Ernie look at the camera. No, Ernie don’t lick @wwe_asuka look at the camera. No, don’t lick yourself look at the camera. This way Ernie. No, in front of you, not behind. No, don’t nibble on fingers look at the camera. Ahhh, finally....PERFECT. Ernie is looking for a home contact @rescuedogsrocknyc


Meet Cloud. He’s a friendly little guy full of energy looking for a home @rescuedogsrocknyc


Get off the LAX to JFK and go straight to @rescuedogsrocknyc #LetsGo


In 2012 people met Jake Carter for the first time in The Marine 3: Homefront. This was my first starring role and these two incredible actors taught me so much. I felt like a sponge absorbing everything I could to make me a better actor. On my off days I would come to set to see how other actors prep for their scenes. @neal_mcdonough was #Awesome in this movie. I will never forget this scene, with no lines, he told a story with just his eyes. Still gives me chills. And #JaredKesso was the man. If you’ve seen LetterKenny you know how good he is. Jake Carter has been a blast to play over the past 6 years and I can’t wait for you to see the upcoming The Marine 6: Close Quarters. #TBT


I’ve worked Southpaw for so long, decided to change it up today and man did I fell sloppy. Couldn’t find my feet so I couldn’t get the power or flow I wanted. I watch this video in slow motion to see all the mistakes I’m making so tomorrow I can go back and correct them. Thx @unbreakableperformance


Next on #MizAndMrs Pumpkin helps me practice becoming a dad. #BehindTheScenes #DadLife #SheIsAlmostHere @usa_network @wwe


The perfect #NCAA basketball bracket. Lipscomb = Cinderella Story #KansasWinsTheWholeThing


#TFW you realize that Finn and Seth’s #Wrestlemania moment will be hearing my theme song twice in one night... #andStill


Could you imagine if we went from 0-16 to 16-0? This @clevelandbrowns season got me like...