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Sunset viewings of James Turrell's "Meeting" are back! Join us for a special after-hours experience in the artist's only New York City Skyspace, and gaze up at the city sky as the lighting cycles through a range of vivid hues timed precisely to the setting sun. Tickets are available now for these limited capacity viewings on Monday evenings. Learn more at

#TurrellMeeting #MeetingMonday 📷: @pablo.enriquez


Fifteen years of filming at an underground Black-lesbian strip club in LA went into the making of Leilah Weinraub's (@leilahworld) documentary "SHAKEDOWN," having its NYC premiere at #MoMAPS1 this Sunday! Read more from The New Yorker (@newyorkermag) via the link in our bio.

Screenings at 1:00 and 3:00 p.m., with conversations and responses from artists Hannah Black (@nanpansky), Juliana Huxtable (@julianahuxtable), and Mistervacation (@realistic_lacefront). Tickets also grant admission to Hair Wars at 6:05 p.m. Get yours at #VWSundaySessions


Preview the work of artist Joanne Petit-Frère (@joannepetitfrere) in this week's New Yorker (@newyorkermag), modeled by the artist herself and shot by legendary photographer Kwame Brathwaite (@kwamebphoto), who popularized “Black is Beautiful" in the 1960s.

Joanne is one of five intergenerational hair artists who will present their creations on Sunday as part of Hair Wars, a showcase of fantasy hair pieces that blurs the boundaries of fashion, humor, performance, sculpture, and spectacle.

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Jenny Hval (@jennyhval) is headed to MoMA PS1 this Saturday! Known for her innovative, interdisciplinary work rooted in lyric and sound, the striking Norwegian musician, producer, author, and visual artist will present a site-specific performance as part of #VWSundaySessions.
Capacity is limited and tickets are going fast. Get yours at #JennyHval

Clip from the music video for “Sabbath.”


Just in time for the final day of #CathyWilkes, we’re exploring the exhibition through the eyes of artist Hannah Levy (@hannahslevy), who was featured in the exhibition #PastSkin last year. Follow our Instagram Story to hear Levy’s take on the exhibition, and learn how Wilkes’s work is connected to her own.

For the final days of “Carolee Schneemann: Kinetic Painting” and “Cathy Wilkes,” we’ve been sharing new perspectives on these major exhibitions of groundbreaking artists as part of #5womenartists, a campaign by @womeninthearts to highlight the work of women artists. Check out the hashtag for posts from more than 275 participating institutions. 📷: Alex Sloane (@alexsloane1)


Along with the closing day of our winter exhibitions, tomorrow marks the premiere of Colin Self's (@colinself) sci-fi opera, “Siblings (Elation VI),” the 2018 #VWSundaySessions Commission.

Encompassing performance, music, sculpture, and video, the participatory performance centers around a non-biological family bound together by curiosity and queer kinship who navigate living collectively on a damaged planet. Presented in collaboration with performers Lyra Pramuk (@lyra____ ), Tara-Jo Tashna (@tjtarajo), Sam Banks (@sam_banks), and lexi welch, “Siblings” is structured like a game, offering the audience multiple narratives and experiences.

Performances on Sunday, March 11 at 2:00 and 5:00 p.m. More information and tickets at

Featuring string trio Ethan Philbrick (@ethanphilbrick), Natalia Steinbach (@nataliasteinbach), and Molly Goldman (@mollygoldman); costumes by Vincent Tiley (@vincenttiley); and lighting design by Jeanette Yew (@jeanette_yew). 📽️ by @peppreann


On #InternationalWomensDay, we celebrate groundbreaking artist Carolee Schneemann, who has spent her trailblazing 60-year career smashing taboos along with patriarchal visions of womanhood. "Covered in paint, grease, chalk, ropes, plastic, I establish my body as visual territory. The body may remain erotic, sexual, desired, desiring, but it is as well votive: marked, written over in a text of stroke and gesture discovered by my creative female will." See more than 300 of her works in the monumental retrospective #KineticPainting, on view through Sunday, March 11. Join us tomorrow night for a closing party, when the galleries will be open until midnight. More at


Experience the ecstatic energy of “Meat Joy” (1964) – supersized!

#CaroleeSchneemann’s riotous spectacle of sausages, slaughtered chickens, and dead fish will be projected at a massive scale in the VW Dome for one night only. One of Schneemann’s most celebrated performances, this iconic and incendiary work bravely celebrated the erotic and revelatory in a pre-feminist era, realizing the artist’s desire to ‘get nudes off the canvas.’ Join us for Night at the Museum to celebrate the closing of Schneemann's groundbreaking retrospective with exhibition galleries open until midnight, music from FXWRK (@fxwrk) and DJ Lady Lane (@djladylane), cocktails by Butter & Scotch (@drunkbakers) and M. Wells (@mwellshq), and bites by La Newyorkina (@lanewyorkina), Pies ’n’ Thighs (@piesnthighs), and La Paísita.

Get your tickets at or via the link where the links normally live. See you on Friday!

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Announcing this year's Young Architects Program winners, Jennifer Newsom and Tom Carruthers of Dream The Combine! The winning design is responsive, kinetic environment featuring large-scale mirrors that move with the wind or human touch, creating dislocating views and unexpected spatial relationships within the MoMA PS1 courtyard and onto the streets outside. Opening at MoMA PS1's in June 2018, the installation will serve as a temporary urban landscape for the 21st season of Warm Up. Learn more about the winning design at

#YAP2018 #DreamTheCombine

Video clip from Longing (2015) in Minneapolis, MN. Video by Isaac Gale.

Special thanks to @bloombergdotorg, lead supporter of the Young Architects Program since 2007. #bloombergphilanthropies


“The fact that someone can get expelled for painting herself nude just gives context to the period and why later work where Carolee used her body as material was so transgressive and provocative.” For the final days of “Carolee Schneemann: Kinetic Painting” and “Cathy Wilkes,” we’ll be sharing new perspectives on these major exhibitions of groundbreaking artists as part of #5womenartists, a campaign by @womeninthearts to highlight the work of women artists.
Check out our Instagram Story to explore the exhibitions with Lyndsy Welgos (@lyndsy_welgos) and Whitney Mallett (@whitneymallett) of Topical Cream (@topicalcream_magazine), a digital platform for critical feminist interventions.


Celebrate the final weekend of Carolee Schneemann's groundbreaking retrospective. For one night only next Friday, the artist's iconic performance "Meat Joy" will be projected on a massive scale in the VW Dome, with galleries open until midnight, DJ sets, cocktails by Butter & Scotch (@drunkbakers) and M. Wells (@mwellshq), bites by La Newyorkina (@lanewyorkina) and Pies ’n’ Thighs (@piesnthighs), and more.

Get your tickets at or via the link in our bio. See you there!


"Every evening we unfold the light, and every morning we fold it back to return the blue to the sky." —James Turrell

Today's stunning #MeetingMonday shows the dramatic play of light and shadow in James Turrell's "Meeting" as captured by visitor @katherineismoore. Share your own photos using #TurrellMeeting and they may end up on our feed! #MoMAPS1