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Josie, perpetually confused by the the furless puppies in her life.


Theo takes his job as the nite-nite support squad very seriously. (@jimmyfallon’s book Dada!)


We were so fortunate have seen two of the eleven Black Rhinos in the Maasai Mara. I’m overwhelmed with (all of) the news this morning, but it only reiterates how deliberate we need to be about electing those into office that value the lives of our precious children, animals and planet over everything. Our voices and our decisions matter! #RIPSudan #enough #resist (@natgeo is a wonderful resource, I am gathering a list)

Maasai Mara National Reserve Kenya

Bath time with the babies! The best way to Monday.


Our family is at that point where getting most of us in one photo is a feat.


It takes a village.


Poor Josie can’t help that she has the worst poker face ever, Demi is perpetually confused about the entire fur-kid situation, and Theo, well he’s just here for your affection. #complexdynamics


Evvie will take a beach day over a ski trip anytime, definitely living the California life with the beach being more accessible for the little ones! #Ad Sun, sand and yummy treats are her love language; especially these #CLIFKidZbarFilled Apple Almond Butter! They’re perfect for these adventure-addicted children! @CLIFKid #FilledWith


Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to exist anonymously on social media... If I could say anything I wanted to anyone without concern, the way so many people do. The truth is, I really truly do care how I affect others (anonymously or not). I expect to always be held accountable for the way I treat people, no matter what. I’m raising children that I expect the same of, as I am hopeful that they behave this way in real life and eventually on the internet. I have high hopes for the next generations. Words matter. Happy Friday ❤️


It’s a donut and slippers kind of day 🍩🏆


My elementary school-aged big kids did not participate in the national school walk out, but they took part in an outdoor, interactive school wide conversation about inclusion and kindness. They also participate in lockdown drills, but they don’t know about the prevalence of school shootings. As a family, we went to the streets of NYC and paid tribute to each victim of Sandy Hook, but we didn’t need to explain to them the exact details. We stand in support and solidarity with each student that chose to participate in #nationalschoolwalkout and exercise their right to protest and demand their safety. #enough


Jack walked at 10 months, Zoe and Beau at 9 months, Evvie at 13 months. Demi is pushing 14 months and still only walks unassisted for her biggest brother. 😍🤷🏼‍♀️👌🏼