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Being able to conquer amusement parks with children is a parenting feat all on its own. When I remember to pack good snacks to stay away from the non-nutritious temptations around every corner, I feel like a superstar! #AD Evvie's actual favorite snacks are her #CLIFKidZbarFilled Chocolate Peanut Butter bars, so packing them for fun days out is a treat! @CLIFKid #FilledWith


Here’s to CELEBRATING our RIGHT to use our VOICES to demonstrate our INTEGRITY. 💪🏼
I see you.❤️🔥


That inside out kinda adoration. No one loves her like he loves her. ❤️


We had the most incredible experience at @NorthwesternMutual's Rose Buds Campout on the Field at the @RosebowlStadium in Pasadena. We were all inspired by the activities and opportunities for children and their families affected by #childhoodcancer, but also the kids we spent time with during the event.

We even got to me @UsTheDuo as they not only sang for the event, but they invited kids in recovery onto the stage to perform for us, too.
Additionally, to bring the fun and feeling of camping out to children who are unable to travel due to health status, the Northwestern Mutual Foundation is creating indoor camp experiences in select hospitals nationwide. These kits will be delivered to pediatric cancer units and help them bring camp-like experiences to those undergoing inpatient treatment.

And check this out! Northwestern Mutual is giving people the opportunity to bring camp joy to more kids: Visit to vote for the iconic venue where you’d most want to camp out. For every 25,000 votes cast July 6-20, Northwestern Mutual will donate an indoor camp experience to a pediatric cancer unit to help them bring camp-like activities to their patients. #NMPartner


I’m just now recognizing that positive self talk is something I’ve taught myself to do by emulating it for my children. As someone whose been derailed by post-partum depression and anxiety, it makes a huge difference. #raisingstronggirls ❤️


She’s blossoming from the inside out, getting ready to humble us all with her wingspan and strength. I am in cocoon mode, however. Possibly indefinitely. #motherhood


So far, we have been so lucky that Jack is the only child in our family to have (severe) food allergies. I have been deliberate about early introduction of peanuts with Evangeline and Demi, and in partnership with the @NationalPeanutBoard, I am thrilled to share a recipe substituting peanut powder for a bit of flour in banana muffins that Zoe and I made for the girl's breakfast! Check out the recipe on the blog and swipe up in my stories to learn more about how to help prevent peanut allergies. Link to post in my profile! #ad


Working from home (during summer) with 5 additional rotating schedules feels totally chaotic sometimes. They remind me to compartmentalize and focus when things feel haywire. ❤️


No sleepin’ on sunshine. Get up, get out and get to it! (Ahem, Theo.)


Tormented with a bath, but in the end all was forgiven ❤️


We are so honored to attend @NorthwesternMutual's inaugural Rose Buds Campout on the Field event, held at @RoseBowlStadium!

As the presenting sponsor of the Rose Bowl, Northwestern Mutual has used its participation in the Rose Parade to raise awareness around childhood cancer. As a a part of this joint effort, this incredible event is designed for kids and families faced with childhood cancer diagnoses share in opportunities to restore the precious sense of childhood often lost during treatment and recovery.

We couldn't be happier to join in helping to raise awareness for both childhood cancer and this meaningful initiative. As my kids are so fortunate to understand, camp is an invaluable experience for any child, but especially for those fighting cancer: Camps for kids with cancer and other chronic illnesses provide community, camaraderie and hope to those who need it most.

It is our privelege to share, please find more in my stories! #childhoodcancer #NMparter @inspire_2022


I’m supposed to be eliminating dairy (aging is fun! I have some newfound allergy that I’m trying to nail down), but she was so serious about sharing so OF COURSE I couldn’t say no 🤗