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Director & Photographer 🐺📍London

Happy 30th Birthday to this legend @stevebooker you’re old now homie! 👴🏼 thanks for the best memories over these last few wild years, many more great times to come bro ♥️ #Bromance


My first and only heli flight I’ve ever experienced in Cape Town was with @kelvintrautman shooting the critically low state of the water reserves during the drought last summer 🚁 some interesting perspectives from our doors off mission 📸 which is your fave? 👀


Testing the light 🤓 shooting with the legend @mijlof, on assignment for Saucony ⚡️


Arctic throwback part three ❄️ views of the Kapitan Khlebnikov from one of the daily helicopter missions 🚁 #Arctic


The next Bond? @timtothewild 🤤 another arctic throwback ❄️ btw new vlog is now live 🙏🏻 link in bio ⚡️


Arctic throwback ❄️


Time Vs. intensity 🙏🏼 New merch designed by me, available now ⚡️ read the full story on my blog ♥️ Each TVI item bought = 1 raffle entry to win my Sony FS700 (more info in blog post). Thank you for all the love around this release and all the recent messages 💙 Drawing has been something I’ve always enjoyed and it’s certainly felt like a great use of my time lately 🌬️ it feels great to be making things again. In between drawing this design and organising it onto a shirt, I’ve been chipping away at some bigger more ambitious projects, with which I’ve been making good progress and hope to launch within the next 6 weeks. Once that’s up and running I’ll have some exciting production announcements and then I’ll be back to making missions, taking photos and shooting films, all with a new sense of purpose. Thank you for being patient with me whilst I’m busy building 🙏🏼 📸: @ellagracedenton ♥️ looking forward to getting back to regular posting ⚡️ link to merch and raffle info in Bio


Edited in Lightroom Mobile with my mobile preset pack ‘Original 3’ 📱 link in bio ⚡️


This is the final post for my Ocean Series in collaboration with @davidoffparfums 🌊 I’ve not been in the ocean much recently but I can’t wait to dive in with my camera soon 📸 BTS Mozambique shot by @naudewashere 🐠#davidoffcoolwater #catchthewave


Monday memories 🌞 Arriving at Afrika Burn ✨ did you see my blog post from the weekend? It’s long and deep (🤭) but thank you to everyone who’s read it and, thank you to all those who’ve sent me message and replies of encouragement 🙏🏼 I’m taking this time to chip away at some big goals I’ve set for this year. I’ve been having some some lows as well as highs lately, overcoming and working through the parts of my life that are causing me unnecessary stress. I want to write a lot more, that’s certainly something I’ve been finding helpful in all this change 😊


My original Lightroom presets are now available for purchase both desktop & mobile 📱🖥️ happy editing ♥️ link in bio - 📸: @naudewashere 🙏🏼 #BBpresets


#vapenaysh 💨