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Actor, Journalist, Stylist, iPhone photographer, Creative Direction of food, Singer, Dancer, professor in Sneakers, chat show host and Comedian...HMU!

Bey & Jay were very good tonight...can’t wait to share my vocals at Karaoke 🎤


I just miss avin a laugh with you mate I really do...😢
Happy Birthday Gaz. They say 40 is the new 30...! ❤️💔❤️


Finally it’s time to say Goodbye to Mr Arsène Wenger. Thank you for everything you have done for Arsenal FC and football! I have so many positive memories I’ll never ever forget and always share. I’m proud to support a club that has such a beautiful and unmatched philosophy. The ups have been insane, the downs - in reality - are not as bad as people make out to be. You have set such high standards for the club to meet and with the vast amount of money being thrown around today it’s not always possible to stay at the top. You are a visionary and a fine gentleman. What you have done at AFC will never ever be forgotten you are the definition of Legacy. What an absolute Legend. Thank you for everything I love football because of you sir! #merciarsène #theresonly1ArsèneWenger ❤️❤️❤️


Not many people get to experience a Semi final let alone 2 semi finals of 2 different European competitions. Thank you @adidas /// for everything - huge shame Arsenal could not make it Lyon. 😢.


Blending into my surroundings today #GreenHYPE 🌴🌲🌳🌵🐊🌿🦎🦖


Once in a lifetime experience...thank you, thank you, thank you! /// @adidas


Steady Levels in London 🇬🇧 with my g @leoneski - this guy lucked out HARD this weekend we’ve had a blast - Next stop Berlin 🇩🇪 📷:


One of the most beautiful places in the Vurld 🌎 . Barbs I need to lay off the carbs...!🙋🏿‍♂️


We’ve been #Swindled BIG TIME, so why is it okay to just let it slide? It’s not! We all have a voice so let’s use it.
For more info head to:
#ServicesUnknown campaign that is catching fire all around the country - if you care you’ll share! Let’s stop all the Brexit bollocks!
*Link in bio


What are we looking to Fuse? Thanks for today #AsicsTiger had a fun afternoon #japanHYPE 🇯🇵


This. right. here. Is. my. swag.

Pretty boi swag ayyyyyyyyyyyyye


Made the @nytimes paper and website last week. Mans looking kinda buff ya na, Black Box Logo and AM97s are a perfect match👌🏾. 📸: @kristaschlueter and @joannanikasnyc for the interview. Link in my bio!


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