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#Followmeto Granada, Alhambra. I wanted to continue telling you stories about our original photos. This was one of the first photos that we actually prepared for. We roamed streets of Granada in search of the local Flamenco outfits. Decided that it would be to much fuss if we put on a big Flamenco dress as there was nowhere to change there, so we went for scarf, skirt and this red fan. Even though this wasn’t the first picture in our series, it was after this one that we were put in such a spotlight and the project went viral. What do you think about this photo?
#следуйзамной в город Гранада, дворец Альгамбра. Продолжаю рассказывать вам истории начальных фотографий. Это была одна из первых фотографий, к которой мы решили основательно подготовиться. Мы гуляли по улицам Гранады в поисках национальных костюмов Фламенко. Решили, что полностью надевать платье на Наташу будет не очень удобно, так как подходящий мест в дворце не очень было много, поэтому мы решили обойтись юбкой, платком, и веером. Несмотря на то, это была уже далеко не первая фотография, именно она получила большую огласку и наш проект выстрелил. Что вы думаете об этом фото?



#followmeto Moscow Drone Hyperlapses. This is the second sister from the “Seven Sisters of Moscow” - a group of seven skyscrapers that continue to define Moscow’s skyline. #osmannlapse - Music by: @odesza



#followmeto Moscow with @natalyosmann. Exploring new talents video

Мы всегда говорим, что нет ничего невозможного, для нас открыт весь мир и все его возможности! Мир наш, и мы сами устанавливаем правила и открываем новые таланты. Ловите каждый момент, мечтайте и пробуйте что-то новое!
У нас одна жизнь / проживи их все!
#remymartin #onelifelivethem @remymartinrussia



#Followmeto Moscow Drone Hyperlapses. ❓What do you guys think❓#osmannlapse



It is extremely important in this digital world to draw attention to these problems. I am extremely proud of our friend @samkolder for shining light on this issue. Please go to his page and share his post. -
With roughly over a thousand Rhinos being killed each year and only 5,000 black rhinos left they are now critically endangered and based on statistics can go extinct within the next 5 years if we don't act now. This is the real world and the graphic images in this video are as real as it gets. Ive personally been heavily impacted by this issue this year and believe that this is something the world NEEDS to see. Fortunately we still have the opportunity to reverse what we've done and restore the population of these beautiful creatures back to normal but we need everyones help! Organizations like @vetpaw and the other ones listed on can use as much financial support as possible to operate and expand their operations at this time. Start by sharing this video and if you want to be a part of saving these incredible creatures choose an organization on our site or any credible charity that is working with rhino conservation and donate! These people are devoting their lives to helping these animals and NEED as much help as they can get at this time! @karmagawa has donated $250,000 to @vetpaw already and I'm adding another $10,000 because I want us to win this war! Let's use our platforms to serve a bigger purpose and win this war!!



#followmeto the Chongqing tea house. Traditions are really important in China. Here in this tea house people gather to play the ancient Chinese board game “Go”. Has anyone played it? What are the rules :)??



Do you know what is 🇨🇳 Chongqing 重庆 most famous for? Take a guess :)? А вы знаете чем знаменит Чунцин



#followmeto the People’s Liberation Monument in Chongqing with @natalyosmann. This cosmopolitan city is full of different modern and hysterical mixtures. Thanks to the guys from CQIFS for inviting us to experience the city. Our philosophies match so it was easy to collaborate with you. #CQIFS #chongqing



Followmeto the night temples of Chongqing with shooting them with a central perspective, so that these temples look like endless stairway to heaven...places like that fill me up with creative energy and gives me ideas. What are your secret places that broaden your creative mind? #Chongqing #CQIFS
Следуйзамной в ночные храмы Чунцина. Люблю снимать с центральной перспективой - они всегда кажутся как бесконечные лестницы в небо. Такие места наполняют креативной энергией и идеями, а какие у вас любимые секретные места?



#followmeto Chongqing Hongyadong. The city continues to surprise me with its contrasts of modern buildings and historical ones. Here you find yourself in a totally cyberpunk city of the future.
#Chongqing #CQIFS
Чунцин не перестаёт удивлять. Город контрастов и тотальный киберпанк.



#followmeto the new adventures in the city of Chongqing in China. Haven’t been to this city before, so it was our first time and we really loved it. First stop was this installation called “Love.Found” DO YOU LOVE PANDAS? 🐼
#chongqing #CQIFS

#следуйзамной за новыми приключениями в Чунцин



#followmeto Dagestan Babaku mountain with @natalyosmann. First I saw this mountain on the countless photos of our friend photographer who travels across Dagestan @photo_shapiev (by the way he takes amazing pictures on the nature of Dagestan and the remote villages). So since then I have decided that we must visit this place and climb this mountain. At that time I wasn’t doing my 10 000 steps a day program, so my stamina wasn’t at it’s best :) (now as you can see I am a perfect athlete almost competing in Iron man contests in my dreams). We took some horses there, which was a challenge, since they don’t really have horses and we had to ask local shepherd to bring them. Having called him like 10 times before arriving there to make sure that he has 9 horses we were under impression that the plan was finalised and we would arrive to the bottom of the mountain and then try climbing it.
When we arrived there somehow the shepherd was a bit surprised that we came, even though we called him twice the night before. Somehow he only brought 4 horses so we had to minimise our group. So the trip full of adventures had started. Babaku mountain is one of the few in the world that has a pyramidal peak. You won’t find a lot of information about this mountain online though because of it’s remote location. Height of the mountain is 3997, but some adventurous people from what I heard - piled several stones up so that it would reach 4000m. Don’t think that this counts by the officials though :)).
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