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Nismo #0179
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Ain’t easy making a grey car stand out in a grey city.


I hope you all appreciate my strategic tire placement.

To all of the new people that followed me yesterday — welcome. This is my 2007 350z Nismo. You’ve probably noticed that my account is centered mostly around automotive photography of other peoples cars, but I also post my own car from time to time in the same fashion. I hope you enjoy my content and thanks for the follow!


I really have to start shooting more cars, I don’t have any new cars after this post. Consider this my official self-advertisement, DM me if you’d like to schedule a shoot and get photos like this.


Just a quick press of a preset and this photo was ready to go!


Wrap and suspension companies hate him, find out how this photographer modified his car for free with one simple trick.


My best edit to date! Huge emphasis on “edit” as I did not physically click the shutter to take this photo, courtesy of that goes to a very talented photographer named Michael Chang. This photo was part of a challenge that took place in a Facebook photography group that I’m in called “Automotive Photography Education,” (I highly recommend you join if you’re at all serious about automotive photography). We were given nine different raw exposures to use and each one polarized a different side of the car, the only rule was to use the Lamborghini in the final shot. This was my result. Swipe to see the full image and one of the nine exposures that we were given.

Side note: This photo was taken on a Nikon 50mm f1.8... a $200 lens.


The colors I currently hate the most when editing photos: yellow and orange


Find the Easter egg.


Sorry for the repost of this photo. After looking at it again, I realized it was under-exposed quite a bit, I finished editing it at like 3 am last night so I suppose my eyes were a bit tired. With that said, I’ve since fixed it. I have a bad habit of continuing to edit photos even after posting them and then regretting that I already posted them 🙄


I never posted this for whatever reason, but here’s the final rendition of that photo I posted a while back.
Started out as a photo taken during the day, then eventually, after like 15 hours of editing and messing around, it turned into this.


Damn, think about how much better I’d be if I took pictures more than twice a month.



Ft. A significantly better edit.


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