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KAAAAAAH-ZOOOOOO! 🎉 I've redeemed myself! ✨ (Sort of) If you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out my previous mask fail video!
I re-tried the Casmara mask from Amazon! I purchased it for $12 on This is their "Vitamin Vegetable Mask" - It has Vitamin C and Dill to increase skin firmness and stimulate collagen production.

MESS OR SUCCESS? Definitely a mess.... (It literally dripped all over my shirt & leggings and ruined them😭) It was really stressful to put on hahahaha it kept dripping everywhere, my hair got stuck in it, etc. My skin did feel pretty nice afterwards tho, and it had an even tone. But over-all I would not buy this again unless I had someone to help me apply it while I was laying down. Way too much work for me! (PS - the brush I'm using in this video is from @muddybody_, use the code LEXINGTON for $$$ off!) _______________________________________________
Have you tried something like this? Let me know down below! ⬇️


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