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Photo @hammond_robin. Ondoshi spotted a large bird perched in a tree not too far away, he tucked his arrows quickly and quietly between his legs, took aim - and missed. Showing me the arrows earlier, I was told to take care of the sharp point, but especially of the poison pasted at the base of the arrow head (pic 2). The Hadza are one of the last hunter-gatherer groups that still practice a predominantly subsistence lifestyle and are among the closest living relatives of those humans who first left Africa. I spent time with a Hadza group while shooting a story for a @NatGeo magazine special issue on race. Africa is the most genetically diverse region in the world. This is consistent with the theory that humans recently migrated out of Africa. The first anatomically modern humans originated in Africa about 200,000 years ago, and all humans today are their direct descendants. You can see more from this project at @Hammond_Robin


photo by @randyolson | words by @neilshea13 — Listen to locals on Easter Island and they’ll tell you the big statues once walked—loped out of the quarry and over the treeless hills to set themselves up on dark stone pedestals near the shore or plant themselves, backs to the sea, farther inland. It’s a good story and true, but if it does not answer your questions then archaeologists will offer another, one of earthly forces, friction and gravity, ropes and logs. Teams of men and maybe women who tipped, wobbled and pulled nearly 900 moai across the landscape to anchor the sky to earth and the ancestors to their children. This also is a good, true story. So, which will it be? Magic or data, faith or muscle? Both have their attractions. Both deliver you into a world that Europeans glimpsed only for a moment before it vanished. You could choose the middle ground, somewhere between a stroll and a drag, but these days almost nobody lasts very long in there. Take your time deciding, then. There’s really no wrong answer. In the meantime, I feel compelled to mention that this moai—sunken, surrounded by divers—is fake. Yeah. It’s concrete. Cast onshore and then dumped, not so long ago, into the sea. I’m sorry. I wanted it to be real, too—this figure, alone, walking out beyond the others. It would have been the best story of all.

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Part of a series exploring the small stories that surround and connect us, and how we stumble through them—capturing, missing, and making meaning.


Photo by @davidliittschwager. This jellyfish is called Pelagia noctiluca. In Europe, it is known as the Mauve Stinger, and elsewhere it’s also known as a Purple-striped jellyfish. Reportedly, this species is bioluminescent, but we didn’t turn out the lights while we were photographing it. There’s always more to do. Photographed on assignment for National Geographic magazine at the Kamo Aquarium. @natgeocreative @thephotosociety #onassignment


Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) - Pictured here, Carlsbad Caverns Park Guide admires stunning cloud-like cave formations known as mammillaries. These formed underwater at times when the lake was much higher than it is today. The formations that look like lion tails (i.e., white stalactites with orange bulbs on the end) formed close to the water surface, with the white part being above water and the orange part being just below the water surface. This contrast between the orange and white formations can give you an idea of where the level of the lake was in the past. Lechuguilla is a very beautiful and highly protected cave. Access is very strongly controlled and only given to experienced caves with specific scientific or exploration goals within certain parts of the cave. This particular part of the cave had been ‘out of bounds’ for nearly 25 years. Lechuguilla features strongly in the episode Genesis of the @natgeochannel documentary ‘One Strange Rock’ - Check it out! @natgeocreative


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Photograph by George Steinmetz @geosteinmetz
Some people take their gardening seriously, as seen here in the communal vegetable works of Timbuktu, Mali. This #Saharan oasis is carefully watered by buckets brought up in headloads from a deep pit. #AfricanAirBook To see more of our world from above follow @geosteinmetz


Photograph by @PaulNicklen // After a quick breath at the surface, a large group of emperor penguins descend under the ice and into the depths of the Ross Sea. Here they’ll spend days or even weeks gorging on ice fish and Neill to bring back to their awaiting chicks. To see the cutest baby penguin chick I’ve ever seen #FollowMe at @PaulNicklen


photo by @vincentjmusi Bear, 2018
I knew Bear was going to leave a mark.
My wife, dog whisperer and faithful assistant Callie is over at the neighborhood Laundromat where
they have those enormous washing machines that can handle 250 square feet of Saint Bernard-drool-splattered canvas.

When I first started dating her, I secretly wondered if Callie and her siblings were raised by a pack of St. Bernards.
The dogs are prominently featured with the children, outnumbering them in every family portrait. I imagined the dogs driving them down to the local photographer in a station wagon with those wood-grain panels.
We’re getting our picture made today kids, the dogs might announce. And if the kids behaved, the dogs would pull out ice cream cones from one of those wooden barrels slung around their necks for lost travelers and cranky kids.

4 year-old Bear came to me recently and while the whole story is far too complex to post here, I can say it is the tale of two souls who found each other, who needed each other and who saved each other.

Shot, terrorized and left to die an emaciated dog was found roaming the streets with a twisted stomach and a couple of bullets in him.
In another town a young woman struggled to break free from the grasp of paralyzing depression and anxiety. She needed help and the dog needed her.

So as veterinarians worked to put the dog’s body back together, this young woman went to work putting his life back together. And as Bear’s physical and mental scars healed so did hers.
They rescued each other and although they both face challenges from their past, I’m pleased to report they are in good health and nearly inseparable.

There are times when a dog is going to leave a mark and this was indeed one of them.
For more #yearofthedogs, my personal project on the beauty and character of dogs, please follow @vincentjmusi


Photograph by @simoncroberts. ‘Stone Cross St George’s Day Parade, Dartmouth Park, Birmingham, West Midlands’ from the series #MerrieAlbion. The Stone Cross event is reputedly England’s largest St George’s Day parade, held annually to celebrate the national patron saint, best-known by his mythical image as a mighty, dragon-slaying medieval soldier. Although George would likely have been a soldier somewhere in the eastern Roman Empire, probably in what is now Turkey – if he ever existed. The saint is not only honoured in England, as he is the patron to organisations in 24 other countries including Bulgaria, Macedonia, Jordan and Lebanon. Traditional St George’s Day activities include flying the St George’s Cross red and white flag.
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Video by @mmuheisen (Muhammed Muheisen) On a roadside on the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan while I was documenting the daily life of Afghan refugees and internally displaced people in the country, a family portrait.
For more photos and videos of the refugee crisis follow me @mmuheisen and @everydayrefugees #everydayrefugees #muhammedmuheisen


Photo by @pedromcbride // Happy Earth Day to all - big and small. To see more wild places from our shared, blue planet, go to @pedromcbride #reedfrog #small #okavangodelta #botswana #africa #conservation #nature #mothernature #earthday #petemcbride


Photograph by @limauricio | Mauricio Lima
To mark Earth Day on April 22, a rain of Munduruku children celebrating life in the Tapajós river, near their tribal village called Sawré Muybu, in the Amazon rainforest, Brazil. For more about his work around the world, follow @limauricio
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