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Photo by @taylorglenn // Late afternoon light creates a beautiful rainbow in the mist below Snoqualmie Falls near Seattle, Washington. For the Snoqualmie People, who have lived for centuries in the Snoqualmie Valley in western Washington, the falls are central to their culture, beliefs, and spirituality. A traditional burial site, to the Snoqualmie, the falls are the place where First Woman and First Man were created by "Moon the Transformer" and where prayers were carried up to the Creator by great mists that rise from the powerful flow. The mists rising from the base of the waterfall are said to connect Heaven and Earth. Follow @taylorglenn for more scenery from the Western United States and beyond. #washington #waterfall #snoqualmiefalls


Photos by @babaktafreshi
While on most trips I’m imaging under stars and sleeping in daytime, on this summer day of Normandy I was off, attending my friends 10th anniversary celebration. The entire family and international guests took a day to cross the Saint-Michel Bay, walking on the ocean floor in low tide, towards the World Heritage monastery. This amazing several-mile walk is popular but has to be guided. The ground is swampy, includes fast streams even in low tide, and if you miscalculate the time the tidal flood rivers will come. This bay has the strongest tides in continental Europe where the sea goes out as far as 10 miles from the coast, becomes completely out of sight in a matter of few hours, and water returns in massive flood rivers. The exposed ocean floor in this view would be 40ft (12m) under water a few hours later, when Mont-Saint-Michel, one of Europe’s most unforgettable sights, becomes an island.
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Photo by @dguttenfelder // Sponsored by @Yellowstone on @ParamountNetwork // A fence casts a long afternoon shadow over a hillside pasture on the Chief Joseph Ranch near the town of Darby, Montana. In 2014, after 20 years of living and working as a photographer outside my native USA, I moved home to begin an assignment for @natgeo on Yellowstone National Park. During my year in the state, I fell for the glory of Montana’s rugged beauty and tough but generous people. This past May, I was lucky enough to return to western Montana to experience the Bitterroot region's springtime season. // Academy Award Winner Kevin Costner stars in Paramount Network’s @Yellowstone, an original television series from the writer of ‘Sicario’ and ‘Hell or High Water,’ Taylor Sheridan. #Yellowstone premieres Wednesday June 20 at 9/8c on @ParamountNetwork.


Photograph by @CristinaMittermeier // A rare afternoon shower painted the sky a lovely purple hue as the sun set over this fabled and iconic Malagasy scene. #FollowMe at @CristinaMittermeier to see more images from Madagascar and other breathtaking places around the world.


Photo by @michaelclarkphoto // A twisted Juniper pine tree atop Dragon Point on the south rim of the Black Canyon of the Gunnison near Montrose, Colorado. When shooting a long exposure at night it is always amazing to see just how fast the world rotates under the stars. In my university days I remember going camping without a tent and staying up all night to watch the stars move. That was a very memorable night as was this one. While capturing this image I was more concerned about surprising a black bear in the shrubs around me at 1 AM. A little light painting helped make this image a bit more dramatic. #blackcanyon #blackcanyonofthegunnison #colorado


Photo by @renan_ozturk

Not every trip to the Himalaya is about climbing the highest and most alluring summit. For me it’s become just as meaningful to take in the moments of cultural learning and art at the base of these giants. Pictured here is a time-lapse frame from an overnight painting mission in the Khumbu region of Nepal. With @climber.abiral @jetbutterflies @dzifoundation
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Photo by @shonephoto (Robbie Shone) // The Lake Castrovalva area of Lechuguilla (cave) in Carlsbad Caverns National Park, New Mexico, is very special. It is abundant in very delicate and unique cave formations, and for this reason it is very rarely visited. These formations are simply perfect and pristine. Here lies a fine set of rimstones and gours. For millions of years, the cave has been sealed off from human and animal interaction. The cave is so beautiful and so important to science that access is strictly controlled in order to keep the cave in as pristine condition as possible. It is a real time machine, taking us back to a world that was very different to the one we live in today. @natgeocreative


Photo by @jodymacdonaldphoto // If you like remote islands with mangrove forests, tropical jungles, white sand beaches and turquoise waters then the Andaman Islands should be added to your travel bucket list. Comprising of 572 islands located 1370 kms from the Indian mainland in the Bay of Bengal, this remote getaway has a friendly mix of Indian and Southeast Asian settlers. An elephant named Rajan brought me to these islands years ago and I have longed to go back since. In this photo Rajan swims in the azure waters of the Andaman Sea. Brought to the islands for logging in the 1950’s, he along with a small group of 10 elephants were forcefully trained to swim in saltwater. He was the last surviving member until his recent death in 2016. He eventually learned to love swimming in the ocean and spent his retirement days foraging in the jungle and snorkeling in the sea. I have such fond memories of him and these magical islands. Follow me @jodymacdonaldphoto to see more photos from my travels around the world.


Photo by @gerdludwig. In 1930, Great Smoky Mountains National Park became one of the largest protected areas of the eastern United States. Spanning the borders of North Carolina and Tennessee, it encompasses roughly 525,000 acres of lush landscapes (with more tree species than in all of northern Europe), abundant wildlife (65 mammal and 230 bird species), and spectacular scenic beauty.

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photo by @andrea_frazzetta // The night sky over Salar de Pajonales, Chile.
In the Atacama Desert a rare set of factors – very little rainfall, crystal-clear skies, high altitudes and low-to-zero light pollution – have created an unparalleled stargazing location. Follow @andrea_frazzetta to know more about my next projects #Chile #Southamerica


Photo of @bertiegregory by @spono. Behind the scenes on a new series for National Geographic at St Andrews Bay, South Georgia Island. This bay has got to be one of the most incredible places on the planet. Argued to be the busiest beach in the world, it’s home to over 400,000 king penguins. It’s hard to believe that in 1925, just 1,100 kings were counted here. This is what happens when environmental conditions are right and you protect a place. Hats off to the South Georgia Government and all the awesome NGOs that have contributed to this success story. After we sat down quietly at the edge of the colony, these curious brown chicks came over for a closer look at the camera! Follow @bertiegregory and @spono for more wildlife adventures.


Photo by @taylorglenn // A fog bow or white rainbow appears on a misty morning in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. Swipe through to see the entire scene. This rare phenomenon is similar to a rainbow in that it is formed by light passing through water droplets, but because the droplets in fog are much smaller than rain, a fog bow has much weaker colors than a rainbow. And when the water droplets are small enough the fog bow will appear totally white like you see here. Such a wonderful moment to witness! And to make this even better, I was on an early morning drive with my father so we shared this spectacular scene together. Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! Follow @taylorglenn for more scenery from Wyoming and beyond #fogbow #whiterainbow #tetons #wyoming #jacksonhole


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