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Video by @filipe_deandrade | The Yellow-Throated toucan's oversized, colorful bill has made it one of the world's most popular birds, but they use their 8-inch beaks for much more than catching eyes. #WILDUntamed


Photo by @alexbraczkowski
Click on the @natgeowild Instagram icon today to follow @alexbraczkowski @stevewinterphoto @lochsefilm and a daring team of vets and Ugandan Wildlife Service field rangers as they rescue a lioness from a wire snare! After 4 days of looking for an injured tree-climbing lioness the team find her and set out to dart and treat her. Shot for a brand new @natgeowild show on tree-climbing lions!

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Ishasha, Queen Elizabeth Narional Park, Uganda

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The Baboon Spider, Ceratogyrus is often called a tarantula and is a giant among its comrades. #SaveASpiderDay


Photo by @bertiegregory. A group of Antarctic fur seal pups wait impatiently for their mothers on Bird Island in the South Atlantic Ocean. Having given birth to these pups just a few weeks earlier, the mothers leave for 5-8 days at a time. During the wait the pups bleat like little sheep!

These fur seals are a great conservation success story. After Captain Cook put South Georgia on the map in 1775, he sent word back to England of enormous numbers of seals. A brutal massacre then followed peaking in 1800 when 112,000 pelts were taken in just a single season. This harvest continued until the seals were hunted down to just 400 individuals. Since then, they've had protection and have bounced back to over 3 million! Shot as part of a new online series for National Geographic coming soon. We owe an enormous thank you to the British Antarctic Survey for their support on this project. Please search for their work- it's fascinating science making a real difference. Follow @bertiegregory for more wildlife adventures!


"I'm like ridiculously good looking."


If there was a banana eating contest, this chimp would win. David Greybeard, who was the first Gombe chimp to lose his fear of human contact, once ate about 50 bananas in a sitting. #JANE

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Video by @bobpoolefilms | If you live in the UK and love Cheetahs don’t miss Man Among Cheetahs TONIGHT! Monday March 12th, on natgeowild. It is a wild ride with me, Bob Poole, as I try to keep up with the fastest predator on the planet. The Star is a real Super Mom and will do anything to protect her two cubs. One minute they are playing and having a ball, the next they are running for their lives. It’s an action-packed hour of TV on NatGeoWild’s Big Cat Week. •

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Don’t mess with this mama bear and her cubs.


Optical illusion? No, just the greatest gray owl of all time.


Video by @alexbraczkowski
A new study co-led by @natgeowild cameraman and big cat biologist @alexbraczkowski shows leopards could be saving human lives in India by feeding on stray dogs which bite people and that can spread rabies! Follow along today on the @natgeowild Instagram story to see the expedition and @natgeowild tv show that inspired this new research, what leopards are all about and why we need to save them.
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Mumbai, Maharashtra

Today, we celebrate Jane Goodall and all the women who have made a monumental impact on our world. #InternationalWomensDay #NatGeoWomen

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When your mom says dinner is ready.

Leopard seal resting on sea ice in Tierra Del Fuego.