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Photo by Angela Bohlke. Last day to vote for your favorite submissions to @nature_org’s global photo contest (link in bio)! Way to capture the moment with this beautiful submission, Angela. Shake, shake, shake it off! Notes from the photographer: A cheetah shakes off the rain after a shower in Maasai Mara, Kenya.

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Photo by @harry.randell. We asked and you delivered! Thank you for sharing your most treasured nature moments with us. Click the link in our bio to vote for your favorite submissions (like this one!) to @nature_org’s global photo contest by Thursday, June 14 and winners will be announced on Friday! Notes from the photographer: Victoria Falls is the 7th wonder of the world. Carved into the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, what better place for two nationalities to meet, and be awed by the never ending thunder of the water 100 meters below.
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Photo by Hagai Zvulun. "The ocean stirs the heart, inspires the imagination, and brings eternal joy to the soul.” —Robert Wyland

Thank you, oceans. Thank you, coral reefs. Thank you, everyone working hard to protect them.

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Very cool to see the following note from @nature_africa director @kofidog and 500 of your names printed in Seychelles’ largest newspaper for #WorldOceansDay today! Many thanks to the people of Seychelles for protecting 81,000 squares miles of ocean and to the 2,200 @nature_org supporters and @leonardodicaprio fans who have come together to thank them for their efforts! “On 22 Feb 2018, Seychelles’ Minister of Tourism, Civil Aviation, Ports and Marine (formerly of Environment, Energy and Climate Change) Mr. Didier Dogley announced completion of Phase 1 of a new Marine Spatial Plan (MSP), a monumental step forward in making the vision of a Blue Economy a reality for the benefit of all citizens. The Seychelles MSP is a blueprint for ocean conservation and climate change that goes hand-in-hand with economic development. It was created through four years of scientific analysis and and robust stakeholder engagement from diverse sectors: tourism, domestic fishing, and industrial fishing, including tuna, as well as conservation, renewable energy, petroleum and other ocean interests. In recognition of this globally significant achievement, the individuals signed here alongside me wish to express our sincere congratulations and gratitude to the people of Seychelles this World Oceans Day. We are citizens from around the globe who care deeply for oceans and are inspired by your commitment, innovation, and leadership.” #seychelles #happyworldoceansday #protectourocean #oceanoptimism #protectpreserve


Photo by @tatianakaranja. Today, is the last day to submit your best images to @nature_org’s global photo contest at (link in bio). Look forward to seeing how you connect with nature and hearing the tales behind your most cherished adventures. Here’s a fun story from @akenyangirl about her recent safari experience at @loisaba_conservancy: “When Warrior meets you, he’s keen to show off his best manners, greeting you politely, with a large paw in offering. He’s an absolute gentleman, loving his life and work out in the wild. Warrior, and his brother, Machine, are two of Loisaba’s tracker dogs. Of the Bloodhound breed, their best job is to sniff you out, helping track down poachers, and other miscreants. Part of their job is to also help the community solve crimes that happen in their area, proving to be of immense value to everyone around them. When at the conservancy, set aside some time to hang out with the security team and learn more about these awesome dogs, and the team that works with them. Thanks to them, the wildlife and people there are kept safe. Don't forget to shake Warrior's paw, and wish him a good day.” Big thanks to @bashir_munira, @akenyangirl, and @tatianakaranja for going on this fun photo safari with us and to @loisaba_conservancy and @elewanacollection for hosting!

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Photo by @tatianakaranja. Calling all nature photographers! Submit your most inspiring wildlife images to @nature_org’s global photo contest by tomorrow (May 31!) and you could win some wonderful prizes. Ongoing research carried out at @loisaba_conservancy on giraffes, wild dogs, lions, elephants, and leopards is teaching us all about their movements, behaviors, and more so that we can better protect them. With the conservancy on the western edge of a key elephant corridor, it is also essential to keep the land intact for future generations, and for the immediate community by letting it function to serve both the animals and people. Connecting Samburu and Isiolo lands, the area is vital to the Ewaso ecosystem. If you get to go to @loisaba_conservancy, visit the main office and conservancy center to learn more. David and his colleagues will entertain you with stories and give you lots of information on why the team works to make this corner of the world special for us.

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Photo by @akenyangirl. Where’s your favorite place to camp out under the stars? Tomorrow (May 31) is the last day to submit your most inspiring adventure images to @nature_org’s global photo contest (link in bio). Our power team @bashir_munira, @tatianakaranja, and @akenyangirl had no problem settling into safari life at @loisaba_conservancy, where they were visiting to take photos for the contest. It all began with a game drive to the Kiboko Star Beds and sundowners (thanks to @elewanacollection!) over a lovely sunset. You might be afraid of sleeping in open spaces outdoors – and who could blame you? But if you get the chance to visit Loisaba, you have to try the Star Beds. The beds are set on wheels, mkokoteni style, making it easy to wheel them in and out of the deck area and under the open sky. With the great local weather, you get the magical experience of watching stars twinkle invitingly above you. There’s no need to worry about security: the rooms are set almost at the edge of a cliff, that’s hard to climb undetected. And there’s always security around the rooms day and night, ensuring that you don’t come to harm. Feels like a bedroom with heaven as your sky and it’s amazing if you love stargazing. Even better, the sunrise each morning.
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Photo courtesy of @mamaolivek. Photographer @tatianakaranja and her one-year-old daughter Olive enjoy an afternoon on the deck at @loisaba_conservancy after a long (and bumpy!) day of traveling. They headed out on a clear morning, fresh from a heavy downpour the previous night, at 7:00 am sharp since it was going to take at least six hours on the road to get to beautiful Loisaba – and it was worth every minute of negotiating sticky roads to get there! Tomorrow (May 31) is the last day to enter @nature_org’s global photo contest. Show us your favorite ways to connect with nature by entering your most inspiring images at and you could win really great prizes!
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Photo by @tatianakaranja. When one looks up Laikipa on the Kenyan map, all you tend to see is the vastness of seemingly empty land. Hidden therein, in plain sight, are some of Kenya’s best travel destinations like @loisaba_conservancy, also known as “The Place of Seven Stars.” (The word Loi means ‘stars’ in Samburu and saba is ‘seven’.) Weekend before last, we sent an incredible team of power women, including TNC Africa Kenya Program Director @bashir_munira, photographer @tatianakaranja, and blogger extraordinaire @akenyangirl on a photo safari to experience the calm tranquility of northern Kenya and capture gorgeous images for @nature_org’s global photo contest, which is open for submissions through this Thursday, May 31. Visit (link in bio) to enjoy a collection of beautiful images from around the world and submit your own for the opportunity to win really great prizes! Huge thanks to @nature_org, @loisaba_conservancy, and @elewanacollection for making this fun photography adventure possible!
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Photo by @tatianakaranja. Nothing like a campfire to celebrate the weekend! This photo was snapped last Saturday at @loisaba_conservancy in northern Kenya after a day of game drives, meeting wildlife rangers and tracker dogs, and learning about the ongoing research being carried out at the conservancy on giraffes, wild dogs, lions, elephants, and leopards. What’s your favorite way to connect with nature? Show us by submitting your most inspiring photos to @nature_org’s global photo contest at (link in bio) by May 31 — and you could win some great prizes!
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Photos submitted by Pat Rose and Debby Thomas to @nature_org’s 2017 global photo contest. Sometimes the smallest can resemble the biggest. Submit your most inspiring images at (link in bio) by May 31 to show us how you connect with nature. Let’s cherish this world of biodiversity and protect it.
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Video footage courtesy of @natgeopristineseas. New marine protected areas in Seychelles covering an area of beautiful ocean waters the size of Great Britain will make #WorldTurtleDay a little brighter for sea turtles this year … And for years to come!
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