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Katie Basile | @basilekatie
"Owen explores a Douglas fir forest in Oregon in April 2018. I love the natural world and spending time outdoors with my kids is so important to me. I want them to have the same love of nature and opportunities to spend time in the wild as I’ve had. Protecting the environment and acknowledging our reliance on it is imperative." Judge Rolaine Ossman comments: "The photographer’s choices here, especially to put so much of the forest in the frame, places equal importance on the landscape and the child. In that way, it’s not just a photo of her child, but of her child’s place in the world. What I love about photography is that it can allow us to consider the bigger story, and meaning beyond what’s in the frame." #oregon #explore #wild #forest #lush #green #instamood


Romain Barats | @romainbaratsetcecilebarats "Spermwhales are sleeping, vertically, well stabilized by spermaceti in their head. Adults are really stable whereas calves are sometimes clumsy as they try to stay vertical like adults do but they can't and gradually finish to horizontal before trying again and again to stay vertical. They sleep several minutes in this position (maybe 30, 40 minutes) before needing to breathe." Judge’s comment: "Quiet, powerful, and regal; beautifully done." #whales #oceans #sleep #bigblue #underwater


Giovana Muller |
Judge Rolaine Ossman comment: "The small amount of light that illuminates the butterfly’s wings and this person’s fingers demonstrate just how important lighting choices are in photography—in this, it creates a quiet, thoughtful mood." #mood #instamood #butterflies #blackandwhitephotography #brazil


ANDREY GUDKOV | "Kenya. Great migration. More than a million wildebeests crossing the Mara river. They pass through the same places in the Masai Mara National Park. This grand spectacle attracts many tourists and photographers from all over the world every year." Judges @jennafite comments: "There is so much energy and action captured in this photograph, well done, Andrey." #kenya #africa #wildanimals #wildebeests #action


Terra Fondriest | @terrafondriest
"There is not much in life that my daughter likes more than lizards... She lives to catch lizards around our home and care for them in her tank. Lately, a ton of baby lizards have been hatching! They are pretty easy to catch and don't mind being held and played with as much as the adults. She usually keeps them for a bit and then lets them go in her flower garden. Ozarks of Arkansas." Judge @jennafite comments: "Everything in this photograph—Terra’s daughter's sweet little toes, the multi-colored nail polish, the blond leg hair, and the tiny lizard—make it both an incredibly lovely image and tribute to childhood curiosity and discovering nature." #childhood #backyard #nature #lizards #playoutside #outsidevoices


Steven Faiers |
"I have been following this fox for over three years, gaining his trust & supplementing his food in the winter months & when his natural food sources are scarce. Whilst he remains completely wild, we have spent some great moments together - sometimes very intimate." Judge @jennafite comments: "I love how this up-close shot of this fox perfectly captures her curiosity." #fox #wildlifephotography #upclose #nature #wild


Adarsh Ananthachar | @adarsh_ananth
"This image was shot on DJI Spark on the Western Coast of Karnataka, India - which coincidentally resembles the tricolor of the Indian National Flag.” Judge @jennafite: "Such a pleasing composition of sand, surf, and sea. Very artistic." #beach #surf #sea #sun #aerialphotography #naturephotography

Judge’s Comments: Such a pleasing composition of sand, surf, and sea; reminds me of a Rothko painting.


Romain Barats |
"A stingray fills the foreground while black tip reef sharks appear in the background. I took this picture in September 2017 in the famous Moorea lagoon, after spending maybe 3 or 4 hours to get these species in a row. Rays and sharks belong to the same family and are so graceful animals, it's a privilege to enter their world." Judges @jennafite comments: "Beautiful composition. Romain creates layers of interest here with the stingray in the foreground and sharks and fish in the background. I love seeing the stingray's mouth, almost in a smile." #oceans #sea #underwaterphotography #sharks #rays #fish


Thibaut Bouveroux |
"This picture shows several Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins jumping and surfing waves. The picture was taken in Algoa Bay (South Africa) in August 2016 during scientific research using boat surveys to study the behavioural strategies in grouping patterns."
Judges @jennafite comments: "This image is all at once playful and peaceful. Wonderful capture, Thibaut." #africa #dolphins #peace #ocean #waves


ANDREY GUDKOV | Churchill National Park, Canada | "Today, the climate on the planet is changing very quickly. This leads to a change in the ice cover. And these are the traditional habitats of polar bears." Photo Contest judge @jennafite comments, "Whether these bears are playing ot fighting here, Andrey did a great job of capturing this action!" #polarbears #climatechange #bearsofinstagram #snow #canada


Kathryn Greven |
"The Dunes in Namibia along the coast end in the ocean and are frequently shrouded in fog. Closer examination demonstrate a flock of birds flying through the fog." Judges @jennafite comments, "From the smooth sand dunes to the misty fog to the line of the coast and the crashing waves to the tiny flock of birds, Kathryn has created a very pleasing composition and different landscape image here. Well done." #landscape #photography #africa #namibia #coast #ocean #dunes


Mario Orosa |
Judge @jennafite comments, "Nature is everywhere. Mario has made a beautiful portrait here of a common house cat, a relatable character in many households." #catsofinstagram #portrait #light #cateye #beautiful


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