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Nerizza Darmayo

I thought it was the dazzling shades of blue I constantly crave

But, I woke up the next day
and every day after
to plain white sheet and you

just as amused
as grateful.


Nerizza Darmayo

August 12, 2018

It was a day of literal answers to prayers. A day of fulfilled dreams, of happy tears, relieves and big awakening.

Being together for years, we thought we knew what we need. We didn’t. The map we pointed was twisted and turned around so many times we had to took much harder route going uphill, through sharp turns and dirty tracks.

But, God is good indeed. He showed us what we never knew exist should we took the road we always take. His plan is grand. His plan is grand. I just can’t say this without shedding tears.

On the day we were heavenly blessed, we fell harder in love not only to each other but to The Mighty Allah and to His way of loving us. Now we get to continue our journey completely leaning to Him and our hearts rest easy. Bismillah 💕
When the silence isn't quiet
And it feels like it's getting hard to breathe
And I know you feel like dying
But I promise we'll take the world to its feet
And move mountains
We'll take it to its feet
And move mountains
And I'll rise up
High like the waves
I'll rise up
In spite of the ache
I'll rise up
And I'll do it a thousands times again
For you

Rise up by Andra Day


Nerizza Darmayo

My pwetty fairies 🌸🌿 #teambride
Out of the bunch, I’m the one that love decorations and diy projects. So these girls were at lost when they had to prepare my bridal shower 🤣 and I can totally see how hard they try through all the last minute wedding preparation. Thank you for the endless support and sweet balloon messages and loud laughters. Me laafffff yu bebs! 👰🏻💋 #CeritaDerizza


Nerizza Darmayo

My infinite 🌌 #CeritaDerizza


Nerizza Darmayo

The night when everything made perfect sense and my world is finally at peace.
Long live, all the magic we make 🌌



Nerizza Darmayo

Me, juggling work and wedding preparation at D-3 🦄💕 I’m posting this on my way to work. Yes, I’m still working on this last Friday before the big day. I’ve been trying to come to work early and have lunch at the desk to finish everything on time and going straight to home to prepare the wedding. There are also times Dery had to drive for 3 hours during rush hour to my office because we had to buy some wedding necessities.

I’m new at my current job so taking leave is a luxury. I’m saving it for after the wedding.

I haven’t got enough sleep for the past month and no rest during weekends. Everything has to be done in the last minute. The souvenirs are finished couple days ago, Dery’s suit was altered yesterday, my dress will be sent to me today.

Through it all, I promised my self not to go bridezilla on this 😹 I enjoy both my job and the thought of having my dream come true. Things might go wrong but I respect my self more, that there are more important things to care about than the itsy bitsy wedding bits.
I want to start this chapter of my life right. Pushing all negativities aside, I’m focusing on writing good stuff on the blank pages ahead. Bismillah 💕 -
#CeritaDerizza #respectstartswithme


Nerizza Darmayo

I’ve tried all kinds of character or psychology tests and the results were all the same; we are each other worst partner. We don’t think alike and our way of dealing with things can frustrates each other. But, there was one sentence in one of those test result that made it all make sense. “Initially, it may seem impossible to relate, but, if you are able to overcome the differences, you’ll gain and learn the most out of each other.”
8 years ago, a 16 y.o boy said, “I want this fight to end but not just for now. If we are going to be together we will face this again and I don’t want to repeat the same fight over and over. I want us to be better at it, I want us to be better for each other.”
People can give you millions of future promises but when someone wants to actually build it from day one, that’s the one. (3/3) #CeritaDerizza


Nerizza Darmayo

Well, we fight for this. What we have today was earned. As I said before, we don’t fit each other perfectly, in fact, its the opposite.

Our early days involved lots of anger, tears, silent treatment, me not understanding why he did or didn’t do something and vice versa. We had a fighting pattern; I wouldn’t say anything when I was upset because I didn’t know how to express myself which frustrates him because he always wanted to talk things out and he would ask and talked to me endlessly about what happened which frustrates me because I just needed to be alone and think things through. At the end, the actual cause of the fight didn’t really matter anymore because we were just too frustrated with each other. So. Many. Frustration.

I am good with dealing things on my own including my emotion. That’s why I usually stay quiet when I’m mad and after some time alone, I can let go of things. Which of course, isn’t healthy. And people usually play along, they don’t want the trouble so they would just give me some space then apologize later and things are good again.

Dery on the other hand refused the easy way. He kept on talking about the problem and try to find the way out. The sustainable way out. And that’s where he got me. (2/3) #CeritaDerizza


Nerizza Darmayo

This was and is not easy.

We’ve been in this relationship for almost a decade (next year would be our 10th year together but I like the drama the word builds so, almost a decade it is :p) and there are several questions and remarks that keep on reappearing. “You must fit each other perfectly”
“Was it hard?”
“Do you ever break up?”
“Aren’t you bored?” No, we don’t fit each other perfectly. It’s rocky road but we never break up, not a day or a minute. And no, I’m not bored.

And the ultimate question, “How do you do that?” (1/3) #CeritaDerizza


Nerizza Darmayo

One more Darmayo added in this year Eid al-Fitr, the little milk monster, Mamichang’s little fluff, Kaula Siti Ayesha Darmayo 🍼💕
A very blessed Eid al-Fitr to all of you. 🌿


Nerizza Darmayo

When your skin looks hella healthy group selfie is mandatory 😹✨


Nerizza Darmayo

Wearing one of @sajakbenang ‘s sample piece, Atasan Senandung Langit, from its first collection long before the launch date.
This is one of my proudest moment in life, turning my dream into reality, from pieces of ideas in my head into something I (and hopefully many other people) can put on.

I was restless worrying whether this will work, if people would love the pieces, if it would sell. But, on the day Sajak Benang was launched, I came into realization, I did it. I am finally brave enough to do this. I’ve been dreaming of orchestrating my own clothing line for only God knows how many years. And I did it.

So, regardless of where this journey is heading to, I have decided, I am proud of myself for starting it ☺️🌿
Kindly follow and support this humble dream of mine, sending you much love, @sajakbenang 🌿