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NO MATTER WHAT, 18.5 is going to have chest to bar pull-ups! Do yourself 2 favors:
1. Get a pair of @bearkomplex grips!
2. Click the link in my bio to watch a quick video tutorial on how I use them. It may rock your world!

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By a show of hands, who thinks we may see dumbbell thrusters tonight?? 🙋🏼‍♂️

Training Think Tank

The @crossfitgames is in a bit of its own #MarchMadness this time of year. Who wants to start a bracket to predict what the movements of the final Open workout will be? Thrusters and pull-ups seem likely!


Want to watch an open announcement in my living room, have breakfast with me, and watch me do the workout live? Well, the next best thing is watching the @xwerks “day in the life” video for 18.4. Link in bio, enjoy!
🎥 @prestonsmithphotography


Who’s redoing 18.4 tomorrow?
Not I, but @xwerks is dropping a “day in the life” video @prestonsmithphotography made on the day I did it!

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Want a challenge almost as daunting as 18.4? Try to make it through this video without getting dizzy! If you can do it, then go watch the full video from @ctpcam of my workout with commentary and advice from @maxelhag @tmayer18 and me! Link in @trainingthinktank bio.

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Alllllll about them deadlifts!
The quicker you move, the sooner it’s over.


Snatch EMOM starting at 225lbs and adding 5lbs per minute until failure. This jugger @jay_harmon34 and I both just missed 275! 🎶 X by @kendricklamar

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This one was groovy! Would’ve loved to finish it, but happy to have made it through 800 double unders using my @rpmtrainingco rope, with only one trip! #18point3 💥⚡️🔥
Ps. I love the intensity and camaraderie the @crossfitgames Open brings, that you can hear distinctly in the background!

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Tomorrow is the LAST DAY you’ll be able to get a #HappyButHungry tee for a while. Hop on it! Link in bio. 🦁

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18.3 dance party! 🕺🏼💃
📹 @ctpcam

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