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PUMPED to see everyone tomorrow morning for the first @vousconference bootcamp workout! Going to be a great way to kick off day 3! Who’s going? 🙋🏼‍♂️


Noah Ohlsen

#tbt to the 2013 southeast regional.⁣

I was in first place until this very moment, when it all fell apart. After my first few years chasing the dream of becoming a CrossFit Games athlete, it finally seemed like it was going to come true.⁣

For time:⁣
Deadlift (315)⁣
Box jump (30”) ⁣

I knew this wouldn’t be a good event for me, but I never imaged that I’d finish minutes behind the field in 7:53, taking 40th place.⁣

There were a couple events after this and I fought my tail off to reclaim one of the qualifying spots, but it wasn’t yet my time. I’d finish this season 7th overall and I was determined to improve upon that. The next year would begin a six year straight run of qualifying for the Games.


Noah Ohlsen

@brookewellss just reminded me that I almost missed #NationalJerkyDay!

To make up for it, I’ll send someone one box of their favorite flavor of @countryarcher. Tag someone below and apologize for that one time you were a little JERKY to them! 😡😇


Noah Ohlsen

Today’s a great day to turn that frown upside down! 🙃


Noah Ohlsen

Just posted a muscle-up challenge on my story.

TAG someone who could do this unbroken.

For time:
20 ring muscle-ups
20 bar muscle-ups


Noah Ohlsen

You know the “did we just become best friends” scene from stepbrothers? That’s what I felt like after my first conversation with @andrewdeast! This clip is mostly me babbling, as is the full interview on his IGTV, but I urge you to dig into his page. Andrew and his wife @shawnjohnson are doing some awesome things and are pretty darn cute and entertaining. Can’t wait to link up more in the future!


Noah Ohlsen

Humidity was OFF THE CHARTS after the rain today! 💦⁣

This was the third attempt at a set of five at 205, because the bar went flying out of my hands on the first two!⁣

Speaking of rain, @maximusohlsen got rained on and it didn’t come from the sky! Sorry bubba! Wait for it...


Noah Ohlsen

A little rain ain’t stopping me! 🌦 📸 @flsportsguy


Noah Ohlsen

A very special experience today with the @marlins. It’s an honor to help bring together the Miami CrossFit community to support the team, the same way they’ve always supported me at the Games!

Thanks to everyone that came out and made it a great workout. Thanks to the organization for allowing me to represent our community, once again.

Check out my story to see a unique delivery of the honorary first pitch! ⚾️ 🤸🏼‍♂️


Noah Ohlsen

Staying in this fine Saturday night?

Hang with me for another @romwod & chill where we get #swoleandflexy while discussing my plan for the Games.

Full episode link in bio!



Noah Ohlsen

Today’s a great day to honor the life of @barbellbuddha!

A dear friend of a friend and a big influence in our community. The “Sluggo” workout here is just a small way to remember him and those who love him! RIP Chris. Thanks for a toughie!

The full video of my attempt at it is available on @trainingthinktank’s YouTube!


Noah Ohlsen

Look closely at my profile photo!⁣
Swipe ➡️ to time travel back 5 years and see baby Noah and @maximusohlsen! 👨🏼🦁➡️👶🏼🐶⁣⁣
Love this dude and this gym and my life more now than I even knew I could back then!⁣⁣
Thanks to @singlepoint_tim for helping me recreate this! Original by @nikmartinezzz. Update the profile pic?

#fbf #flashbackfriday