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Nude Yoga Girl

(24h) #NYGyoga If you’re always trying to be normal you’ll never know how amazing you can be”. ❤️ ~ Maya Angelou

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You are all amazing!

I want to encourage ALL body forms and shapes (you!) to share your nude yoga photos with me. Use #NYGyoga / @ Tag me or send a DM!


Nude Yoga Girl

One of my dreams is becoming true... I finally started a Yoga Teacher Training (200RYT). 😍 I’ve noticed that many of you have thought that I'm a yoga teacher already but not yet. In a year yes, so excited! 😙🙏❤


Nude Yoga Girl

Q&A answers (1/3) @i_lowe_beauty Did/do you have a job besides nude yoga? Did/do you like it?
-Yes I have and I like it a lot!

@fit_beina What do you love the most about yourself?!?😊
-Difficult to say. Maybe that I’m genuine and warm person.

@paintingby What is your favourite place for your yoga practice?
-Maybe the garden at our place in Italy. Can’t wait to go back there in a week! Many of my b&w nature photos are taken there.

@thania_adding_entropy What is your favorite thing about practicing yoga? Do you have a favorite pose?
-At the moment to take time to calm my mind! I love for example headstands, trikonasana… also all twists are nice.

@childishfish I remember you shared with us a book -Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracy, I read it, it’s sooo good. My question is could you continue to share with us good books, maybe good habit? What kind of habit/ritual you have?
- Nice to hear! This made me so happy!  I started to share a few piece of my everyday life on My IG Stories. I promise to share more there. :) Check my highlights section too!

@stevecurtis80 Have you ever been caught out by someone when doing a naked post for Instagram?! 😳😲🙈
-No I haven't. But good questions... I would like to know if someone has seen me!? Just today at the coffee shop I thought of this. 🙊


Nude Yoga Girl

Q&A Ask me anything! ❤️ It’s been a while since I did one... I will do some posts/captions in the near future with answers to your questions! 😊

Photo taken in Mykonos at the beautiful @villadaloli / @iwishmykonos


Nude Yoga Girl

A girl should be two things: Who and What she wants. ❤️ ~ Coco Chanel


Nude Yoga Girl

Hiding... We are going to photograph new photos this month! Can't wait - I have so many ideas and asanas that I want to try. We can't take this kind of photos everywhere and everytime we would like to. As you can see from above in Bali... He took a photo when I was hiding from some people. 🙈 But quite soon, there will be new locations! 😉


Nude Yoga Girl

Which one of these photo collages do you like the most (number 1 or 2 / swipe left) ? 😊
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Nude Yoga Girl

I lost my balance during the spring/summer. I experienced some kind of burnout after so much traveling and different kind of work projects. I’ve therefore learned that success and progressing in my work career don’t bring happiness. Happiness brings success. ❤
I’ve always thought that I workout and eat healthy because physical wellbeing affects my mind also. I have a lot of energy when I take care of myself. But when I had too many tasks all the time, stress from work started affecting my healthy habits and routines. Now I try to remind myself that when I feel well, I’m more positive and being positive attracts positive things and people. First wellbeing and then all the rest. Dreams are still very important to me but it has changed at what cost I’m willing to reach them. Success should be firstly measured by your wellbeing. 😊❤

Photo taken at the beautiful @villadaloli in Mykonos. ❤


Nude Yoga Girl

One question once a week. Which one do you believe in most... luck, miracles, or karma? ❤️
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Nude Yoga Girl

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Time to enter 24h! Winner will be announced on my IG stories. Thank you for supporting my art.❤ #NYGyoga


Nude Yoga Girl

Make your heart the most beautiful thing about you. ❤️


Nude Yoga Girl

I think our bodies are beautiful like snowflakes, leaves or stars... We can create amazing patterns with our bodies. There is symmetry and geometry in our body as in nature overall. Like we fold origami we can fold our bodies for stable asanas. For me our bodies are inspiring instruments and tools for art. It’s art by itself, but we can use it again and again in so many different ways... we can create shapes and lines which give ourselves joy. Remember that you are beautiful and your body is amazing! ❤
Practicing yoga in the mornings at @villadaloli / @iwishmykonos in this view was breathtaking. ❤️