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Nicole Woyak

How do you treat yourself with love? 💗 |
Getting back into my daily yoga practice, finally being able to commit to a daily meditation practice, and devoting more time to self-care has made my heart feel more open than ever. ☺️💕
This hemp lotion from @veritasfarmsofficial is my absolute favorite for massage (see my story!) I love how light it is, and it has a nice subtle smell that isn’t overpowering, and it’s sustainably made with the highest quality farm-to-table full spectrum hemp oil, so I feel really good about using it 😊 Definitely check out @veritasfarms if you’re interested in hemp products (I love their gummies too!!) and use my discount code WOY15 to get 15% off your order 💗 | 📷: 🌹 studios


Nicole Woyak

Be a manne-can, not a manne-can’t 😜

This was my first time making a video like this and it was SO MUCH FUN!!! Thank you @jessewelle for this epic idea (check out the link in his bio to watch the full video on YouTube) ▶️ Shout out to my fellow mannequins @tawnyjanae and @domdoesyoga- I think we were all pretty convincing 😂

And huge thank you @fitflexjuli and @acrowithjon for helping with filming, and @aloyogastores for allowing us freak out your customers 💗🙏


Nicole Woyak

How would it feel if you decided you were worthy of everything you’ve ever dreamed of? ✨
📷: @wanderlustyourself 😊


Nicole Woyak

“At the deepest level, there is no giver, no gift, and no recipient... only the universe rearranging itself.”
-Jon Kabat-Zinn ✨
📷: @thekauaiyogi 💗


Nicole Woyak

“The closer you are to alignment with what you want the calmer it feels.” -Abraham Hicks

I’m so happy to be able to offer 2 weeks free for new students at my favorite studio- @yogaworks!!! 🙏 Follow this link (or click the link in my bio):

Then select your region and create an account.
Your cart should say “new student: 2 weeks for $25” (make sure it’s the offer for *2* weeks!) Then below that it will ask you to enter your payment details. Just enter my code “woyak” in the promo box, and you’ll get $25 off (so it’s totally free!) Once you’ve entered the promo code you won’t be asked to provide any credit card info. Dm me with any questions! And let me know where you’ll be taking classes if you sign up 🙌💗


Nicole Woyak

Imagine there are infinite parallel universes where all outcomes to every situation happen somewhere.
Every time you bring a scenario into your consciousness, you’re tapping into a vortex of infinite parallel universes. When your mind focuses on one possible outcome, your consciousness tunes into a universe in which it has occurred. So when you imagine making your flight in time, winning a game, avoiding a ticket, and so on, you’re tuning into the frequency of a universe in which those outcomes have happened. Similarly, when you imagine missing your flight, missing the winning shot, or coming back to a parking ticket on your dash, you’re tuning into the frequency universes in which those results have happened. The more you visualize any given outcome, the more likely you are to manifest it into your present reality.
I have no idea if things “really” work like that, but I find it fun and empowering to think about. Whenever I try I new acro pose, I imagine there’s one timeline where I fall and another where I fly. The vision I choose to focus on is usually what ends up happening. Our thoughts create our reality 💗 |
Flying with @acrowithjon 🙏 Swipe ➡️ to see how we got into this flying pigeon pose 🐦
Both wearing @aloyoga 💕


Nicole Woyak

Power, love, and abundance. 💗✨ What are you calling in this year? |
📷: @thekauaiyogi 🙏⭐️


Nicole Woyak

Three years in a row so I guess this is a tradition now 😜 How cool would it be if I was 85 years old still doing this? 👵🏼🤞
Check back in 60 years or so 😂💗 |
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Nicole Woyak

Sometimes we get caught up in our own personal trees and lose sight of the forest. Good friends help you step outside your own perspective and see things as they really are (which is so crucial for growth). 🎄 -nw

So grateful for friends like @tawnyjanae 💗
Photo by 🌹studios 🙏
Wearing @aloyoga


Nicole Woyak

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!!! ❤️
What are your favorite holiday memories? 🎄

I remember being 6 years old leaving cookies out for Santa, falling asleep on my stairs after trying to stay up to see him in person; noticing Santa had the exact same handwriting as my mom and feeling like her excuse of, “Santa can’t always get to all the kids on Christmas Eve, so sometimes he drops off presents to the parents early,” seeming a little fishy and starting to question the whole thing.
I very fondly remember putting up our tree, decorating our house, and putting up all our outside lights and making our yard look like a winter wonderland (in Arizona ☃️🌵). I remember being a senior in high school, having no idea where I would end up 6 months later and feeling more uncertainty than ever before, but feeling so comforted by the beautiful lights of my familiar Christmas tree. I remember experiencing similar feelings coming home after college and after grad school, not knowing what was next. I remember how for awhile it felt like every year had so much pain and so many challenges, but how wonderful it was to come back home to a living memory that made me so happy. ❄️ Those traditions have been gradually waning over the years, but this year was the first it truly felt different. It’s ok though 😊 I know magic doesn’t just happen by itself (especially if you want it to happen in a certain way at a certain time). It takes time, effort, and love to create special experiences and memories. It’s all what you make of it. When you fully become the creator of your reality anything is possible, but it’s all up to you. ✨

What do you want? What is important to you? Asking myself these questions right now. I know being with family for the holidays is one tradition I will always keep. Beyond that, I’m not sure yet. Has anyone else experienced this? What are your going to create for yourself? ⚡️ nw

With soul sister @tawnyjanae 💗
Photo by 🌹studios 🙏
Wearing @aloyoga


Nicole Woyak

Bending over backwards for this one because she always has my back ✨ nw
With @tawnyjanae 💗
Wearing @aloyoga. |
Photo by Rose Studios 🌹


Nicole Woyak

Imagine there are infinite parallel universes.
Everything you can ever imagine exists in one of them.
Every time you make a decision, a schism occurs in the space-time continuum and a new reality emerges for you. The options you considered but ultimately dismissed have also occurred, but in alternate universes.
For example, imagine you’re invited to a holiday party. You decide to go, but it’s in downtown and you’re coming from Santa Monica at rush hour and the 1.5 hour commute and traffic crawling at 3mph feels like it’s slowly crushing your soul. After 20 minutes you haven’t even made it east of the 405. You you wrestle with the decision of whether to turn back or keep pushing forward. You decide to keep going.
At that instant, the reality you’ve previously inhabited splits in two. In one reality, you go to the party and ignite a chain of events that inspires you to create your next business venture with your best friend that ends up changing your life and providing you with more abundance and purpose that you ever thought possible.
In another reality, completely identical to the first up until the point of your decision, you decide to turn back and go home. You heat up a bag of frozen almond-cheese ravioli and watch a few episodes of David Attenborough’s Natural Curiosities and you convince yourself that you’re happy and fulfilled, but you remain drifting along in your life living in the shadowy outlines of your full potential.
Imagine your every decision creates a new reality. Every big decision (Attend this college? Accept this job? Stay in this relationship? Stay in this career path?). Every small decision (Go out or stay in? Make food or order Postmates? Wake up for yoga or sleep in?)
Maybe all those parallel universes really exist in “objective reality”, or maybe they only exist inside your imagination (does it matter?) But in any case, your decisions shape your reality, always. We have the freedom to make ANY decision at any given time, which is pretty incredible. Every decision inevitably has pros and cons. What do you want most?
Clarify your intentions.
Listen to your intuition.
Step into your power. ✨